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Mon 18 Nov 1991

Calls: Cognitive Science, Applied Lx, Language Change

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  1. Michael Gasser, Cognitive Science Conference Call for Papers
  2. sally jacoby 310-206-7934, ISSUES IN APPLIED LINGUISTICS: Special thematic issue
  3. , Call for Papers for Language Variation and Change

Message 1: Cognitive Science Conference Call for Papers

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 91 22:44:33 -0500
From: Michael Gasser <>
Subject: Cognitive Science Conference Call for Papers
 The Fourteenth Annual Conference of
 The Cognitive Science Society
 July 29 -- August 1, 1992
 Indiana University
The Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society brings
together researchers studying cognition in humans, animals or
machines. The 1992 Conference will be held at Indiana
University. Plenary speakers for the conference are:
 Elizabeth Bates John Holland
 Daniel Dennett Richard Shiffrin
 Martha Farah Michael Turvey
 Douglas Hofstadter
The Conference will also feature evening entertainments: a
welcoming reception (Wed), banquet (Thurs), poster reception
(Fri), and concert (Sat).
Paper and poster submissions are encouraged in the areas of
cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence, linguistics,
cognitive anthropology, connectionist models, cognitive
neuroscience, education, cognitive development, philosophical
foundations, as well as any other area of relevance to cognitive
Authors should submit five (5) copies of their papers in hard
copy form to
Cognitive Science 1992 Submissions
Attn: Candace Shertzer
Cognitive Science Program
Psychology Building
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405
All accepted papers will appear in the Conference Proceedings.
Presentation format (talk or poster) will be decided by a review
panel, unless the author specifically requests consideration for
only one format. Electronic and FAX submissions cannot be
David Marr Memorial Prizes for Excellent Student Papers:
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Message 2: ISSUES IN APPLIED LINGUISTICS: Special thematic issue

Date: Sat, 16 Nov 91 23:21 PST
From: sally jacoby 310-206-7934 <IHW1051MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: ISSUES IN APPLIED LINGUISTICS: Special thematic issue
Please distribute this announcement to the Linguist List.
Sally Jacoby, Editor
ISSUES IN APPLIED LINGUISTICS is pleased to announce that
Volume 2, Number 2, appearing in December 1991, will be a
special thematic issue devoted to
*Socialization through Language & Interaction*
guest edited by Elinor Ochs of UCLA.
The papers focus on audio- and video-recorded situated
interaction in different languages and settings and
are variously informed by (inter alia) conversation analysis,
activity theory, ethnography, systemic linguistics,
functional grammar, and language socialization.
The contents include:
* "The Constitution of Expert-Novice in Scientific Discourse"
 by S. Jacoby & P. Gonzales
* "Counselor and Student at Talk: A Case Study"
 by A.W. He & E. Keating
* "Evidentiality and Politenss in Japanese"
 by A.S. Ohta
* "Attention-Getting Strategies of Deaf Children at the
 Dinner Table"
 by R.L. McKee, K. Johnson, & N. Marbury
* "Scientists' Orientation to an Experimental Apparatus in Their
 Interaction in a Chemistry Lab"
 by M. Egbert
The thematic issue will be sent automatically to all subscribers
and will be available as a single-issue purchase to graduate
students, faculty, and independent researchers interested in the
analysis of spoken discourse and situated interaction, at the
following rates:
Volume 2, Number 2 - single-issue prices*:
 Student (with proof) : $ 7.50
 Individual $12.50
 Institution $17.50
*Outside North America, please add overseas postage & handling:
 $2.50 (surface) or $7.00 (airmail)
All orders must be prepaid. Checks, in US currency drawn on a
US bank, should be made out to ISSUES IN APPLIED LINGUISTICS.
Send all orders and inquiries to:
Department of TESL & Applied Linguistics
3300 Rolfe Hall
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024-1531
IAL can also be contacted via electronic mail:
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Message 3: Call for Papers for Language Variation and Change

