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Fri 06 Dec 1991

All: Quoting from LINGUIST

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  1. helen dry, quoting LINGUIST submissions

Message 1: quoting LINGUIST submissions

Date: Thu, 5 Dec 91 12:58:41 EST
From: helen dry <>
Subject: quoting LINGUIST submissions
[Moderators' note: we thought the following interchange might
be of interest to some LINGUIST subscribers, since it deals with
the ethics/conventions of quoting LINGUIST submissions. Discussion
anyone? --Anthony & Helen]
>I'm a subscriber of LINGUIST. I'm wondering if it is possible
>to quote the articles in LINGUIST. If yes, could you tell me
>what I should do besides giving each writer proper credit for
> the articles which I quote in my writing? Do I need a written
>permission from LINGUIST and/or each writer of the articles?
>Thank you.
>Kyushu Institute of Technology
 >Dear Makoto,
 >My personal opinion (and I speak for Anthony as well) is that
 >you are welcome to quote LINGUIST as you would any other journal, simply
 >citing tthe list (LINGUIST), the volume/issue number, and date of the issue.
 >However, unlike paper journals, LINGUIST does not hold a copyright on the
 >material it "publishes," so it would seem courteous, if not legally
 >necessary, to get permission from the author of the message as well.
 >The legalities involved in citing electronic mail contributions are
 >the subject of much discussion on lists from time to time. The issue hasn't
 >been raised on LINGUIST yet, however; and your question makes me think it
 >should be. So if you don't mind, I'll post your query and this response
 >to the list, as a way of soliciting subscriber's opinions.
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