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LINGUIST List 22.1276

Thu Mar 17 2011

The: Many Features We Have Developed

Editor for this issue: Maria Moreno-Rollins <marialinguistlist.org>

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        1.     linguist , LINGUIST is Funded Solely From Donations From You

Message 1: LINGUIST is Funded Solely From Donations From You
Date: 17-Mar-2011
From: linguist <linguistlinguistlist.org>
Subject: LINGUIST is Funded Solely From Donations From You
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Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

Another year has come and gone, and we are happy to report that
this past year was one of our most productive in terms of the
features we developed for you, our users.

Here at LINGUIST List we have established several subteams that
are responsible for ensuring that our operations here run as smoothly
as possible, to prevent any interruptions in our services. The
subteams consist of various sections, such as Jobs, Publications,
and Ask-a-Linguist. One of these teams serves a slightly different
purpose, and that is to inform you of the features which we develop
for your use, year after year. This publicity team functions to
highlight which features we believe would be most beneficial to our
users, and how would be most productive to distribute this message.

Throughout the past few years we have been happy to announce several
new components of our site, and some of our most successful are
highlighted below.

LL-Map was designed to integrate language information with data from
the physical and social sciences by means of a Geographical Information
System (GIS). To date we have digitized over 500 maps dealing with
language and other relevant data. This project began as a three-year
project in 2005, and has been funded through the past 2 years through
your donations. Please visit this site at: http://llmap.org/

EasyAbstracts (EasyAbs for short) was developed in 2008, as a facility
for conference organizers to use in conjunction with their conference
development. Using EasyAbs conference organizers can create an easy to
use website, to which participants can submit abstracts, and reviewers
can accept and process their submissions online. These site templates
are very easy for conference organizers to develop and implement, are
housed on the LINGUIST List database, and require no download or
installation. Since it's development there have been 205 conference
websites developed and hosted through LINGUIST List! For more information
on EasyAbs, please see:

Student Portal was developed in 2009 as a resource for students in
Linguistics, to provide them with information we believe would be
useful during their paths in this discipline! This site includes
information on presenting work in Linguistics, careers in Linguistics,
helpful books in Linguistics, research resources and more! Please visit
the student portal at: http://linguistlist.org/studentportal/.

MultiTree is a project designed to create a digital library of scholarly
hypotheses about language relationships and subgroupings, or 'trees'.
This information has been organized in a searchable database with a web
interface that now houses nearly 1,100 'trees', based on over 1600
publications. MultiTree makes it easier than ever before to view and
compare language relationship hypotheses. MultiTree has been sustained
for the last two years through donations from our loyal subscriber base.
We could not have created this remarkable resource without your support!
To explore MultiTree please visit: http://multitree.org/.

The above are just a sampling of the many features we have developed
throughout the years. LINGUIST List works hard to not only keep our
daily operations moving as smoothly as possible in informing you of
Jobs, Conferences, Books and more, but also to develop projects and
facilities that will aid in your work in this discipline. LINGUIST
List is a non-profit organization, funded solely from donations from
you, our users. Please donate today to keep LINGUIST List up and
running for many years to come! Please donate today at:


Best Wishes,
Fatemeh Abdollahi

This Year the LINGUIST List hopes to raise $67,000. This money will go to help 
keep the List running by supporting all of our Student Editors for the coming year.

See below for donation instructions, and don't forget to check out Fund 
Drive 2011 site!


There are many ways to donate to LINGUIST!

You can donate right now using our secure credit card form at  

Alternatively you can also pledge right now and pay later. To do so, go to: 

For all information on donating and pledging, including information on how to 
donate by check, money order, or wire transfer, please visit: 

The LINGUIST List is under the umbrella of Eastern Michigan University and as 
such can receive donations through the EMU Foundation, which is a registered 
501(c) Non Profit organization. Our Federal Tax number is 38-6005986. These 
donations can be offset against your federal and sometimes your state tax return 
(U.S. tax payers only). For more information visit the IRS Web-Site, or contact 
your financial advisor.

Many companies also offer a gift matching program, such that they will match 
any gift you make to a non-profit organization. Normally this entails your 
contacting your human resources department and sending us a form that the 
EMU Foundation fills in and returns to your employer. This is generally a simple 
administrative procedure that doubles the value of your gift to LINGUIST, without 
costing you an extra penny. Please take a moment to check if your company 
operates such a program.

Thank you very much for your support of LINGUIST!

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