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Sat 14 Dec 1991

Qs: German Questionnaire

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Message 1: German questionnaire

Date: Thu, 5 Dec 91 11:33:54 -0800
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Subject: German questionnaire
A student here is having trouble locating native speakers of German
to answer a brief questionnaire she has made up for a paper she's
working on. I was wondering whether German native speaker members
of Linguist would do her the favor of responding to it? Responses
should be sent to me directly, so as not to bother everyone else.
Any comments you may care to share, would also be most welcome.
Thanks in advance for your help!
tom shannon
My native tongue(s) is (are) ____________________________________
If native tongue is not German, how long have you known German? ______
I. In each example the meaning of a word is given. Circle the word which
best represents the meaning.
a. to learn of something by seeing and experiencing it
erpintern	auspintern
b. to obtain by fopping
erfopen	ausfopen
c. to cover the inside of a room with a material
ermirzen	ausmirzen
d. to begin to racht
errachten	ausrachten
e. to remove something by using a zoer
erzoeren	auszoeren
f. to remove all of the contents of a container by breihing
erbreihen	ausbreihen
g. to become grust
ergrusten	ausgrusten
h. to extend the boundary of something by naehling
erraehlen	ausraehlen
II. Please rank the given meanings of the following words. 1 is the best
meaning, 3 is the worst meaning.
a. auszoten
_____ to exit a vehicle
_____ to cause something to be disapproved of socially
_____ to board a vehicle
b. ausdirken
_____ to make something completely dirty with dirk
_____ to apply dirk to a surface
_____ to remove something from a hole with a dirk
c. ausmimmen
_____ to move downward by mimming
_____ to remove something from a container by mimming
_____ to get someone to give you information by repeatedly mimming him
d. ausjaffeln
_____ to wear something out by jaffeling
_____ to exit a room by means of jaffeling
_____ to enter a room by jaffeling
e. ausmichelen
_____ to move backward by micheling
_____ to bring something to its conclusion by micheling
_____ to remove an object from a group of objects by micheling
f. austuseln
_____ to enter a room
_____ to wash dirt out of an object
_____ to cause something to no longer be accessible
g. ausfentieren
_____ to fill someone's need for fent
_____ to fill a bag or sack with fent
_____ to apply fent to a surface
III. Please rank the given meanings of the following words. 1 is the best
meaning, 3 is the worst meaning.
a. erblippen
_____ to travel to a destination
_____ to become something of a different quality
_____ to move downwards
b. erdinsen
_____ to dinse downwards
_____ to obtain something by dinsing
_____ to bring something next to you by dinsing
c. erjemmen
_____ to jem out of a box
_____ to begin to jem
_____ to jem in circles
d. erpammen
_____ to be placed into a box
_____ to remove an object from a group
_____ to cause something to end
e. erguepeln
_____ to spread out with a guepel
_____ to cause the death of something by using a guepel
_____ to put into a sack using a guepel
f. ertelken
_____ to experience and understand something by telking
_____ to bring next to you by telking
_____ to move along an edge by telking
g. erstahmen
_____ to send a package to a location called stahm
_____ to not make something stahm
_____ to make something stahm
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