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Tue 15 Oct 1991

Sum: Psycholinguistics texts

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  1. Ralf Thiede, psycling textbooks follow-up

Message 1: psycling textbooks follow-up

Date: Sun, 13 Oct 91 22:04:14 EST
From: Ralf Thiede <FEN00RT1UNCCVM.BITNET>
Subject: psycling textbooks follow-up
You may remember my earlier query about textbooks in psycholinguistics
which weren't outdated, intimidating, or overly dependent on anecdotal
accounts of experiments at the expense of linguistic theory. I had pro-
mised to post the responses. Dan Slobin <slobincogsci.Berkeley.EDU>
 Aitchison, Jean. The Articulate Mammal. London: Unwin, 3d ed 1989.
Vicki Fromkin <IYO1VAFUCLAMVS> suggested
 Garnham, Alan. Psycholinguistics: Central Topics. New York: Methu-
 en 1985.
 Carroll, David W. Psychology of Language. Monterey: Brooks/Cole,
and selected chapters from
 Carolson, Greg N., and Michael K. Tanenhaus (eds.). Linguistic Struc-
 ture in Language Processing. Kluwer 1989.
 Altman, Gerry T. M. (ed.). Vol. 4 of Language and Cognitive Processes
 (on Parsing and Interpretation). 1989.
I found The Articulate Mammal to be a very attractive book for the level
of the course, so I will probably adopt it. However, while browsing the
shelves at Chapel Hill, I discovered a book I should really want to recom-
mend and that I would clearly like to teach with (although I'll probably
not dare to hit undergraduate students with it because of its terse soph-
 McNeill, David. Psycholinguistics: A New Approach. New York: Harper
 and Row, 1987.
I thank Dan Slobin and Vicki Fromkin for taking the time to respond and
for their helpful and kind advice!
 Ralf Thiede
 UNCC Dept. of English
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