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Thu 10 Oct 1991

FYI: Functionalist Papers Available

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Message 1: Functionalist Papers

Date: Fri, 4 Oct 91 15:53:59 MET
From: <>
Subject: Functionalist Papers
ISSN: 0924-1205
Editor: Lachlan Mackenzie
Executive editor: Helma Dik
WPFG publishes papers which have not yet been officially published but which
are sufficiently interesting as contributions to ongoing discussions within
 Functional Grammar (as presented by Simon Dik, *The theory of Functional
 Grammar*, 1989).
For all information and orders contact:
Helma Dik
Klassiek Seminarium
University of Amsterdam
Oude Turfmarkt 129
NL-1012 GC Amsterdam
tel: +31-20-525 2571
Papers may be ordered by sending an international money order or a EUROcheque
 made out in Dutch guilders to the above address. Other cheques and money
orders are acceptable ONLY IF (just in case!) Hfl. 12.50 is added to cover
the extra bank charges involved. PLEASE SPECIFY CLEARLY WHICH ITEMS YOU
REQUIRE. For standing orders please contact the above address.
Contributions to the series and requests for exchanges of working paper series
 may be addressed to the editor at the following address:
Lachlan Mackenzie
Department of English
Free University
De Boelelaan 1105
NL-1081 HV Amsterdam
The following papers are now available:
1. Martin Harris: Word order in contemporary French: a functional view. Hfl.
2. Simon Dik: Copula auxiliarization - how and why? Hfl. 6.00
3. Gerard Steen: Grammar and metaphor - the consequences of an anomaly. Hfl.
4. Peter Kahrel: Some aspects of derrived intransitivity. Hfl. 6.00
5. Luke Zimmermann: Subordinate clauses in Australian aboriginal languages. Hfl.
6. Liesbeth Afman: Les constructions pronominales en franc,ais. Hfl. 6.00
7. Louis Goossens: The auxiliarization of the English modals. Hfl. 6.00
8. Machtelt Bolkestein: Parameters in the expression of embedded predications in
 Latin. Hfl. 6.00
9. Simon Dik: Linguistically motivated knowledge representation. Hfl. 6.00
10. Ahmed Moutaouakil: Towards an adequate representation of illocutionary force
 in FG. Hfl. 5.00
11. Simon Dik: On the notion 'functional explanation'. Hfl. 6.00
12. Casper de Groot & Michiel Limburg: Pronominal elements - diachrony, typology
 and formalization in FG. Hfl. 6.00
13. Albert Rijksbaron: The pragmatics and semantics of conditional and temporal
 clauses - some evidence from Dutch and Classical Greek. Hfl. 6.00
14. Jan Rijkhoff: Word order universals revisited - the principle of Head
 Proximity. Hfl. 6.00
15. Lachlan Mackenzie: Aspects of nominalization in English and Dutch. Hfl. 6.00
16. Co Vet: A pragmatic approach to tense in FG. Hfl. 5.00
17. Lourens de Vries: The Wambon relator system. Hfl. 6.00
18. Simon Dik: Two papers on the computational application of FG. Hfl. 6.00
19. Bieke van der Korst: Twelve sentences - a translation procedure in terms of
 FG. Hfl. 6.00
20. Casper de Groot: Predicate formation in FG. Hfl. 6.00
21. Jan Nuyts: Negatives are not fond of travelling - a cognitive-pragmatic
 reconsideration of negative raising. Hfl. 6.00
22. Kees Hengeveld: The Spanish mood system. Hfl. 6.00
23. Kees Hengeveld: A functional analysis of copula constructions in Mandarin.
 Hfl. 5.00
24. Hetty Voogt: Constructing an FG lexicon on the basis of LDOCE. Hfl. 5.00
25. Lachlan Mackenzie: The representation of nominal predicates in the fund - a
 new proposal. Hfl. 5.00
26. Evelien Keizer: Definiteness and indefiniteness: a scalar representation.
 Hfl. 5.00
27. Kees Hengeveld: Layers and operators. Hfl. 5.00
28. Johan van der Auwera: On the position of Dutch complementizers. Hfl. 5.00
29. Jan Rijkhoff: A typology of operators. Hfl. 5.00
30. Peter Harder: The instructional semantics of conditionals. Hfl. 5.00
31. Jan Nuyts: Functional Procedural Grammar - an overview. Hfl. 5.00
32. Hella Olbertz: Periphrastic aspect in Spanish. Hfl. 5.00
33. Rolandt Tweehuysen: An FG analysis of Spocanian passive constructions
 [Editorial note: Spocanian is a language that Mr Tweehuysen invented in his
 childhood]. Hfl. 6.00
34. Rodie Risselada: Illocutionary function and functional illocution. Hfl. 5.00
35. Cees Hesp: A critique of FG-CNLU [Editorial note = Functional Grammar -
 Computational Natural Language User]. Hfl. 6.00
36. Tim van Baar: The Dutch perspectivity particles in FG. Hfl. 5.00
37. Simon C. Dik & Kees Hengeveld: The hierarchical structure of the clause and
 the typology of perception verb complements. Hfl. 5.00
38. Mike Hannay; J. Lachlan Mackenzie & M. Evelien Keizer: Pragmatic functions -
 the view from the V.U. Hfl. 6.00
39. Chris Butler: Functional Grammar and Systemic Functional Grammar - a
 preliminary comparison. Hfl. 6.00
40. Ahmed Moutaouakil: On representing implicated illocutionary force - grammar
 or logic?
41. Louis Goossens: The English progressive tenses and the layered
 representation of Functional Grammar. Hfl. 5.00
42. Ewa Zakrzewska: Predicative adjuncts in Polish and the Egyptian
 pseudo-participle: a contrastive analysis. Hfl. 5.00
43. M. Evelien Keizer: Referring in Functional Grammar: how to define reference
 and referring expressions. Hfl. 5.00
Also available from the same source are Simon Dik's 1978 monograph *Stepwise
 lexical decomposition* (Hfl. 5.00) and a complete bibliography of books,
 articles and papers in Functional Grammar (Hfl. 2.50).
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