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Tue 08 Oct 1991

FYI: Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax

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  1. Arild Hestvik, ANNOUNCEMENT: Seventh Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax

Message 1: ANNOUNCEMENT: Seventh Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax

Date: Thu, 3 Oct 91 14:09:04 +0100
From: Arild Hestvik <>
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: Seventh Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax
The Seventh Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax
University of Stuttgart, November 22-24, 1991.
Friday, November 22, 1991.
Venue: Hoersaal 17.01, KII (Keplerstrasse 17, Lower Ground Floor)
13:15-14:15 INVITED SPEAKER: Teun Hoekstra (Leiden)
14:15-15:00 Knut Tarald Taraldsen (Tromsoe):
 Experiencers as External Arguments in Icelandic
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-16:15 Ad Neeleman (Utrecht):
 Against Small Clause Complements in Dutch
16:15-17:00 Joan Maling (Brandeis) & Rex Sprouse (Harvard):
 The Case of Predicate NPs
17:00-17:30 Coffee break
17:30-18:15 Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir & Nina Hyams (UCLA):
 Parametrizing Binding Theory: Evidence from Language
18:15-19:00 Tanya Reinhart (Tel Aviv) & Eric Reuland (Groningen):
 Pronouns, simplex anaphors and chains
Saturday, November 23, 1991.
Venue: Hoersaal 17.02, KII (Keplerstrasse 17, Lower Ground Floor)
09:15-10:15 INVITED SPEAKER: James McCloskey (UC, Santa Cruz):
 Verb Fronting, Verb Second and the Left Edge of IP in Irish
10:15-11:00 Hans Bennis (Leiden):
 On the Properties of Syntactic Clusters
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-12:15 Manuela Schoenenberger (Geneva) & Zvi Penner (Berne):
 Cross-Dialectal Variation in Swiss German: Doubling Verbs,
 Verb Projection, Raising, Barrierhood, and LF Movement
12:15-13:00 Guenther Grewendorf (Frankfurt) & Jamal Ouhalla (QMW, London):
 Causative in Germanic and Romance Languages
13:00-15:00 Lunch
15:00-16:00 INVITED SPEAKER: Richard Kayne (CUNY, New York)
16:00-16:45 Ellen Brandner (Stuttgart):
 Local vs. Pronominal Expletives
16:45-17:15 Coffee break
17:15-18:00 Kyle Johnson (U.Wisconsin, Madison):
 On the Verb ^ Adverb ^ NP Word Order
18:00-18:45 Gereon Mueller (Konstanz):
 Chain formation in double object constructions
Sunday, November 24, 1991.
Venue: Hoersaal 17.02, KII (Keplerstrasse 17, Lower Ground Floor)
09:15-10:15 INVITED SPEAKER: Christer Platzack (Lund):
 Phi-Features in C
10:15-11:00 Robert Kluender (UC, San Diego):
 Universal Properties of Wh-Scope Marking and Wh-Agreement:
 The Interaction of Spec-Head Agreement with Verb Movement,
 Predication, and Referentiality
11:00-13:00 Coffee break
11:30-12:15 Peter Svenonius (UC, Santa Cruz):
 The Structure of the Norwegian Noun Phrase
12:15-13:00 Peter Ackema (Utrecht):
 Verbal Passives and Perfects: from synthetic to periphrastic
13:00-13:45 Ian Roberts (U.Wales, Bangor):
 Object Movement and Verb Movement in Early Modern English
Alternate papers:
1. Jarich Hoekstra (Ljouwert):
 Preposition Stranding and Resumptivity in West Germanic
2. Josef Bayer (Duesseldorf):
 On the Origin of Sentential Arguments in German and Bengali
3. Giuliana Giusti (Venezia):
 Case as a Functional Head
4. Helen de Hoop & Wim Kosmeijer (Groningen):
 Case and Scrambling: D-Structure vs. S-Structure
If you have not already reserved a hotel room, we strongly advise you to
do this as soon as possible. You should get in touch with
 Stuttgart Tourist Office, Postfach 10 50 44, D-7000 Stuttgart 10, Germany.
 phone (+49 711) 22 28 0, fax (+49 711) 22 28 270.
In spite of the signs at the airport, the metro station there has not yet
opened, and you will therefore have to take the Airport bus to the central
station (Hauptbahnhof). It leaves every 20 minutes and the fare is DM 6.00.
>From the central station it is only a short walk to the K II, the building
where the conference will take place, and where the Linguistics Department
is located: Walk down Friedrichstrasse, across Kronenstrasse, and turn left
down Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse. This runs into Keplerstrasse, where you will
find yourself in front of two tower blocks. K II is the one on the right,
with the entrance from the "square" between the two tower blocks.
If you should arrive in Stuttgart already on Thursday, Nov. 21, or earlier,
you may find it convenient to register for the workshop between 17:00 and
19:00, at the Department of Linguistics, office 5.32 (fifth floor),
Keplerstrasse 17. The building is known as K II, and it is only 5 minutes
walk from the central station (as described above). The registration fee
is DM 10.00.
Afterwards you are welcome to have dinner with us at the Fontana di Trevi,
Kriegsbergstrasse 55, which is right behind the K II.
Registration is also possible Friday, between 11:00 and 17:30, at the
registration desk in front of the conference hall, 17.01, Lower Ground Floor,
Keplerstrasse 17, in the same building as the Department of Linguistics.
There will be a reception on Friday evening, at 19:30, in the Senatssaal
in the University Administration Building (Rektoramt), which is next to the
conference venue.
 Seventh Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax
 Institut fuer Linguistik, Universitaet Stuttgart, Postfach 10 60 37,
 D-7000 Stuttgart 10, Germany.
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