LINGUIST List 2.793

Sat 16 Nov 1991

FYI: IPA Wordperfect Fonts, "like"

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  1. Michel Eytan LILoL, IPA fonts for Wordperfect
  2. "Michael Kac", Re: 2.785 Responses: Thanks, Doohickey, Modals, "like"

Message 1: IPA fonts for Wordperfect

Date: Thu, 14 Nov 91 18:19:06 GMT
From: Michel Eytan LILoL <>
Subject: IPA fonts for Wordperfect
this note is to announce that I have received two days ago a diskette from
Tim Montler with the new version of his IPA fonts for WordPerfect that I
have had the occasion to mention on the list as obtainable by ftp (and to
send to several people by e-mail). I publicly renew my thanks on behalf of
the linguist subscribers to Tim Montler for his efforts and his generosity
(the fonts are free) -- although I do not use a PC myself.
I intend to put these fonts at the disposal of the linguist list people.
Basically, the easiest way would be to open an ftp account on my local net:
this depends on the sys-op and I am not sure it can work out. Alternatively,
I could 'uuencode' it and send it via e-mail to people who ask for it, but
it entails some pottering about and keeping lists of requests. Please be
patient, in a few days' time I will know what are the possibilities.
By the way, I take this opportunity to tell publicly the many 'guys' who
have sent messages: to ftp you have to learn some (very few) basic notions.
Do not attempt it if you are totally unfamiliar with the elementary workings
of the unix file system. If enough demands are aired I might write up a
compact memo on the subject, but you had better ask YOUR unix guru.
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Message 2: Re: 2.785 Responses: Thanks, Doohickey, Modals, "like"

Date: Wed, 13 Nov 91 18:22:36 -0600
From: "Michael Kac" <>
Subject: Re: 2.785 Responses: Thanks, Doohickey, Modals, "like"
Since the discussion of direct quote introducers, especially things
such as 'I'm like ...' we had a talk here at Minnesota by George Yule
(LSU), who has been looking intensively at a lot of this stuff -- in-
cluding switches from indirect to direct quotation in written as well
as spoken English. Those interested might find it worthwhile to contact
him; I don't think he has e-mail but his address is Department of Commu-
nication Disorders, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803.
Ask him to tell you about Vera Hayden, too. (Seriously!)
Michael Kac
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