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LINGUIST List 25.1552

Wed Apr 02 2014

Confs: Phonology, Syntax/Canada

Editor for this issue: Xiyan Wang <xiyanlinguistlist.org>

Date: 01-Apr-2014
From: Emily Elfner <emily.elfnermcgill.ca>
Subject: Exploring the Interfaces 3: Prosody and Constituent Structure
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Exploring the Interfaces 3: Prosody and Constituent Structure
Short Title: ETI3

Date: 08-May-2014 - 10-May-2014
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Contact: Emily Elfner
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL: http://www.mcgill.ca/linguistics/events/upcoming-events/eti3

Linguistic Field(s): Phonology; Syntax

Meeting Description:

Exploring the Interfaces (ETI) 3 will take place at McGill University from May 8-10, 2014. This workshop will be the last of three workshops organized by the McGill Syntactic Interfaces Research Group (McSIRG) as part of a multi-year grant to study linguistic interfaces. Following ETI 1 (Word
structure) and ETI 2 (Implicatures, alternatives and the semantics/pragmatics interface), the topic of ETI 3 will be 'Prosody and Constituent Structure'.

In particular, ETI 3 will deal with issues surrounding prosodic and phonological evidence for syntactic constituent structure, with a focus on verb-initial languages.

Goals of the Workshop:

- To bring together researchers working on issues at the syntax-phonology interface (e.g. syntactic constituency, prosodic effects on word order) from the perspectives of syntax, prosody, and phonology/phonetics
- To bring together researchers working on a variety of different languages, with an emphasis on languages with default verb-initial word order
- To encourage communication and discussion about methodologies that can be used for the empirical study of prosody and the syntax-phonology interface

Invited Speakers:

Judith Aissen (UC Santa Cruz)
Sasha Calhoun (Victoria University of Wellington)
Lauren Eby Clemens (Harvard)
Emily Elfner (McGill)
Diane Massam (University of Toronto)
Jim McCloskey (UC Santa Cruz)
Norvin Richards (MIT)
Joey Sabbagh (UT Arlington)
Kristine Yu (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Methods Tutorials:

In addition to the regular session, we will have two tutorials on local technological tools for fieldwork, with special reference to fieldwork on prosody:

- Tutorial 1: Automatic Acoustic Alignment in Underdocumented Languages
- Tutorial 2: LingSync: An Online Tool for Field Work

This conference is supported through an FQRSC team grant on Linguistic Interfaces and funding from a SSHRC Grant on Prosody and Constituent Structure.

Organizing Team:

Emily Elfner, Jessica Coon, Lisa Travis, Michael Wagner

Student Organizers:

Michael Hamilton, Henrison Hsieh, Yuliya Manyakina



Participants are asked to register using the online form on the website by April 25, 2014. The registration fee is payable in cash (Canadian dollars) at the conference.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

TUTORIAL 1: LingSync: An Online Tool for Field Work
Joel Dunham (UBC), Elise McClay (McGill) & Hisako Naguchi (Concordia)

Lunch Break


The prosody of VSO/VOS alternations in Niuean
Lauren Eby Clemens (Harvard)

On the complex structure of V in Niuean VSO
Diane Massam (University of Toronto)

Tagalog phrase structure and preliminary prosodic results
Lisa Travis (McGill)

Coffee Break


Prosodic boundaries in Irish and English verb-initial structures
Emily Elfner (McGill)

Prosody, focus, and ellipsis in Irish
James McCloskey (UCSC)

Prosody as a test for constituency?
Michael Wagner (McGill)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Coffee, Tea, Bagels


Another look at Tagalog prosody
Norvin Richards (MIT)

The phonological and syntactic structure of verb initial clauses in Tagalog
Joseph Sabbagh (UT Arlington)

Getting in the first word: Prosody and predicate-initial sentences in Serbian
Molly Diesing & Draga Zec (Cornell)

Poster Session with Lunch (posters are listed below)


Structural restrictions on H tone spread in Xitsonga
Seunghun Lee (CCSU) & Elisabeth Selkirk (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Flexible approach to the syntax-phonology mapping of Intonational Phrases
Fatima Hamlaoui (ZAS) & Kriszta Szendroi (UCL)

Coffee Break


Living at the edge: iP phenomena in Mayan
Judith Aissen (UCSC)

Prosodic evidence for the syntactic constituency of demonstratives: Evidence from Blackfoot
Joseph W. Windsor (University of Calgary)

The prosody and syntax of focus in Mi’gmaq
Michael David Hamilton (McGill)

Workshop Dinner

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Coffee, Tea, Bagels


Tonal marking of absolutive case in Samoan
Kristine Yu (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Fronted NPs in a verb-initial language — clause-internal or external? Prosodic cues to the rescue!
Candide Simard (SOAS) & Claudia Wegener (Bielefeld University)

The H- phrase tone in Samoan: a prosodic or syntactic marker?
Sasha Calhoun (Victoria University of Wellington)

Lunch Break

TUTORIAL 2: Automatic Acoustic Alignment in Underdocumented Languages
Kyle Gorman (OHSU) & Erin Olson (MIT)


On the Pronunciation of Agreeing Phrases
Calixto Aguero-Bautista (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières)

Modeling 'Exceptional' Phrasal Stress
Byron Ahn (UCLA)

Prosody and word order interact in marking information structure in Finnish five-year-olds
Anja Arnhold (University of Alberta), Aoju Chen (Utrecht University & Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics) and Juhani Järvikivi (University of Alberta)

Speakers disambiguate syntactic structure with phonological phrase boundaries
Mara Breen (Mount Holyoke College)

Syntactic constraints on prosodic domains: Evidence from Fuzhou VO and VR
Aishu Chen and Ping Jiang (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

The Prosodic Domains of Wh-questions in the Showamura Dialect of Japanese
Jason Ginsburg (Osaka Kyoiku University), Ian Wilson, Emiko Kaneko and Naomi Ogasawara (University of Aizu)

Phonological Phrases in Basaa
Fatima Hamlaoui (ZAS), Siri Gjersoe (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) and Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso (Centre National d’Education-MINRESI)

Prosodic structure building constrains syntactic movement: evidence from Bangla
Brian Hsu (University of Southern California)

Intonation effects on adverb placement in German
Anna Kutscher (Bielefeld University)

Clauses and the prosody of the right edge in Hindi-Urdu
Emily Manetta (University of Vermont)

Syntax-prosody interface in tone sandhi of Suzhou VO phrase
Xinyuan Shi and Ping Jiang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Prosody as a decisive word order factor in German scrambling movements
Volker Struckmeier (University of Cologne)

Stress location in verb-initial languages
Hisao Tokizaki (Sapporo University)

Word order variation and prosodic structure. A case study on Italian and Spanish
Jacopo Torregrossa (University of Verona)

Left peripheral particles, syntactic constituency, and emphasis
Andreas Trotzke, Giuseppina Turco and Josef Bayer (University of Konstanz)

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