Date: Sat, 16 Nov 91 11:50:43 EST
From: <>
Subject: Call for Papers for Language Variation and Change
is a new journal devoted to the description and understanding of language
variability and change at the levels both of the individual speaker/hearer and
of the speech community. The journal concentrates on the details of structure
and process that have traditionally constituted the discipline of linguistics,
as they are reflected in actual language production and processing, and as
systematically analyzed using quantitative methods. The interaction between
language and society falls within the focus of the journal insofar as it
manifests itself in linguistic structure.
Editors: David Sankoff, Universite de Montreal (
 William Labov, University of Pennsylvania (
 Anthony Kroch, University of Pennsylvania (
The journal is now in a position to insure rapid publication, with a lead time
of approximately six months. We welcome submissions of original reports that
based on data of language production, either oral or written, from both
contemporary or historical sources. The quantitative data should be used
to investigate linguistic problems with a clear relation to extant literature,
findings should be reported in a way that is fully replicable from the
information provided.
LANGUAGE VARIATION AND CHANGE is published largely in English, though articles
in French can be accepted. All articles for submission should be sent in
triplicate in LANGUAGE format to: David Sankoff, Language Variation and
Change, Centre de recherches mathematiques, Universite de Montreal, C.P. 6128,
Succursale "A", Montreal, Canada, H3C3J7.
Subcriptions: LANGUAGE VARIATION AND CHANGE is published three times per year
in April, August and December.
Individual subscriptions are US $27 (Canada and the US), UK L15 (elsewhere).
Or have your library order it (ISSN 0954-3945) at the rate of $50.00 (US)
for Volume 2 (1990) and $52.00 (US) for Volume 3 (1991). Order by
contacting Journals Marketing Department, Cambridge University Press,
FREEPORT*, The Edinburgh Building, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge, CB2
1BR,England. Tel: (0223)325806. *No stamp needed if posted in the UK.
In the US & Canada order by contacting Cambridge University Press, Journals
Dept., 40 West 20th Street, New York, N.Y. 10011 or through your subscription
*** Volume 1 (1989):
Jon AMASTAE. "The intersection of s-aspiration/deletion and spirantization in
	Honduran Spanish"
Keith DENNING. "Convergence with divergence: A sound change in Vernacular
	Black English"
Penelope ECKERT. "The whole woman: Sex and gender differences in variation"
Anthony KROCH. "Reflexes of grammar in patterns of language change"
*** Volume 2 (1990):
One-Soon HER. Historical development of ba and jiang in the Tang Dynasty
Claude PARADIS and Denise DESHAIES. "Rules of stress assignment in Quebec
	French: Evidence from perceptual data"
Rajend MESTHRIE and Timothy T. DUNNE. "Syntactic variation in language shift:
	The relative clause in South African Indian English"
William LABOV. "The intersection of sex and social class in the course of
	linguistic change"
David SANKOFF, Shana POPLACK, and Swathi VANNIARAJAN. "The case of the nonce
	loan in Tamil"
Gillian SANKOFF. "The grammaticalization of tense and aspect in Tok Pisin and
*** Volume 3 (1991):
Gregory GUY. "Explanation in variable phonology: an exponential model
	of morphological constraints"
William LABOV. "Near-mergers and the suspension of phonemic contrast"
John RICKFORD, Arnetha BALL, Renee BLAKE, Raina JACKSON and Nomi MARTIN.
	"Rappin on the copula coffin: theoretical and methodological issues
	in the analysis of copula variation in African American vernacular English"
Marta SCHERRE and Anthony NARO. "Marking in discourse: birds of a feather"
Valerie YOUSSEF. "Variation as a feature of language acquisition in the
	Trinidad context"
Pierrette THIBAULT. "Semantic overlaps of French modal expressions."
*** From the forthcoming number on quantitative studies in historical syntax:
Susan PINTZUK. "Variation and change in Old English word order.
Beatrice SANTORINI. "Phrase structure change in the history of Yiddish."
Ann TAYLOR. "The change from SOV to SVO in Ancient Greek."
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