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Fri 27 Dec 1991

Calls: Sign, Belgium

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  1. , Papers wanted: International Journal of Sign Linguistics
  2. , Call for Papers: Linguistic Society of Belgium

Message 1: Papers wanted: International Journal of Sign Linguistics

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 91 18:07
From: <>
Subject: Papers wanted: International Journal of Sign Linguistics
The International Journal of Sign Linguistics is looking for publishable papers
or reviews etc., and also for subscribers. If you are interested, or just
intrigued, read on.
The IJSL is the journal of the International Sign Linguistics Association.
The aim of the Association, and thus of the journal, is to promote the
linguistic study of sign languages.
We intend that contributions reflecting all aspects of sign linguistics
should find space in our journal: articles on neurolinguistics, comparative
linguistics, psycholinguistics, semiotics, semantics, syntax, morphology
and phonology are all welcome if they bear directly upon the study of sign
languages. Papers on natural gesture, or on primate 'signing', will be
included insofar as they illuminate aspects of sign. Submitted papers, which
can be of any length, will be refereed. In addition to conventional papers we
will consider material in the categories 'Notes and Queries' - typically a
detailed and well researched question, with replies in later issues; and
'Squibs' - typically a very short and rather detailed presentation of an
argument, or technical information, or data. These will also be subject to
referee procedures.
Review articles and suggestions for special issues are also welcome. Reviews
of books will be published - in various forms. Long reviews of one or two
books are as acceptable as short reviews, or abstracts, of several books.
The journal welcomes the submission of such reviews. Consideration will be
given to republishing articles in special circumstances, for example if the
material is of particular merit or when the original publication was not in
English. Publication is not restricted to members of ISLA. The language of
the journal is Englsih; translation cannot be undertaken.
The editors are William Edmondson (main editor) (Birmingham)
and Trude Schermer (assistant editor, reviews and special issues) (London)
The editorial board is:
Brita Bergman (Stockholm)
Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen (Copenhagen)
Susan Fischer (Rochester)
Robert Johnson (Washington/Gallaudet)
Willem Levelt (Nijmegen)
John Marshall (Oxford)
Ronnie Wilbur (Purdue).
The first issue contains articles by:
Patricia Siple, Tane Akamatsu and Ruth Loew - on acquisition of ASL;
Brenda Schick - on classifier predicates in ASL;
Ronnie Wilbur - on stressed sign production.
The address for the journal is Multilingual Matters Ltd.,
8a Hill Road, Clevedon, Avon BS217HH, UK. All submissions should be sent
to this address.
Enquiries about the association - please email
Other enquiries about the journal, please email me,
Thanks for your interest!
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Message 2: Call for Papers: Linguistic Society of Belgium

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 08:32:55 EST
From: <>
Subject: Call for Papers: Linguistic Society of Belgium
for the 1992 annual conference of the Linguistic Society of Belgium, which
will be held at the University of Antwerp on November 26-28, 1992 (in
collaboration with the International Pragmatics Association and the Max-Planck
Research Group for Cognitive Anthropology). This year's topic will be:
We invite papers which address the following concerns:
(i) To what extent is conceptualization based on linguistic representation?
(ii) How context-(in)dependent (cultural, social, discourse) are linguistic
and conceptual representations?
(iii) By what methods can one investigate questions such as (i) and (ii)? What
is the role of language research in analyzing conceptualization?
If you wish to receive future information concerning the conference, please
fill in the attached slip, and return it to the address below as soon as
possible, and no later than April 1st, 1992.
If you wish to present a paper, send two copies of a 1 page abstract to the
address below. The abstracts are to be received no later than September 1st,
1992. (Abstracts will be refereed.) Presentation time is 30 minutes, followed
by 10 minutes of discussion time. A (strictly refereed) selection of the
papers presented at the conference will be published by the conference
Registration fees will be:
2000 BFr for regular participants.
1000 BFr for members of IPrA and of the MPG for Cognitive Anthropology, and
for students and unemployed.
Free for members of the Linguistic Society of Belgium.
The organizers will try to provide hotel accommodation at reduced rates (app.
2000 BFr per person per night).
The organizers:
Jan Nuyts (University of Antwerp)
Eric Pederson (Max-Planck Group for Cognitive Anthropology, Nijmegen)
Send all materials to:
Jan Nuyts fax: ++32/3/820.22.44
University of Antwerp e-mail:
Linguistics (GER)
Universiteitsplein 1
B-2610 Wilrijk
Conference on Conceptual and Linguistic Representation, Antwerp, November 26-
28, 1992
Please keep me informed concerning the conference
I intend to participate in the conference
I would like to present a paper
I want the organizers to arrange hotel accommodation for me
Name, address, email: __________________________________________
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