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Message 1: 19th International Systemic Congress

Date: Tue, 15 Oct 91 13:29 EST
From: <GL250012Venus.YorkU.CA>
Subject: 19th International Systemic Congress
 13 - 18 July 1992
 Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
 Daytime sessions will be devoted to plenary and section papers, with the
Wednesday set aside for workshops or sightseeing. Evening sessions will be
devoted to panels, and to presentations about the semiotics of theatre and
music which will include and element of performance. A brochure with
accommodation and registration information will be available by the middle of
November 1991.
Please send your abstracts to:
 Rhondda Fahey, School of English and Linguistics
 Macquarie University, NSW 2109 Australia
 Fax no: (062 intl.) (02 natl.)805 8240
by February 1st, 1992
 - Abstracts should be camera ready and include a heading with: the title
 of the paper, and name(s) of the author(s), together with the name of the
 institution(s) to which the author(s) are attached.
 - Abstracts should not exceed one A4 page. This includes references.
 Please use wide margins - minimally 3 cm left and right, and minimally
 4 cm at top and bottom.
All papers will be given a 40 minute time slot. Please indicate if you need
less time or more.
With your abstract please send us also a separate sheet with the following
 - your name, the title of your paper, and the address to which we should send
 out reply.
 - The title and the brief description of any workshop you would like to offer.
 - An indication of the type of workshop(s) you would like to participate in.
 (We will use this information to try to determine what workshops are likely
 to attract sufficient participants to be viable).
 - Any equipment (projectors, audio or video replay facilities, etc. you will
 need for your paper and/or workshop.
 - Whether or not you require early acceptance for funding purposes.
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Message 2: 19th International Systemic Congress

Date: Thu, 17 Oct 91 22:59 +0100
From: <>
Subject: 19th International Systemic Congress
 The Thirteenth Scandinavian Conference
 of Linguistics
 University of Roskilde
 January 9-11, 1992
 2nd circular
All correspondence (registrations, abstracts, suggestions)
should be directed to:
 The 13th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics
 Att. Lars Heltoft
 University of Roskilde 0324,
 P.O. Box 260
 DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark.
Please do not contact the conference by phone, but use
ordinary mail, e-mail or fax:
E-mail address:
Fax +45 46754410
The conference fee is DKK 250 and includes coffee, all
materials, abstracts, and a copy of the final proceedings.
There will be a conference banquet on Friday January 10.
Price 250 DKK (optional).
The conference fee and optional banquet fee must be paid
along with the final registration, either by enclosed cheque
payable to:
The 13th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics
Lars Heltoft, University of Roskilde,
DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark
or (preferably) by postal giro transfer (from Nov 1) to:
Postal account no. 6 16 69 11
The 13th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics
Lars Heltoft
University of Roskilde 0324
 DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark
NB! Change of deadlines. Compared to the dates stated in the
first circular, there are the following changes:
The deadline for final registration has been extended to
December 1, 1991, and the deadline for submission of
abstracts of papers is now November 22, 1991.
Abstracts received after this date will not be included in
the conference booklet of abstracts.
The programme will comprise one plenary lecture, a number
of thematic sections, and two workshops.
Registration and social gathering Wednesday 8, 19.30.
Details to follow in 3rd circular.
Registration Thursday 9, from 9.00.
Thursday 9, 10.00. Opening Ceremony, followed by
Plenary lecture by Peter Eisenberg, Freie Universit
Berlin: Syntaktische Relationen und thematische Rollen. Ein
strukturell-funktionaler Ansatz. Peter Eisenberg's lecture
will be given in German, discussion in English.
>From Thursday afternoon section papers will be given in
three parallel sections. Time will be allowed for shifts
between the sections.
Judging from the preliminary registrations there will be
large sections on syntax, semantics, pragmatics and dis-
course analysis, including spoken language. There will be
sections on sign language and phonology as well. Workshops
will be held within neurolinguistics and anthropological
linguistics/intercultural communication. Participants
interested in these workshops will receive specific infor-
The empirical languages investigated comprise - apart from
the modern Nordic languages -:
Chinese, Easter Island, English, French, German, Green-
landic, Mongolian, Old Norse, Sumerian, Vietnamese.
There will be a short closing ceremony on Saturday 11, at
Additional papers may still be submitted. Papers may be
given on any linguistic topic in any of the official
conference languages, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English,
The time allotted to each paper is 30 minutes (20 minutes
for presentation, 10 for discussion). Speakers should be
realistic about the length of their papers, competent
chairpersons will enforce these time limits.
