LINGUIST List 2.51

Saturday, 23 Feb 1991

FYI: Phonetic symbol font, Ftp files

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  1. Michael Covington, Phonetic symbol font
  2. , Update on ftp files available

Message 1: Phonetic symbol font

Date: Thu, 21 Feb 91 13:15:11 EST
From: Michael Covington <>
Subject: Phonetic symbol font
We are developing a phonetic symbol font for the HP Laserjet.
This will be based on 12-point Courier type and will include a couple
of dozen phonetic symbols as well as some logical and mathematical

We will distribute it free, with printer drivers to use it with
Word Perfect 5.1 (and 5.0 if there is sufficient demand). In principle,
it can be used with any printer, but you'll have to install it

I would appreciate comments immediately about what symbols to put in.
The font itself will be available in about a month and an announcement
will be sent to LINGUIST when it is ready.

Michael A. Covington internet
Artificial Intelligence Programs bitnet MCOVINGTUGA
Graduate Studies Research Center phone 404 542-0359
The University of Georgia fax 404 542-0349
Athens, Georgia 30602 bix, mci mail MCOVINGTON
U.S.A. packet radio N4TMIWB4BSG
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Message 2: Update on ftp files available

Date: Thu, 21 Feb 91 13:25:14 EST
From: <>
Subject: Update on ftp files available
Herewith the text of the file "CONTENTS" from the LING directory on I've put a few more things there for anonymous ftp:
 Contents of LING directory on 2/20/91
 Maintained by Linguistic Society of America
 Contact John Lawler (

 Currently there are seven files (besides this one) available on the LING 
directory for anonymous ftp:

 (1) EMAILIST.LSA is the latest version of John Moyne's (semi-)official
 LSA email address list. This is also available on the "linguistics"
 directory on

 EMAILIST.LSA has 73,768 bytes in 1532 data lines
 75,300 on Unix, including 1532 newlines
 76,832 on MS-DOS, including 1532 CR/LF pairs

 (2) ESERVER.AD is the announcement, with directions, for accessing the
 Linguistic e-mail address server: LINGUISTSALF.LET.UVA.NL 
 This allows you to send a message and find out the address of
 anyone who's in the list, plus add your address if you're not, or change
 it when necessary. The server is maintained by Norval Smith, of the
 Institute for General Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam.

 ESERVER.AD has 3905 bytes in 88 data lines
 3993 on Unix, including 88 newlines
 4081 on MS-DOS, including 88 CR/LF pairs

 (3) LINGUIST.LST is the collected back issues of the LINGUIST mail group
 ( They appear as archives of messages.

 LINGUIST.LST has 254,248 bytes in 6657 data lines
 260,905 on Unix, including 6657 newlines
 267,562 on MS-DOS, including 6657 CR/LF pairs

 (4) SURVEY.LSA is the collected (almost entirely unedited) responses
 received via e-mail (not including paper responses) from the recent
 LSA member survey on computer usage and software.

 SURVEY.LSA has 185,872 bytes in 5501 data lines
 191,373 on Unix, including 5501 newlines
 196,874 on MS-DOS, including 5501 CR/LF pairs

 (5-7) OVERVIEW.INS, SCHEDULE.INS, and COURSES.INS are files containing 
 information about the LSA's 1991 Summer Institute at the University of
 California at Santa Cruz. OVERVIEW.INS gives a simple list of all
 courses, while SCHEDULE.INS and COURSES.INS are the complete schedule
 and descriptions of courses, respectively.

 OVERVIEW.INS has 7437 bytes in 141 data lines 
 7578 on Unix, including 141 newlines 
 7719 on MS-DOS, including 141 CR/LF pairs 

 SCHEDULE.INS has 4301 bytes in 104 data lines 
 4405 on Unix, including 104 newlines 
 4509 on MS-DOS, including 104 CR/LF pairs 

 COURSES.INS has 56,758 bytes in 1032 data lines 
 57,790 on Unix, including 1032 newlines 
 58,822 on MS-DOS, including 1032 CR/LF pairs 
These are also available on More to come, hopefully..
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