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Message 1: Cognitive Science

Date: Tue, 22 Dec 92 12:16:28 -0Cognitive Science
From: Susanna Cumming <>
Subject: Cognitive Science

 Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the


 June 18 - 21, 1993
 University of Colorado at Boulder
 Call for Participation
 with Revised Deadlines

This year's conference aims at broad coverage of the many and diverse
methodologies and topics that comprise Cognitive Science. In addition
to computer modeling, the meeting will feature research in computational,
theoretical, and psycho-linguistics; cognitive neuroscience; conceptual
change and education; artificial intelligence; philosophical foundations;
human-computer interaction and a number of other approaches to the
study of cognition.

A plenary session honoring the memory of Allen Newell is scheduled.

Plenary addresses will be given by:

 Alan Baddeley Andy DiSessa Paul Smolensky
 Sandra Thompson Bonnie Webber

The conference will also highlight invited research papers:

 Conceptual Change: (Organizers: Nancy Songer & Walter Kintsch)
 Frank Keil Gaea Leinhardt Ashwin Ram Jeremy Rochelle

 Language Learning: (Organizers: Paul Smolensky & Walter Kintsch)
 Michael Brent Robert Frank Brian MacWhinney

 Situated Action: (Organizer: James Martin)
 Leslie Kaebling Pattie Maes Bonnie Nardi Alonso Vera

 Visual Perception & Cognitive Neuroscience: (Organizer: Michael Mozer)
 Marlene Behrmann Robert Jacobs Hal Pashler David Plaut

 With the goal of assembling a high-quality program representative of the
 diversity of methods and topics in cognitive science, we invite papers
 presenting interdisciplinary research addressing any cognitive domain and
 using any of the diverse methodologies of the field. Papers are specifically

 solicited which address the topics of the invited research sessions listed

 Authors should submit five (5) copies of the paper in hard copy form to:

 Cognitive Science 1993 Submissions
 Dr. Martha Polson
 Institute of Cognitive Science
 Campus Box 344
 University of Colorado
 Boulder, CO 80309-0344

 Papers with a student first author will be eligible to compete for a David
 Marr Memorial Prize for excellence in research and presentation. The David
 Marr Prizes are accompanied by a $300.00 honorarium, and are funded by an
 anonymous donor.

 Papers must be a maximum of six (6) pages long (excluding only the cover
 page), must have at least 1 inch margins on all sides, and must use no
 smaller that 10 point type. Camera-ready versions will be required only
 after authors are notified of acceptance.

 Each copy of the paper must include a cover page, separate from the body
 of the paper, which includes, in order:

 1. Title of paper.
 2. Full names, postal addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses
 (if possible) of all authors.
 3. An abstract of no more than 200 words.
 4. The area(s) in which the paper should be reviewed. When possible, please
 list, in decreasing order of relevance, 1-3 of the following keywords:
 action/motor control, acquisition/learning, cognitive architecture,
 cognitive neuroscience, connectionism, conceptual change/education,
 decision making, foundations, human-computer interaction, language
 (indicate subarea), memory, reasoning and problem solving, perception,
 situated action/cognition, skill/expertise.
 5. Preference for presentation format: Talk or poster, talk only, poster
 only. Poster sessions will be highlighted in this year's conference. The
 proceedings will not distinguish between papers presented orally and
 those presented as posters.
 6. A note stating if the paper is eligible to compete for a Marr Prize.
 For jointly authored papers, include a note from the student author's
 advisor explaining the student's contribution to the research.


 ***** PAPERS ARE DUE FEBRUARY 2, 1993. ******

 Proposals for symposia are also invited. Proposals should indicate:
 (1) A brief description of the topic;
 (2) How the symposium would address a broad cognitive science audience;
 (3) Names of symposium organizer(s);
 (4) List of potential speakers, their topics, and some estimate of their
 likelihood of participation;
 (5) Proposed symposium format (designed to last 90 minutes).
 Symposium proposals should be sent as soon as possible, but no later than
 February 2, 1993.

 Dr. Martha Polson
 Institute of Cognitive Science
 Campus Box 344
 University of Colorado
 Boulder, CO 80309-0344
 Telephone: (303) 492-7638
 FAX: (303) 492-2967
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