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Saturday, 9 Mar 1991

Calls: Phonology and Morphology

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  1. John Rennison, 2 upcoming conferences

Message 1: 2 upcoming conferences

Date: Wed, 06 Mar 91 09:49:42 MEZ
From: John Rennison <A7501DAC%AWIUNI11pucc.PRINCETON.EDU>
Subject: 2 upcoming conferences


 July 4-9, 1992
 Krems, Austria

The venue of the last International Phonology and Morphology
Meetings (1988 in Krems) met with such positive reactions that
we have decided to arrange the next Meetings there again in
1992, following the now traditional 4-year cycle. This time, we
will also have improved accommodation and conference facilities.

Seventh International Phonology Meeting
(under the auspices of AIPhon) July 4-7, 1992
The five main topics of the Meeting will be:
1) Representations
2) Realization: the phonology-phonetics interface
3) Phonological and phonetic prominence
4) Typology
5) Diachrony
The morning and afternoon sessions will be devoted to:
* MAIN REPORTS (ca. 30 min.) and discussion of these reports. So
 far, the following people have agreed to give a main report:
 Carlos Gussenhoven, Daniel Hirst, Allen James, Tore Janson,
 Michael Kenstowicz, Yves-Charles Morin, Glyne Piggott, Moira
* SECTION PAPERS of 15 minutes length on the 5 topics named
 above, followed by 15 minutes' discussion. There will be 2
 parallel sections, staggered by 15 minutes so that no two
 papers are presented simultaneously.
* POSTER SESSIONS instead of the discussion sessions of previous
There will also be evening workshops on specialized topics, and
we would welcome offers to organize further workshops.

Fifth International Morphology Meeting
(under the auspices of the International Association of
Morphology) July 7-9, 1992

Topics proposed are:
1) Paradigms in inflection and word formation
2) Morphological categories
3) Morphological meaning
4) Diachrony
Main reporters so far: Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy, Igor Mel'cuk,
Nigel Vincent.
The types of papers and presentations will be similar to those
of the Phonology Meeting.

Details for both meetings
Our ``overlapping'' topic this time is Diachrony, and papers
will be concentrated on the end of the Phonology meeting and
beginning of the Morphology Meeting.
We invite you to submit abstracts of 1 page maximum, camera-
ready, for 15-minute papers and poster sessions.
Deadline for all abstracts:

 December 1st, 1991

Only those who pre-register will receive the 2nd circular (with
abstracts of the main reports), in autumn 1991. Please use the
enclosed pre-registration card (or a photocopy). Only those who
pre-pay the conference fee(s) will receive the abstracts volume
ahead of the Meetings.

The conference fee for each Meeting separately is AS 800,-
(eight hundred Austrian Schillings, ca. US$ 70.00), for both
meetings together AS 1.200,- (one thousand two hundred Austrian
Schillings ca. US$ 105.00). This is a net amount, and if banking
charges diminish your payment, we will have to ask you to pay
the balance. The preferred method of payment is by personal
cheque, payable in US$ or AS at your choice. If for any reason
you cannot send a cheque, you can transfer currency in Austrian
Schillings via your bank or (better) national Post Office
banking service to the Austrian Post Office account (``Postgiro-
Konto'') number 7548.527, belonging to the ``Wiener

Since you may have difficulties in calculating the correct
amount in US$ to send, we propose that you send a cheque for $70
or $105 (for the AS 800,- or AS 1.200,- fee respectively), and
on your arrival in Krems you will be refunded the balance (or
will have to pay it).

Mailing address:
 Institut f. Sprachwissenschaft
 Berggasse 11
 A-1090 Wien
 Austria / Europe

We look forward to seeing you in Krems!

The organizing committee

Elisabeth Andraschko,
Wolfgang U. Dressler,
Hans C. Luschuetzky,
Oskar E. Pfeiffer,
Martin Prinzhorn,
John R. Rennison
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