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LINGUIST List 20.3598

Sun Oct 25 2009

Diss: Lang Documentation: Yakpo: 'A Grammar of Pichi'

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        1.    Kofi Yakpo, A Grammar of Pichi

Message 1: A Grammar of Pichi
Date: 23-Oct-2009
From: Kofi Yakpo <kofi.yakpogmail.com>
Subject: A Grammar of Pichi
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Institution: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Program: Department of Linguistics
Dissertation Status: Completed
Degree Date: 2009

Author: Kofi Yakpo

Dissertation Title: A Grammar of Pichi

Dissertation URL: http://webdoc.ubn.ru.nl/mono/y/yakpo_k/gramofpi.pdf

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation

Subject Language(s): Fernando Po Creole English (fpe)
Language Family(ies): Creole

Dissertation Director:
Norval Smith
Pieter Muysken

Dissertation Abstract:

Pichi (also know as Fernando Po Creole English) is an Atlantic
English-lexicon Creole spoken on the island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea.
With at least 70,000 speakers, Pichi is an offshoot of Krio (Sierra Leone)
and shares many characteristics with its West African sister languages Aku
(Gambia) and Nigerian, Cameroonian and Ghanaian Pidgin. At the same time,
contact with Spanish, the colonial and official language of Equatorial
Guinea, has made a significant impact on the lexicon and grammar of Pichi.

This first comprehensive description of Pichi is based on extensive
fieldwork in Equatorial Guinea. It presents a detailed analysis of the
phonology, morphology and syntax of the language and addresses language
contact between Pichi and Spanish. The annexes contain a collection of
interlinearised and annotated texts as well as Pichi-English-Pichi
vocabulary lists.

Pichi has a seven vowel system and twenty-two consonant phonemes. The
language features a mixed prosodic system which employs both pitch-accent
and tone. The morphological structure of Pichi is largely isolating.
However, there is a limited use of inflectional and derivational morphology
in which affixation, tone and suppletive forms are put to use. The
categories of tense, modality and aspect are primarily expressed through
preverbal particles. In Pichi, aspect rather than tense, plays a dominant
role in expressing temporal relations. The modal system includes an
indicative-subjunctive opposition. Pichi verbs fall into three lexical
aspect classes: dynamic, inchoative-stative and stative. The language
exhibits a subject-verb word order in intransitive clauses and a
subject-verb-object order in transitive clauses. Pichi also features
various types of multiverb constructions. These include secondary
predication, clause chaining and serial verb constructions.

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