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LINGUIST List 20.1735

Tue May 05 2009

Books: General Linguistics: Obeng (Ed)

Editor for this issue: Hannah Morales <hannahlinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Ulrich Lueders, Topics in Descriptive and African Linguistics: Obeng (Ed)

Message 1: Topics in Descriptive and African Linguistics: Obeng (Ed)
Date: 05-May-2009
From: Ulrich Lueders <lincom.europat-online.de>
Subject: Topics in Descriptive and African Linguistics: Obeng (Ed)
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Title: Topics in Descriptive and African Linguistics
Subtitle: Essays in Honor of Distinguished Professor Paul Newman
Series Title: LINCOM Studies in African Linguistics 74
Published: 2009
Publisher: Lincom GmbH

Hardback: ISBN: 9783895868146 Pages: 174 Price: Europe EURO 113.00

Some of the papers in this volume are both descriptive and theoretical in
nature whereas others are purely descriptive. Two things all the papers
have in common are the ways in which Paul Newman's work has influenced the
work of the individual authors; and the close and systematic attention each
author pays to natural language data. Hyman's chapter examines verb classes
and verb morphology (perfective, the pluractional, and progressive) in
Leggbó, an Upper Cross language spoken by the Abi and Yakurr, in Cross
River State, Nigeria.

Heine's chapter on contact-induced grammatical replication argues that
although it is fairly easy to establish that lexical material has been
transferred from one language to another, establishing such lexical
transfer is not easy when it comes to grammatical replication, where no
form-meaning units are involved. Using the sentence as his operational
construct and taking the basic sentence structure of Akan as, Subject-NP
VP, Ofori examines the function(s) of the non-contentive de and fa, their
complementary usage, and formal difference in activity-based (embedded
serial) sentences.

Schuh, Goge and Dole examine productivity of "ish" reduplication in Gudi
Ngamo, a Chadic language spoken in Yobe State, Nigeria, by demonstrating
that Gudi has a productive nominal reduplication process that expresses the
concept "like a NOUN," "NOUN-like," or "NOUN-ish." The authors also discuss
the tone patterns of reduplicants. Obeng's chapter describes Akan
(Akuapem-Twi) deverbal nouns by grouping them into simple, reduplicated,
compound, and functionally shifted. Obeng describes morphophonological
processes like place and voice assimilations, vowel harmony, and tonal
assimilation that take place during the formation of deverbal nouns.

The chapter by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald outlines the split ergative system
(ergative-absolutive and nominative-accusative constructions) of Paumari, a
member of the Arawa family spoken in Brazil on the Purús, Ituxí, and Tapauá
rivers with around 200 speakers. The author shows how the above
constructions are marked including case marking, cross-referencing, noun
class and gender agreement, and the order of constituents. Tristan Purvis'
chapter discusses adverbial expressions of manner in Tigrinya, a Semitic
language of Eritrea. Purvis provides an overview of several adverb
constructions and then argues that these forms exist in their own
grammatical category. He discusses manner adverbs in nominalization,
prepositional phrases, subordinate clauses, and serial verb constructions.
In the final chapter, Obeng describes the linguistic strategies used by
politicians to create new political vocabulary and expressions. He
identifies eponymy, clipping, borrowing, semantic change, compounding,
derivation, and coinage, as being some of the strategies through which
Ghanaian political vocabulary are created.

For the table of contents, please see http://www.lincom.eu.

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Written In: English (eng )

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