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Mon 14 Oct 1991

Disc: Machine Readable Dictionaries

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  1. , Re: 2.611 Responses
  2. Jane Edwards, Re: Machine Readable Dictionaries

Message 1: Re: 2.611 Responses

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1991 16:26 EDT
From: <>
Subject: Re: 2.611 Responses
Concerning dictionaries with large citation files: Have a look at the Collins
 COBUILD English Language Dictionary (John
Sinclair, ed). This is based on the Birmingham corpus of over 40 million
words (and growing). Merriam may once have had a larger citation file but
no more. Oxford Univ. Press hired away some of the key people who produced
the COBUILD dictionary and is rapidly developing its own corpus for lexicography
etc. For more details, see Sinclair, J. M. (ed). Looking Up, An account
of the COBUILD project in lexical computing. London and Glagow: Collins ELT.
They've since published derivative dictionaries and a grammar.
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Message 2: Re: Machine Readable Dictionaries

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 91 11:20:23 -0700
From: Jane Edwards <edwardscogsci.Berkeley.EDU>
Subject: Re: Machine Readable Dictionaries
Russon Wooldridge's list may be of interest. Apologies to Humanist
subscribers, who saw it last Spring. -Jane Edwards
Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 1137. Thursday, 7 Mar 1991.
>Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 09:36 EST
>From: "NANCY M. IDE (914) 437 5988" <IDEVASSAR>
>Subject: LIst of electronic dictionaries
>Russon Wooldridge has been collecting a list of electronic dictionaries,
>which appeared on HUMANIST a few weeks ago. Since then, he has received
>a number of additional titles and has updated the list; I append the
>revised list below.
>Nancy Ide
Compiler: Russon Wooldridge <>
Version: 5 March 1991
Contact abbreviations for further information:
 (The compiler welcomes information on such specifications as
 source edition, e-medium, encoding, availability.)
1. Sources of dictionaries:
AP = Alain Pierrot, Hachette, tel. 33-1- (24 Bd. St. Michel,
 75288 Paris cedex 06)
CD = "CD-ROMs in Print 1990"
CF = Catherine Fowler, NY, tel. 1-212-373-8830/8292 (Trade Division,
 Prentice Hall, 15 Columbus Circle, 15th Floor, New York NY 10023)
CH = Chadwyck-Healey, VA, tel. 1-800-752-0515 --or-- Cambridge, tel.
CL = Charles Levine, NY, tel. 1-212-572-2224 (Reference Division,
 Random House Inc., 201 East 50th St., New York, NY 10022)
Co = Collins Publishers, Glasgow, tel. 44-41-772-3200 (Glasgow G4 ONB)
 --or-- London, tel. 44-71-493-7070 (8 Grafton Street, London WIX
DS = Della Summers, Essex, tel. 44-279-4-26721, fax 44-279-4-31059,
 telex 81259 Longmn G (Dictionaries and Reference Division, Longman
 Group UK Ltd., Longman House, Burnt Mill, Harlow, Essex CM20 2JE)
ES = Exceller Software Corp., tel. 1-800-426-0444
KD = K.P. Donnelly <>
MB = Microsoft Bookshelf
ML = Mark Liberman (ACL/DCI), UPenn <>,
 tel. 1-215-898-0141/0083/6046 (Dept of Linguistics, University of
 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305)
MU = Dictionary Research Centre, Macquarie University, New South Wales
MW = Merriam Webster, tel. 1-413-734-3134
OA = Oxford Text Archive, <> (Lou Burnard,
 Oxford U. Computing Service, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN)
OUP = Oxford Electronic Publishing, Oxford University Press, NY (200
 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016) --or-- Oxford,
 tel. 44-865-56767 (Walton Street, Oxford OX2 6DP)
RA = Robert Arn, Educational Software Products, Toronto
 <robertespinc.uucp> (2 St Clair Ave. W., Suite 1701, Toronto,
 Ontario M4V 1L5)
RO = ""; Michael Urban <>
RW = Russon Wooldridge <> (Trinity College,
 Toronto M5S 1H8)
2. Source of information:
BK = Bob Kraft, UPenn <>
