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Message 1: International Pragmatics Association

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Subject: International Pragmatics Association
 information on:
 IPrA Secretariat, P.O. Box 33, B-2018 Antwerp 11, Belgium
 Tel. + fax: +32 3 230 55 74. E-mail:
 IPrA Research Center (IRC), University of Antwerp, Linguistics (GER)
 Universiteitsplein 1, B-2610 Wilrijk, Belgium
 Tel.: +32 3 820 27 73. Fax: +32 3 820 22 44. E-mail:
to represent the field of pragmatics in its widest sense as a functional
(i.e. cognitive, social, and cultural) perspective on language and
communication. In particular, it pursues the following goals:
1. the search for a coherent general framework for the discussion and
 comparison of results of the fundamental research, in various disciplines,
 carried out by those dealing with aspects of language use or the
 functionality of language;
2. the stimulation of various fields of application (such as language teaching,
 the study of problems of intercultural and international communication,
 the treatment of patients with language disorders, the development of
 computer communication systems, etc. );
3. the dissemination of knowledge about pragmatic aspects of language, not only
 among pragmaticians of various 'denominations' and students of language
 in general, but in principle among everyone who, personally or
 professionally, could benefit from more insight into problems of language
The Association's research and documentation activities are coordinated by
the IPrA Research Center (IRC).
IPrA President (1991-1994): Sandra Thompson (Linguistics, Santa Barbara); she
was preceded from 1986 through 1990 by John Gumperz (Anthropology, Berkeley)
IPrA Secretary General and IRC Director: Jef Verschueren (Linguistics, Antwerp)
Director of IRC documentation services: Jan Nuyts (Linguistics, Antwerp)
PRAGMATICS is the Association's quarterly publication (consolidating the
Association's earlier output of a diversity of irregularly
issued publications, viz. the IPrA Bulletin, the IPrA Working Documents,
the IPrA Papers in Pragmatics, and the IPrA Survey of Research in Progress).
In addition to articles, research reports and discussions, it contains
an extensive news section (with current trends reports, conference reports and
announcements, book notices, the annual list of members, etc.). Issues are
due in March, June, September, and December. It is available to libraries
and institutions, but it also reaches all the Association's individual members
(about 1000 in over 60 countries) including a large number of 'indirect
members' in countries with severe currency restrictions who are usually the
victims of a serious information gap but who have access to PRAGMATICS,
without much delay, through IPrA Distribution Centers established
especially for this purpose.
 Alessandro Duranti, Dept. of Anthropology, 341 Haines Hall, U.C.L.A., Los
 Angeles, CA 90024, USA. E-mail:
 Bambi B. Schieffelin, Dept. of Anthropology, 202 Rufus Smith, New York
 University, New York, NY 10003, USA.
Subscriptions: Personal membership in IPrA (US $ 55.--/BF 2,000.-- for regular
members) includes a subscription to the publication. Membership information
is to be found at the end of this message. Library subscriptions and
institutional memberships for 1991 are US $ 110.--/BF 3,900.-- (surface mail
and handling included). Minimum 600 pp. per volume. ISSN: 1018-2101.
Manuscripts for publication should be sent to the editors; style sheet is
available on request (and can be found on the inside back cover of each
issue). All correspondence concerning membership and subscriptions as well
as items for the news section should be sent to the IPrA Secretariat. For
all research- and documentation-related maters,
write to the IPrA Research Center (IRC).
The following papers have appeared in PRAGMATICS 1:1 (March 1991) and 1:2 (June
Dan I. SLOBIN: "Learning to think for speaking: native language, cognition, and
rhetorical style"
Maya HICKMANN & David WARDEN: " Children's strategies when reporting
appropriate and inappropriate speech events"
John DU BOIS: "Transcription design principles for spoken discourse research"
Angeliki ATHANASIADOU: "The discourse function of questions"
Kenneth William COOK: "The Samoan cia suffix as an indicator of agent
defocusing "
J. Lachlan MACKENZIE & M. Evelien KEIZER: "On assigning pragmatic functions in
Ad FOOLEN: "Metalinguistic negation and pragmatic ambiguity: some comments on a
proposal by Laurence Horn"
Eddy ROULET: " Le mod
QIAN Guanlian: "Pragmatics in China"
Among the forthcoming articles we find:
Edith L. BAVIN: "The acquisition of Warlpiri kin terms"
Charlotte LINDE: "What's next?: The social and technological management of
Renata TESTA: "Negotiating stories: Strategic repair in Italian multi-party
Senko MAYNARD: "Pragmatics of discourse modality: A case of the Japanese
 emotionl adverb doose"
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