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Sun 27 Dec 1992

Sum: Readings on Machine Translation

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Message 1: Sum: Machine Translation

Date: Thu, 24 Dec 92 09:53:11 PSSum: Machine Translation
Subject: Sum: Machine Translation

The response to my request for basic readings on Machine
Translation was more than I could have expected. Many thanks to
all those who responded: Ken Beesley, Dave Braze, Ernst
Buchberger, Matthew Crocker, Dominique Estival, John Hutchins,
Bob Ingria, Haewon Kim, Dong-Young Lee, John McNaught, Jerry
Morgan, Joseph Pentheroudakis, Richard Sproat, Gretchen Whitney.

The following is a summary of the readings suggested by

Allen, James. 1987. Natural language understanding. Menlo Park,
CA: Benjamin Cummings.

Copeland, C., J. Durand, S. Krauwer, B. Maegaard,eds. 1991. The
EUROTRA linguistic specifications. Luxembourg: Office for
Official Publications of the European Communities. (And other
volumes in the series Studies in Machine Translation and Natural
Language Processing, of which this is vol. 1.)

Dorr, Bonnie. [Recent MIT dissertation.]

Grishman, Ralph. 1986. Computational linguistics. Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press.

Hutchins, W.J. 1986. Machine translation: past, present,
future. Chichester: Ellis Horwood.

Hutchins, W. John and Harold L. Somers. 1992. An introduction to
machine translation. London, San Diego, etc.: Academic Press.
[Most up-to-date introduction, with good bibliography.]

King, Margaret, ed. 1984. Machine translation today: the state of
the art. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Nagao, Makoto. 1989. Machine translation: how far can it go?
Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Japanese original publ. by
Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo, 1986.)

Nagao, M., H. Tanaka, T. Makino, H. Nomura, H. Uchida, S.
Ishizaki, eds. 1989. Machine translation summit. Tokyo: Ohmsha.
(And subsequent MT Summits; I don't have publication details).

Nirenburg, Sergei, ed. 1987. Machine translation: theoretical and
methodological issues. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
(Also proceedings of the three later International Conferences on
Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation: the
Second in Pittsburgh, the Third in Austin, the Fourth in

Nirenburg, S. 1989. ' Knowledge-based machine translation'.
Machine Translation 4:5-24.

Nirenburg, S. et al. 1992. Machine translation: a knowledge-based
approach. San Mateo, CA: Morgan Kaufmann.

Slocum, Jonathan. 1985. 'A survey of machine translation: its
history, current status and future prospects'. Computational
Linguistics, 11:1-17 (and other articles in this pair of special
issues of CT).

Slocum, Jonathan, ed. 1988. Machine translation systems.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Speech and Natural Language: Proceedings of a workshop held at
Harriman, New York, February 23--26, 1992. San Mateo, CA: Morgan
Kaufmann (selected papers).

Steiner, E., P. Schmidt, C. Zelinsky-Wibbelt, eds. 1988. From
syntax to semantics, insights from machine translation. London:

Other suggested journal, etc. sources:

Machine Translation (publ. by Kluwer)
Annual Review of Information Science and Technology
Journal of the American Society for Information Science
Proceedings of the ACL
Proceedings of the ASIS annual conference
Proceedings of COLING
Proceedings of the European ACL

Relevant professional associations:

Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (655
Fifteenth Street, N.W., Suite 310, Washington, DC 20005)
International Association for Machine Translation


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