NI = Nancy Ide, Vassar <>
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [MB] [CD]
Bauer-Arndt-Gingrich-Danker, Greek-English (early Christian Greek) [BK]
CED Prolog Factbase [OA: U-1192-E]
COBUILD Dictionary (English) [Co]
Collins Concise English-Italian [Co]
Collins English Dictionary (original ed.) [Co] [OA: A-1255-E]
Collins English Dictionary (ACL Data Collection Initiative) [ML
 "available soon"]
Collins GEM English-French [Co]
Comunicacion Y Calculo, S.A., Diccionario de Medicina Marin (Spanish)
Davidson, Hebrew-English (biblical Hebrew) [BK]
Estienne [Stephanus], Linguae Latinae Thesaurus, 1531 (Latin headwords
 and French glosses) [RW]
Estienne [Stephanus], Dictionarium latinogallicum, 1552 (Latin-French
 items) [RW]
Garzanti, Italian [NI]
Gage Canadian Dictionary (Canadian English) [RA]
Harrap's Multilingual CD-ROM Dictionary Database (English, Dutch,
 French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese & Japanese) [CD]
Irish Gaelic-English Dictionary [KD]
Jiyu-Kokumin-Sha, Fundamental Dictionary of Contemporary Words & Usage
Jones, English Pronouncing Dictionary [OA: U*-571-D]
Liddell-Scott, Intermediate Size Greek-English (classical Greek) [BK]
Lo Scaffale Elettronico: Italian-English and Italian-French
 dictionaries [CD]
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English [DS]
MacBain, Etymological Dictionary of the [Scottish] Gaelic Language [OA]
Macquarie Dictionary (Australian English) [MU]
Macquarie Thesaurus (Australian English) [MU]
McGraw-Hill CD-ROM Science and Technical Reference Set: Concise
 Encyclopedia of Science and Technology [CD]
McGraw-Hill CD-ROM Science and Technical Reference Set: Dictionary of
 Scientific and Technical Terms [CD]
Merriam-Webster 9th New Collegiate Dictionary (English) [MW] [CD]
MRC Psycholinguistic database (expanded SOED entries) [OA: U*-1054-E]
New Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (English) [CD] [MS]
Newby, Greek-English (New Testament Greek) [BK]
Nicola Zanichelli Editore, Lo Scaffale Elettronico: Italian dictionary,
 thesaurus and style manual [CD]
Nicot, Thresor de la langue francoyse, 1606 (French) [RW]
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (original ed.) (English) [OA:
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (untagged version) (English) [OA:
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (parsed and tagged version)
 (English) [OA: X*-683-E]
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (expanded "Computer Usable"
 version) (English) [OA: U*-710-E]
Oxford Dictionary of Current Idiomatic English [OA: A-288-E]
Oxford Dictionary of Music [OA: U-592-E]
Oxford Dictionary of Quotations [OA: U-398-D]
Oxford English Dictionary (1st Edition) on CD-ROM (English) [OUP] [CD]
Paperno & Leed, Russian-English Dictionary (with grammatical info) in
 OS/2 [ES]
Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto [RO]
Random House Dictionary (English) [CL]
Robert Electronique: on CD-ROM (French) [CH]
Roget's Thesaurus (English) [DS] [CD]
Shorter Oxford Dictionary (headwords only) (English) [OA: U*-157-D]
Smith, Coptic-English (Sahidic) [BK]
Stoer et al., Grand dictionaire francois-latin, 1593-1628 (additions)
 (French) [RW]
Thorndike-Lorge Magazine Count (entries from "The teacher's word book
 of 30,000 words") (English) [OA: U-400-B]
Van Dale, Dutch [NI]
Van Dale, Dutch-English [NI]
Van Dale Lexitron / Lexitron Plus (Dutch) [CD]
Vox, Spanish [NI]
Walters Lexikon: Multilingual Technical Dictionary (Swedish + English,
 Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, Danish, French and German)
Walters Lexikon: Termdok (databanks from France, Canada, Finland,
 Norway, Sweden) [CD]
Webster's New World Dictionary, 3rd College Ed. (English) [CF]
Wiley, International Dictionary of Medicine and Biology [CD]
Zyzomys (French) [AP]
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