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LINGUIST List 24.2905

Wed Jul 17 2013

Books: Proceedings of the 42nd Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 42): Keine, Sloggett (Eds)

Editor for this issue: Rebekah McClure <rebekahlinguistlist.org>

Date: 10-Jul-2013
From: Stefan Keine <glsalinguist.umass.edu>
Subject: Proceedings of the 42nd Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 42): Keine, Sloggett (Eds)
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Title: Proceedings of the 42nd Meeting of the North East Linguistic
Society (NELS 42)
Subtitle: Vols. 1 & 2
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Graduate Linguistic Students' Association, Umass

Book URL: https://www.createspace.com/4280279 (vol. 1) and https://www.createspace.com/4280290 (vol. 2)

Editor: Shayne Sloggett
Editor: Stefan Keine

Paperback: ISBN: 9781484948682 Pages: 354 Price: U.S. $ 18.99 (Vol. 1)
Paperback: ISBN: 9781484948736 Pages: 342 Price: U.S. $ 18.99 (Vol. 2)


These volumes contain papers that were presented at NELS 42, hosted by the University of Toronto in Nov. 2011.

Vol. 1

-Merging Roots in Bare Phrase Structure and Conflation/Incorporation
Distinction (V. Acedo-Matellan)
-Selective Perceptual Epenthesis in English to Korean Preconsonantal /s/
Adaption (M. Ahn)
-The Case of A-bar ECM: Evidence from Romanian (G. Alboiu & V. Hill)
-Manner vs. Result Complementarity in Verbal Alternations: A View from the
Clear-Alternation (A. Alexiadou & E. Anagnostopoulou)
-Psych Nominalizations with Causers (A. Alexiadou & G. Iordachioaia)
-In Search of (Im)Perfection: The Illusion of Counterfactual Aspect (B. M.
Bjorkman & C. Halpert)
-The Non-Universal Status of Degrees: Evidence from Washo (M. R. Bochnak)
-Perception of Incompletely Neutralized /d/ and /t/ Flaps in American English
(A. Braver)
-Non-Number Plurals (L. K. Butler)
-Pro-Drop in Pronoun-Noun Constructions (J. Choi)
-Syntactic Change and the Cartography of Syntactic Structures (E. Cowper & D.
C. Hall)
-Contrastive Features and Microvariation in Vowel Harmony (B. E. Dresher)
-Deriving the Distribution of Person Portmanteaux by Relativized Probing (D.
-Diagnosis: D. On Getting a Second Opinion for Lithuanian (C. Gillon & S.
-Universals and Variation in Indexical Pronouns (B. Gruber)
-Labial Place in Phonology: Universal and Variable (D. C. Hall)
-Structural Case and the Nature of vP in Zulu (C. Halpert)
-Adverbial Quantifiers Quantify Over Events (S. Hinterwimmer & D. Schueler)
-How to Merge a Possessor Wh in Kaqchikel (Mayan): Non-Uniform Merge and Null
Resumption (Y. Imanishi)
-How to Turn Into a Resultative (M.-A. Irimia)
-Coarticulation in ASL Fingerspelling (J. Keane, D. Brentari & J. Riggle)
-On the Role of Movement in Hindi/Urdu Long-Distance Agreement (S. Keine)
-On the Relations Between Agreement and Movement: No EPP in the MAC (C.
-On the Argument Structure of Verbs With Bi- and Mono-Eventive Uses (F. Martin
& F. Schäfer)
-The Subject/Non-Subject Asymmetry in Wolof (M. Martinovic)
-On How (Not) To Uncover Cross-Linguistic Variation (L. Matthewson)

Vol. 2

-An Argument for Interval Semantics of Gradable Adjectives (K. McKinney-Bock)
-Hebrew and Arabic Definiteness Marking as Post-Syntactic Dislocation (Y.
-Controlling the Hidden Restrictor: A Puzzle With Control in Russian (S.
-Over- and Under-Generalization in Learning Derivational Morphology (C.
-What Co-Varies in Backward Variable Binding (K. Moulton)
-Clause-Chaining is Coordination (R. Nonato)
-Where Plurality Is: Agreeement and DP Structure (S. Ouwayda)
-A Contrast-Based Model of Merger (W. Oxford)
-On Locality in Contextual Allomorphy: Evidence from Mayan (N. Radkevich)
-Toward a Derivational Typology (C. Sailor & A. Mahajan)
-New Evidence for Verb Cluster Formation at PF and a Right-Branching VP (M.
-That-Trace Effects Without Traces: An Experimental Investigation (M.
Salzmann, J. Häussler, M. Bader & J. Bayer)
-The Meanings of Diminutive Shifts in Japanese (O. Sawada)
-When Uniqueness is Guaranteed: DEN-Omission in Swedish (A. Simonenko)
-Sonorant Extensions, Transitional Vowels, and Gesture Sharing: An Acoustic
Study of Russian Clusters (P. Staroverov)
-Error-Driven Learning in Harmonic Serialism (A.-M. Tessier)
-Lexical Mismatches in Ellipsis and the Identity Condition (G. Thoms)
-Mirativity as Tense (and Aspect) Displacement (T. Torres Bustamante)
-On the Status of Preverbal Subjects in Spanish: Evidence for a Dedicated
Subject Position (J. Villa-Garcia)
-The Anatomy of Universal Categories: Developing Discovery Procedures (M.
-QR and Selection: Covert Evidence for Phasehood (S. Wurmbrand)
-Embedded Root-Clause Phenomena: ERCP in Korean vs. V2 in German (S. Yoon)
-On Some Syntactic Mismatch in the Resolution of Clausal Ellipsis (M. Yoshida)
-Opacity and Serial Phonology-Morphology Interaction in Kyungsang Korean (S.

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Linguistic Theories

Written In: English (eng)

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