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FYI: Technical Reports in Formal Linguistics

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Date: Mon, 4 Mar 91 14:16 EST
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[From Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 1131. Tuesday, 5 Mar 1991.]

 Technical Reports in Formal and Computational Linguistics

 Robin Clark, Luigi Rizzi, Eric Wehrli

 Department of Linguistics
 University of Geneva

 No 1: Papers on Learnability and Natural Selection
 ---Robin Clark (144 pages)

 The papers collected here develop a computational approach to
 demonstrating the learnability property for a Principles & Parameters
 approach to natural language. The model uses Genetic Algorithms to
 develop a learner that is able to converge quickly and efficiently
 despite the equivocal nature of the input evidence. Chapters 1 and 2
 describe the general properties of the learner and relate the formal
 model to linguistic evidence. Chapter 3 describes a computer simulation
 of the learner. Chapter 4 summarizes and refines the results reported in
 the earlier chapters.

 Price: 15.-- SFr (within Switzerland)
 20.-- SFr (outside Switzerland)


 No 2: Residual Verb Second and the Wh Criterion
 ---Luigi Rizzi (28 pages)

 The Wh-Criterion is the principle which determines the S-structure
 distribution and LF interpretation of wh-operators. Residual Verb
 Second is a cover term for construction-specific applications of I to C
 movement in non V-2 languages (Subject-Aux inversion in English, Subject
 clitic inversion in French, obligatory inversion in Italian
 interrogatives, etc.). This papers argues that residual V2 is triggered
 in order to satisfy the Wh-Criterion and other related well-formedness

 Price: 7.50 SFr (within Switzerland)
 12.50 SFr (outside Switzerland)

To order, or for further information, contact:

 Technical Reports
 Department of Linguistics
 University of Geneva
 CH-1211 Geneva 4

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