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Thu 12 Dec 1991

FYI: OUTIL, Journals

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  1. Arnold M Zwicky, OUTIL (Out In Linguistics)
  2. , typology journal
  3. Barbara Need, UCWPIL Announcement and Call for papers
  4. Edson Francozo, Pragmatics and Cognition

Message 1: OUTIL (Out In Linguistics)

Date: Mon, 9 Dec 91 09:04:31 -0500
From: Arnold M Zwicky <>
Subject: OUTIL (Out In Linguistics)
OUTIL (Out In Linguistics) - you can pronounce it in english,
to rhyme with _shout'll_ (as in _a shout'll get you noticed_),
or in (utilitarian) french - is a group of gay, queer, lesbian,
dyke, bisexual, etc. (the descriptors and their order vary
from time to time) linguists and their friends. the stated
functions of the group are (a) to be visible, (b) to gather
occasionally to enjoy one another's company, and (c) to
undertake any other activity that suits enough members
to get off the ground.
i keep a list of members and their e-mail addresses and distribute
this every so often to everyone on the list. (otherwise the
whole business is anarchic.) mail to me at
or (but not both) if you want to be
Out In Linguistics.
the next known gathering will be at the lsa annual meeting in
philadelphia - 7-9 p.m. on saturday 11 january, in whichever hotel
room jacques transue and i get (announcements will be distributed
at the meeting itself). all gay/queer/etc. folk and their
friends are invited.
arnold zwicky
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Message 2: typology journal

Date: 10 Dec 91 11:31
From: <>
Subject: typology journal
The second issue of LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD has just appeared.
It contains, among other things, the following articles:
 Kaye, A.S. (Fullerton) "Peripheral Arabic dialectology and Arabic pidgins
 and creoles"
 Bergelson, M.B. (Moscow) "Conditional constructions in Bambara"
 Wasik, Z. (Wroclaw) "General linguistics in Poland between 1918 and 1939"
Additionally, the LINGUISTIC NEWS LINES report on about 180 linguistic news
and events around the world.
 LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD was created as an alternative forum for linguistic
typology. The publisher LINCOM EUROPA hopes to raise the influence of linguists
on the use of their products.
 The price of LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD (LW) is held low so that LW is available
to all interested linguists (4 issues of LW US$ 40, for students US$ 27).
 Write to
 Ulrich Lueders
 Sportplatzstrasse 6
 D-W-8044 Unterschleissheim/Munich
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Message 3: UCWPIL Announcement and Call for papers

Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 08:50:17 CST
From: Barbara Need <>
Subject: UCWPIL Announcement and Call for papers
		University of Chicago Working Papers in Linguistics
				 Volume 6 (1990)
	 edited by Barbara Need, Eric Schiller and David Testen
				is now available from
Department of Linguistics
University of Chicago
1010 E. 59th St.
Chicago, IL
The cost is $6.00 ea. plus $4.00 shipping & handling for the first volume and
$2.00 (US)/$3.00 (elsewhere) shipping & handling for each subsequent
volume. Pre-payment is required; checks should be made out to The
University of Chicago Division of the Humanities.
Volumes 1-4 (at $5.00 ea.) and 5 (at $6.00) are also available. Volume 7
(1991) is in press.
				 Call for Papers
We are accepting submissions in any field of linguistic endeavor for volume
8 (1992) of UCWPIL (to appear April1992). Papers may be of any length. We
ask that you follow the CLS style-sheet--we will accept submissions on disk;
however, if you are using a non-standard font, you must provide a copy of
the font. Our current citation policy can be found in the front of any previous
volume of UCWPIL. For more information, contact the editors at
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Message 4: Pragmatics and Cognition

Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1991 09:45 GMT-0300
From: Edson Francozo <>
Subject: Pragmatics and Cognition
Could you please advertise PRAGMATICS AND COGNITION in
Marcelo Dascal, Philosophy, Tel Aviv University (Israel)
Associate Editors:
Jens Allwood, Linguistics, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
Benny Shanon, Psychology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Stephen Stich, Cognitive Science, Rutgers University (U.S.A.)
Yorick Wilks, Computer Science, New Nexico State University
Assistant Editors: Itiel Dror, Edson Francozo, Amir Horowitz
Publisher: John Benjamins, B.V. (Amsterdam)
Purpose and Scope:
A new journal, especially an interdisciplinary one, helps to
shape a new research niche, carved out by a critical mass of work
already in the making, but which has not so far found an adequate
vehicle of diffusion and crystallization. The niche PRAGMATICS
AND COGNITION has identified, and purports to develop, lies at
the intersection between two rapidly expanding areas of
research: pragmatics and cognitive science.
Each of these disciplines is concerned with one of the two most
important kinds of (human) activity -- the use of symbols and the
performance of mental operations. Though the interdependence
between these activities has been often asserted and discussed,
it has not so far received the kind of systematic attention and
specific research it well deserves. Pragmatics has been mostly
concerned with accounting for the communicative use of language
and other semiotic systems, taking for granted (or simply
ignoring) its mental underpinnings. Cognitive Science has been
mainly concerned either with the grand issue of mental
architecture or with detailed analyses of certain mental
processes, without focusing on their pragmatic aspects. But
researchers in both areas have again and again stumbled against
the need for interrelating systematically semiotic and mental
activity, and they have quite often developed fruitful ideas on
how to go about doing it. It is this body of research and ideas
that PRAGMATICS AND COGNITION seeks to foster, by creating a
dedicated space for its critical discussion and development.
PRAGMATICS AND COGNITION is interested in the interrelations
between the use of any semiotic system by any being and that
being's `inner life'. Its scope covers a wide variety of semiotic
systems (natural languages, computer languages, writing, gesture,
facial expression, etc.), as used by humans, animals and
machines, in connection with a broad range of `mental' activities
(pattern recognition, problem solving, sensation, emotion,
fantasy, interpretation of experience, hallucination, dreaming,
understanding, humor, creativity, mental modeling,
conceptualization, aesthetic pleasure, etc.). The journal seeks
to explore relations of all sorts between the former and the
latter: logical and causal dependence; conditions of acquisition,
development or loss; modeling, simulation and formalization;
shared or separate biological and neurological basis; social and
cultural variation; aesthetic expression; historical development;
It goes without saying that, given its scope, PRAGMATICS AND
COGNITION must be an interdisciplinary journal. Among the
disciplines whose separate paths it seeks to bring together,
Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics, Semiotics, Cognitive
Science, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Ethology, and
Cognitive Anthropology. But this is not, of course, an exhaustive
list. Contributions steming from any discipline, relevant to the
editorial interests of the journal are welcome.
Technical information:
Initially the journal will be published twice a year (in May and
November). Each volume will contain approximately 400 pages. The
first issue is scheduled for May 1992.
Authors should send 4 copies of manuscripts, in English, to the
Editor. Only original manuscripts, not yet published elsewhere
nor under consideration for publication elsewhere will be
considered. Final versions of the manuscript should be supplied
in both hard copy and disc, preferably on WordPerfect format, IBM
compatible. Use of other wordprocessors requires previous consent
by the editor. Manuscripts should conform to the journal's
specifications, which can be obtained upon request. They should
contain a 400 word abstract. Name, address, institutional
affiliation of the author(s), and e-mail address should be
written in a separate title page. All manuscripts will be
Editorial address: Prof. Marcelo Dascal, Department of
Philosophy, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
Fax: 972-3-6425201 or 972-3-6422554
E-mail: dascal at taunivm.bitnet
Subscriptions: John Benjamins B.V.
P.O.Box 75577, 1070 AN Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fax: 31-20-6738156
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