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Tue 12 Nov 1991

Confs: Semiotics, Sociolinguistics

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  1. AHARRIS - Alan Harris, Call for papers/extended abstracts/proposals:SEMCOM/SCA
  2. Marinel Gerritsen, Sociolinguistic conference

Message 1: Call for papers/extended abstracts/proposals:SEMCOM/SCA

Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1991 11:26:56 EST
From: AHARRIS - Alan Harris <vcspc005VAX.CSUN.EDU>
Subject: Call for papers/extended abstracts/proposals:SEMCOM/SCA
The new Commission on Semiotics and Communication of the Speech Communication
Association (SEMCOM/SCA) invites papers, extended abstracts, and program
proposals for the next national meeting of the SCA in Chicago, IL, October
29-November 2, 1992. All should relate to any area of Communication Studies
that informs and is informed by semiotics in any of its manifestations. Papers
should not exceed thirty pp.; extended abstracts are 3-5 pp. Papers and
abstracts should include a detachable cover page with the author's name,
affiliation, address, and phone number (e-mail is avail.). Program proposals
should include a title, statement of purpose or rationale, names of
particpants and affiliations, individual titles and brief abstracts,
addresses, telephone nos. (e-mail if avail.) Send five (5) copies of paper,
abstract, or proposal to Program Coordinator, Professor Jacqueline Martinez,
Division of Liberal Arts, Babson College, Wellesley, MASS 02157
(MartinezBabson.bitnet). Direct all other inquiries or submit addresses for
our mailing list to Commission Convener, Professor Alan Harris, SPCH, CSUN,
Northridge, CA 91330 (AHARRISVAX.CSUN.EDU). Submissions MUST be received by
February 15, 1992.
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Message 2: Sociolinguistic conference

Date: Tue, 12 Nov 91 12:36:04 MET
From: Marinel Gerritsen <U218003HNYKUN11.bitnet>
Subject: Sociolinguistic conference
 Research Committee for Sociolinguistics of the
 International Sociological Association
 International Conference on Sociolinguistics
 General theme of the conference
 "The interface between Sociology and Linguistics"
 University of Nijmegen
 The Netherlands
 June 9th to 11th, 1992
 First announcement
 Call for papers
The 1992 Conference of the Research Committee for Sociolinguistic (RC25)
of the International Sociological Association will be held in Nijmegen,
The Netherlands, at the Aula/Congresgebouw of the University of Nijmegen
from Tuesday June 9th to Thursday June 11th 1992.
Papers on any sociolinguistic topic are welcome, but the conference
organizers especially seek papers on the use of sociological methods in
Recent sociolinguistic investigations have shown that co-operation
between sociologists and linguists has been very fruitful. This
collaboration, however, also presents problems. It often appears that
linguists know too little of recent developments in sociology and that
sociologists know too little about recent development in linguistics.
This leads not only to old-fashioned sociology and old-fashioned
linguistics in sociolinguistics, but also to neglect of sociological and
linguistic problems. A central purpose of this conference is to arrive
at a better understanding of these problems in order to solve them.
Therefore, scholars form both sociology andlinguistics are explicitly
invited to participate.
General Information
Call for papers
Scholars who wish to present a paper on either the main topic of the
conference or another sociolinguistic topic, should send a camera-
ready half page abstract before 1 January 1992 to Marinel Gerritsen,
Department of General Linguistics and Dialectology, University of
Nijmegen,Erasmusplein 1, 6525 HT Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Abstracts
will bereviewed in December 1991. The results of the selection will be
announced before 1 February 1992.
The conference will be held from Tuesday June 9th to Thursday 11th 1992
beautiful old Dutch town situated in the eastern part of The
Netherlands, 1 1/2 hour by train from both Amsterdam and Duesseldorf
The registration fee includes lunches, coffee and tea during the whole
conference. The fee depends on membership of the Research Committee on
Sociolinguistics and the time of registration.
Registration fees (lunches, coffee and tea included!)
 members non members
 Dfl. 155,- Dfl. 180,-
after 1 March '92 Dfl. 195,- Dfl. 220,-
after 1 April '92 Dfl. 235,- Dfl. 260,-
During the conference Dfl. 275,- Dfl. 300,-
Reduction of Dfl. 25, for students (please include copy of student
In case of cancellation, the fee minus administrative chargers will be
refunded, provided the request for a refund is made by letter before 15
May 1992.
Information about accommodation will be forwarded upon receipt of your
registration fee. Rates for rooms in hotels vary from Dfl. 60,- to
Dfl.130,- per room. A cheaper posibility is the beautiful camp site of
Nijmegen which is situated near the university.
The organization of the conference is coordinated by:
Marinel Gerritsen
Department of General Linguistics and Dialectology
University of Nijmegen
Erasmusplein 1
6525 HT Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Tel. 31 80 612062 or 31 80 612056
Fax 31 80 615939
E-mail U218003HNYKUN11.bitnet
Congress Organization
Mary Bluyssen
Congress Organization University of Nijmegen
Postbox 9111
6500 HN Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Local Scientific Committee
Kees de Bot (University of Nijmegen)
Cor van Bree (University of Leiden)
Kas Deprez (University of Antwerpen)
Cor Hoppenbrouwers (University of Groningen)
Durk Gorter (Fryske Akademy)
Tony Hak (Erasmus University)
Paul ten Have (University of Amsterdam)
Roeland van Hout (University of Brabant)
Hanneke Houtkoop (University of Utrecht)
Erica Huls (University of Brabant)
Albert Verdoodt (University of Leuven)
International Scientific Committee
Joerg Bergmann (Jutus Liebig Universitaet)
Dede Boden (Washington University)
Allen D. Grimshaw (Indiana University)
Rolf Kjolseth (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Douglas Maynard (University of Wisconsin)
Brain Torode (Trinity College)
 Registration Form
1992 Conference of the Research Committee for Sociolinguistics (RC25) of
the International Sociological Association, University of Nijmegen,
the Netherlands. June 9th to 11th 1992.
Professional title:
Initials and name:
Mailing address:
Office phone no:
Home phone no:
I intend to submit a paper: yes/no*
Provisional title of paper:
I am a member of RC25 yes/no*
I wish to become a member of RC25 yes/no*
Regular (Dfl. 33,-) yes/no*
Student (inlcude proof, Dfl. 12,-) yes/no*
Registration fee to pay (see left) Dfl ......
Membership 1992 to pay Dfl ......
Total Dfl ......
O I enclose ....... cheque(s), to the amount of Dfl........ (no
 personal cheques, Eurocheques not exceeding Dfl. 300,- each).
O I have paid Dfl ..... through ....... into National Giro Account no
 854321 making the amount payable to Secretaris Senaat, University of
 Nijmegen and specifying "1992 conferences RC25". Please, ensure that
 the bank transfer is credited to us free of bank charges.
Date ................ Signature ....................................
* Please circle where applicable
Mail to:
1992 Conference of the Research Committee for Sociolinguistcs (RC25)
Congress Organization University of Nijmegen
Mary Bluyssen
Postbox 9111
6500 HN Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Fax 31 80 615939
E-mail U218003HNYKUN11.bitnet
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