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Saturday, 9 Mar 1991

Qs: Pear Story, Quechua, Families, Tromso

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  1. , Query about "The Pear Story"
  2. , Quechua query
  3. , Language Families
  4. David Sitman, Listing of online sources for linguists
  5. Ed Battistella, Inquiry: Contacts in Tromso, Norway

Message 1: Query about "The Pear Story"

Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 16:46:40 EST
From: <>
Subject: Query about "The Pear Story"
 I'd like to know how one goes about getting an actual copy of
 the film (and if possible, also a video) of "The Pear Story",
 the film that the text-analytic studies were based on.

 As I understand it, the film was made on a grant to Wally Chafe
 from some public agency in the U.S., and should therefore be
 in the public domain. But I may be wrong. I've already been
 wrong in assuming that our university owned a copy, so...

 I suspect I know how to find out the answer to this query with a
 couple of e-mails, but since the answer is of general interest,
 it seems appropriate to post it here.

 OK, don't all raise your hands at once...

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Message 2: Quechua query

Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1991 02:05 CST
From: <>
Subject: Quechua query
I have a friend interested in Quechua but he's having trouble finding sources.
If anyone has any info, books, software, journals, etc., please email me at (INTERNET)
 jimgauducvax (BITNET)

Barry Waid
Auburn University
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Message 3: Language Families

Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 22:45:10 EST
From: <>
Subject: Language Families
I would like to initiate a discussion about three proposed language
families which have not won universal acceptance but which, if
correct, would represent a major advance in our understanding of
linguistic prehistory. These are Austro-Thai (proposed by Paul
Benedict), Nostratic (proposed by the late Vladimir Illich-Svitych
and Aharon Dolgopolsky), and Sino-Caucasian (proposed by Sergey
Starostin). I choose these three because they far-ranging, controversial,
and based on strong (if not necessarily compelling) evidence of the
classical sort (sound correspondences and such). I am leaving
Amerind (Greenberg) out, because it is openly nonclassical in this
sense. Also, it seems to me that the three proposals I mention,
although important and controversial, have received far too little
public airing, esp. in the US, whereas Greenberg's work on Amerind
has received altogether too much.

Is there anybody else who would like to do this?
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Message 4: Listing of online sources for linguists

Date: Wed, 06 Mar 91 11:30:46 IST
From: David Sitman <A79TAUNIVM.TAU.AC.IL>
Subject: Listing of online sources for linguists
I am compiling an annotated listing of sources of interest to linguists
which are available on the networks. Below is the list of sources of
which I am aware. Please let me know of any other sources which should
be included, or any listed here which should be removed (irrelevant,
obsolete, etc.)
I plan to include basic information concerning field of interest and
access. Please let me know what information you think should appear.

David Sitman Bitnet: A79TAUNIVM
Tel Aviv University Internet: A79VM.TAU.AC.IL

1. Sources accessible via electronic mail

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LANGUES LANGUESUQUEBEC LANGUES Enseignement du francais par ordinateur
LANTRA-L LANTRA-LFINHUTC Interpreting (and) translation
LLTI LLTIDARTCMS1 Language Learning and Technology International
LN LNFRMOP11 Langage Naturel
LTEST-L LTEST-LUCLACN1 Language Testing Research and Practice
MULTI-L MULTI-LBARILVM Language and Education in Multi-Lingual Setting
NIHONGO NIHONGOMITVMA Japanese Language Discussion List
PURTOPOI PURTOPOIPURCCVM Rhetoric, Language, Prof Writing
SLART-L SLART-LPSUVM Second Language Acquisition Research and Teaching

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3. Usenet News groups

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Message 5: Inquiry: Contacts in Tromso, Norway

Date: Thu, 7 Mar 91 09:36:31 CST
From: Ed Battistella <>
Subject: Inquiry: Contacts in Tromso, Norway
I have a colleague who's going to be going to Tromso, Norway and we're
trying to set up an email link. Does anyone know any linguists in 
Tromso (or more generally) in Norway that I could put my colleague in
touch with.

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