Abstracts (not exceeding 1 page) must be submitted in camera
ready form. Margins should conform to those of the present
sheet (1" all dimensions). Abstracts received later than
November 22 will not be included in the conference booklet
of abstracts. Blackboards and overhead projectors will be
available. TV-monitors and tape recorders can be provided
upon request when submitting the abstract.
The booklet of abstracts along with the 3rd circular will
be mailed on Dec 5.
Participants must book their own hotel rooms, and are
advised to do so well in advance.
Hotels etc. in the Roskilde area:
Hotel Prindsen. Old, but remodelled, in the centre of
Roskilde, next to the cathedral.
Single room DKK 495, double DKK 595.
Tel. +45 42 35 80 10, fax +45 42 35 81 10.
Scandic Hotel Roskilde. Modern hotel, built 1989.
Single room DKK 795, double DKK 795 (same).
Tel.+45 46 32 46 32.
SR hotel. Roskilde.
Single room Mon-Thur DKK 495, Fri-Sun DKK 445.
Double room Mon-Thur DKK 595, Fri-Sun DKK 545.
Tel. +45 42 35 66 88, fax +45 42 35 85 86
Scandic Hotel H|je Taastrup. Modern hotel at H|je Taastrup.
10+15 minutes (train and walk) from the university.
Single room Mon-Thur DKK 895, Fri-Sun DKK 695.
Double room Mon-Thur DKK 895 (same), Fri-Sun DKK 695 (same).
Tel. +45 42 99 77 66, fax +45 99 72 66.
Svogerslev Kro. 8 km west of Roskilde. Old inn from 1727.
Nice restaurant. Bus connections do exist, and buses from
Svogerslev at 8.19 or 8.57 (change at Roskilde) will reach
the university in time for the morning lectures. The
committee will try to organize transport by private car.
Single DKK 410, Double DKK 510.
Tel. +45 46 38 30 05.
Osted Kro. Old inn 10 km southwest of Roskilde. Bus connec-
tions do exist, and bus from Osted at 8.05 (change at
Roskilde) will reach the university in time for the morning
lectures. The committee will try to organize transport by
private car.
Single DKK 390, Double DKK 490.
Tel. +45 42 39 70 41.
There are, of course, numerous hotels in central Copenhagen
and in the Greater Copenhagen area. One deserves special
mention for very reasonable prices and quality:
Ibsens hotel. Next to N|rreport Station. Bathroom in the
Single DKK 320, double DKK 420.
Tel. +45 33 13 19 13.
Check distance from rail stations (Copenhagen Central,
N|rreport or \sterport) before booking rooms outside the
Roskilde area. See the section on transportation for train
Primitive accommodation free of charge can be provided at
the university itself (approx. 30 persons, presumably in
folding cots). Sleeping bags (or the like) and towels must
be brought along. Showers accessible. Cots will be set up
in student group rooms, 2-4 beds per room. The university
canteen opens at 9 o'clock in the morning. Tea kitchens are
The University of Roskilde is situated at the eastern
outskirts of Roskilde, 5 km from the centre of town.
There are very good train connections from Copenhagen to the
nearby Trekroner Station.
>From Trekroner there is a path leading to the university.
Morning train timetable
 Mon through Fri: Sat and
\sterport: 32 02 55
N|rreport: 35 05 58
Copenhagen Central: 41 11 03
Arr. Trekroner: 06 36 26
>From Roskilde: 25 55 12
Arr. Trekroner: 28 58 15
The motorway 21/23 runs close to the university. Exit no. 9,
Hedehusene V.
Further traffic information will appear in the 3rd circular.
 Registration Form
I would like to register for the 13th Scandinavian Conferen-
ce of Linguistics.
Academic affiliation:
I submit an abstract for a paper titled:
I wish to participate in the workshop on: Neuro-
Payments (please check):
The conference fee (DKK 250) ____
The conference banquet (DKK 250) _____
Total amount DKK ______ enclosed in cheque: _____
 paid by postal giro : _____
 (Acc. 6 16 69 11).
Primitive accommodation at the university Wed 8 - Fri 10.
I am fully aware of the low standards of the free accommoda-
tion offered at the university, but I wish to stay there
anyway: ____. Please indicate the length of your stay. From
_______ to _______ .
Bus transportation between the University of Roskilde and
hotels in Roskilde. (Prindsen, SR, Scandic Roskilde). I wish
to be picked up by bus from hotel (additional
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