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LINGUIST List 22.1720

Mon Apr 18 2011

TOC: Anglia Vol. 128/3 (2011) - PART 2

Editor for this issue: Justin Petro <justinlinguistlist.org>

        1.     Julia Ulrich , Anglia Vol. 128 No. 3 (2011) - PART 2

Message 1: Anglia Vol. 128 No. 3 (2011) - PART 2
Date: 18-Apr-2011
From: Julia Ulrich <julia.ulrichdegruyter.com>
Subject: Anglia Vol. 128 No. 3 (2011) - PART 2
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Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

Journal Title: Anglia
Volume Number: 128
Issue Number: 3
Issue Date: 2011

Main Text:

Editor's Note: This is Part 2 of a Two-Part Announcement for Anglia Vol.
128 No. 3 (2011)

The above issue is now available online at:


Perspectives on Prescriptivism, ed. Joan C. Beal, Carmela Nocera & Massimo
Stefan Thim

Hans-Georg Wolf & Frank Polzenhagen, World Englishes: A Cognitive
Sociolinguistic Approach; World Englishes – Problems, Properties and
Prospects. Selected Papers from the 13th IAWE Conference, ed. Thomas
Hoffmann & Lucia Siebers
Andrea Sand

Yevgen Zaretsky, Anglizismen im Russischen seit 1991: Ein Vergleich mit dem
Ukrainischen und Deutschen
Ursula Kantorczyk

The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Literature 1100–1500, ed. Larry
Rory G. Critten

Oxford Twenty-first Century Approaches to Literature: Middle English, ed.
Paul Strohm
Andrew James Johnston

Signs on the Edge: Space, Text and Margin in Medieval Manuscripts, ed. Sarah
Larratt Keefer & Rolf H. Bremmer Jr; Essays in Manuscript Geography:
Vernacular Manuscripts of the English West Midlands from the Conquest to
the Sixteenth Century, ed. Wendy Scase
Helmut Gneuss

John D. Niles, Old English Heroic Poems and the Social Life of Texts; John D.
Niles, Beowulf and Lejre, ed. John D. Niles & Marijane Osborn
Karl Reichl

Scott Gwara, Heroic Identity in the World of Beowulf
Andrew James Johnston

Rhiannon Purdie, Anglicising Romance: Tail-rhyme and Genre in Medieval
English Literature
Elisabeth Kempf

William Langland: Piers Plowman. A Parallel-Text Edition of the A, B, C and Z
Versions. Vol. II: Introduction, Textual Notes, Commentary, Bibliography and
Indexical Glossary, ed. A.V.C. Schmidt
Manfred Görlach

The Middle English Version of William of Saliceto's Anatomia: A Critical
Edition Based on Cambridge, Trinity College MS R.14.41, with a Parallel
Text of The Medieval Latin Anatomia, edited from Leipzig,
Universitätsbibliothek, MS 1177, ed. Christian Heimerl
Julie Orlemanski

Andrew James Johnston, Performing the Middle Ages from Beowulf to Othello
Christoph Houswitschka

Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt, gen. editor Bernard Rosenthal
Manfred Görlach

Norbert Lennartz, “My Unwasht Muse”: (De-)Konstruktionen der Erotik in der
englischen Literatur des 17. Jahrhunderts
Isabel Karremann

Oliver Lindner, “Matters of Blood”: Defoe and the Cultures of Violence
Rudolf Freiburg

Werner von Koppenfels, Der Andere Blick oder Das Vermächtnis des Menippos:
Paradoxe Perspektiven in der europäischen Literatur
Christoph Henke

Taboo and Transgression in British Literature from the Renaissance to the
Present, ed. Stefan Horlacher, Stefan Glomb & Lars Heiler
Pascal Nicklas

Hans Vilmar Geppert, Der historische Roman: Geschichte umerzählt – von Walter
Scott bis zur Gegenwart
Ewald Menge

Antje Kley, Ethik medialer Repräsentation im britischen und US-amerikanischen
Roman, 1741–2000
Thomas Claviez

Ethics in Culture: The Dissemination of Values through Literature and Other
Media, ed. Astrid Erll, Herbert Grabes & Ansgar Nünning
Monika Reif-Hülser

From Interculturalism to Transculturalism: Mediating Encounters in
Cosmopolitan Contexts, ed. Heinz Antor, Matthias Merkl, Klaus Stierstorfer
& Laurenz Volkmann
Christina Caupert

Katja Bendels, White Africans? Negotiating Identity in White South African
Geoffrey V. Davis

Das englische Drama der Gegenwart: Kategorien – Entwicklungen
-Modellinterpretationen, ed. Merle Tönnies
Julia Novak

Catherine Morley, The Quest for Epic in Contemporary American Fiction: John
Updike,Philip Roth and Don DeLillo
Ulf Schulenberg

Eingegangene Schriften

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
                            Ling & Literature

Subject Language(s): English (eng)
                            German, Standard (deu)
                            Russian (rus)
                            Ukrainian (ukr)
                            Middle English (enm)
                            Old English (ang)

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