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Fri 13 Sep 1991

FYI: Jobs, Names

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  1. David Nash, Job
  2. "Bruce E. Nevin", a question of names again

Message 1: Job

Date: Fri, 13 Sep 91 06:11:34 EST
From: David Nash <>
Subject: Job
 Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre (Aboriginal
 P.O. Box 693, Port Hedland, W. A. 6721,
 3 Edgar St, Port Hedland Phone: +61-91-732621, Fax: +61-91-732673
 e-mail: ( within Australia)
 Contract Linguistic Work Expressions of Interest Sought
	 Wangka Maya is a language centre focussing on the
	 maintenance of indigenous Australian languages. The
	 language centre is based in Port Hedland in Western
	 Australia. It has a number of functions, including
	 producing literature in local languages, training
	 Aboriginal people as language workers, supporting local
	 Aboriginal community schools and language programs in
	 state schools, acting as an archive of resources about
	 local languages, promoting understanding of Aboriginal
	 cultures in the broader community, and recording as much
	 as possible of local Aboriginal history and knowledge.
	 The language centre works in a region that includes some
	 30 languages. Some languages are now spoken by only a few
	 old people while others are still spoken by all age
	 groups. We aim to record as much as possible of the rich
	 linguistic situation so that linguistic and cultural
	 knowledge will be available for speakers today and for
	 their descendants in the future.
	 We are seeking expressions of interest from linguists who
	 wish to be employed on a short-term contract basis to work
	 on useful, community-based language projects in the
	 Pilbara region. We are currently working with community
	 groups and our management committee to determine our work
	 priorities for 1992. It is likely that our projects will
	 target the Ngarla, Nyamal, Palyku, Nyiyaparli and Warnman
	 languages in the coming year. Work will also continue on
	 the Marapikurrinya Oral History Project.
	 We would like to hear from qualified academics as well as
	 linguistics students who wish to gain field experience.
	 The language centre will also assist students who wish to
	 negotiate with communities to undertake research for
	 Honours Theses during the period they are employed on a
	 language centre project. The language centre is
	 particularly interested in supporting Aboriginal people
	 who are studying linguistics.
	 We would appreciate it if University staff could bring
	 this notice to the attention of their students. Inquiries
	 and expressions of interest may be directed to Margaret
	 Florey at the language centre.
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Message 2: a question of names again

Date: Thu, 12 Sep 91 08:13:23 EDT
From: "Bruce E. Nevin" <>
Subject: a question of names again
A colleague here at BBN was looking through _Beyond Jason and Jennifer_
one of those lists of names relatives and friends inevitably give to
those who are preparing for childbirth. He posted the following pair of
lists and question:
] Girls Boys
] ----------- -----------
] Alice Christian
] Anne (Anna) Clarence
] Crystal	 	 Douglas
] Emma
] Esme'
] Evelyn
] Florence
] Joceyln
] Kimberly
] Lucy
] Maud
]So, what interesting feature do these names share?
Ignore the following if you want to puzzle out the answer for yourself.
I found this surprising and intriguing.
	Bruce Nevin
>. . . over time these names have switched columns. That is the boys
>names above were originally girls names, and vice versa.
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