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Tue 22 Oct 1991

FYI: Spanish MT; Prolog Course

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  1. Joseba Abaitua, Spanish MT
  2. , Prolog Course Available

Message 1: Spanish MT

Date: Wed, 16 Oct 91 10:09:48 GMT
From: Joseba Abaitua <>
Subject: Spanish MT
There are at least the following MT projects in Spain
that involve Spanish as source or target language:
 Contact person: Luis de Sopen~a <LUISEMDCCI11.BITNET>
- Siemmens-Nixdorf METAL
 Contact person: Juan Alberto Alonso <>
- Fujitsu ATLAS
 Contact person: Jorge Vivaldi <>
 		Sabino Arana 34, 2
		E-08028 Barcelona
- Universidad de Barcelona EUROTRA <>
 Contact person: Nuria Bel
		Avda. Vallvidrera, 25-27
		E-08017 Barcelona
Most famous and veteran systems in USA are the SPANAN (Sp->En) and
ENGSPAN (En->Sp), developed by the Panamerican Helth Organization.
SYSTRAN, in Europe accesible via Minitel, also offers Spanish as either
source or target language.
Commercial MT or CAT systems that include Spanish are:
On another scale, and also running on PCs are:
PC-Translator (Linguistic Products), Translate (Finalsoft Corp.),
Toltran (Toltran Ltd.).
I hope this may help you,
Best wishes,
Joseba Abaitua <>
		Universidad de Deusto
		Apartado 1
		E-48080 Bilbao
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Message 2: Prolog Course Available

Date: Tue, 15 Oct 91 12:34:51 CET
From: <>
Subject: Prolog Course Available
[The following message is made available solely for the information of
LINGUIST subscribers. The LINGUIST moderators do not in any way
endorse the use of the software which it advertises.]
Amsterdam Linguistic Software
P.O. Box 3602
1001 AK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Can you read this text ?
unhappy(X) :-
If not, you must be unhappy, for that's what the text, written in Prolog,
says: "Any linguist who does not know Prolog is unhappy". In order to
bring your unhappiness to an end, ALS offer
PROCOURSE: a Prolog course for linguists
by Simon C. Dik and Peter Kahrel
Prolog is a high-level programming language that is becoming more and
more popular in computational linguistics. Many linguists would like (or
need) to learn this language, but do not really know where to start and
how to go about it. If you are among them, ProCourse, a computerized
Prolog course, is exactly what you need.
In a series of 144 exercises concerning problems of orthography,
phonology, morphology, and syntax, ProCourse teaches you the basic
principles of Prolog in such a way, that at the end of the course you are
able to go on programming in Prolog yourself. You learn Prolog by "doing"
it. Therefore, a few minutes after having started the course, you are doing
your first practical exercises and getting your first results. The only
things you need in order to use ProCourse is an IBM compatible computer and
the knowledge to switch it on.
ProCourse is provided with a standard Prolog interpreter, but runs on
many other interpreters as well, sometimes after minor adjustments.
ProCourse comes with a manual that contains all the exercises on paper,
plus the answers to all the problems discussed. The manual also tells you
how to set up the course files and how to start the course, and gives some
references for further study.
Diskette + Manual
Price HFL 200.- (or 110 US$) (Includes LPA Prolog interpreter)
Interested? This is how you can order ProCourse:
 * give your credit card number (Mastercard/ Eurocard) and expiry date
 * transfer the amount directly to giro 3159559
 * transfer the amount directly to bank account Bank details:
 ABN-Amro Bank, P.O. Box 19186, 1000 GD Amsterdam.
Please indicate which diskette type you want (3.5 or 5.25 inch).
Amsterdam Linguistic Software
P.O. Box 3602
1001 AK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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