LINGUIST List 2.646

Fri 11 Oct 1991


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  1. "Norval Smith, LINGUISTS namserver

Message 1: LINGUISTS namserver

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 14:59 MET
From: "Norval Smith <>
Subject: LINGUISTS namserver
I would like to repeat our periodic invitation - for the benefit especially
of new subscribers - to register your e-mail address with the nameserver at
LINGUISTSALF.LET.UVA.NL. This enables other linguists to find your e-mail
address by sending a query to the nameserver.
 A second reason for doing this is that we are thinking of publishing
a hard copy version of the 4500 line list. Obviously we want as many and
as accurate addresses as possible.
 You check your possible entry with:
list carter (assuming that your surname is Carter)
 You can remove an erroneous entry as:
remove carter, peter: (exact entry required)
 You can add your (new) address with:
add carter, peter x:
 If you want to see the whole list:
list *
 If you can't follow this:
N.B. The server cannot understand other messages, and does not read the
subject line. You can send as many requests in one message as you want, as
long as each request is on a new line (column 1).
Norval Smith
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