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Wed 05 Feb 1992

FYI: NACCL4; Logic, Language and Information Summer School

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  1. , CORRECTED NACCL4 announcement
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Message 1: CORRECTED NACCL4 announcement

Date: Sat, 1 Feb 92 20:43:12 ESTCORRECTED NACCL4 announcement
From: <>
Subject: CORRECTED NACCL4 announcement

 The Fourth North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics
 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
 May 8-10, 1992

 Abstracts are invited for 20-minute talks followed by 10-
 minute discussions on all areas of Chinese linguistics.
 Send five copies of a one-page abstract. Do not identify
 yourself on the abstract, but attach a 3" x 5" card showing
 your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (if
 available), affiliation, and the title of your paper.


 Address abstracts and inquiries to:

 NACCL4 Committee
 Program in Linguistics
 University of Michigan
 1076 Frieze Building
 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1285
 phone: (313) 763-3704
 FAX: (313) 747-0157

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Message 2: For general distribution, please

Date: Tue, 4 Feb 92 14:13:43 GMTFor general distribution, please
From: Arnold D J <>
Subject: For general distribution, please

Essex, U.K., from August 17th - August 28th 1992. The
 School is organised by the European Foundation for
Logic, Language and Information. Financial support is
 derived form a variety of sources, including the
 Commission of the European Communities through the
 ERASMUS programme, National Research Councils and
 industrial sponsors. A meeting of the European
Foundation for Logic, Language and Information will be
	 held during the School.

 The first Summer School took place in 1989 at the
 Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (NL). Subsequent hosts
 were the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (B) and the
Universitat des Saarlandes (D). The main focus of the
programme is the interface between linguistics, logic
 and computation where it concerns the modelling of
 human linguistic and cognitive ability.

The courses this year cover a variety of topics within
 six areas of interest: Logic, Computation, Language,
 Logic and Computation, Computation and Language,
 Language and Logic. They are cast at introductory or
 advanced level. Some topics support workshops
 providing an opportunity for in-depth discussion of
issues at the forefront of research. There will also
	 be a series of invited lectures.

	 For further details, please contact:

	 European Summer School in LLI
		 University of Essex
		 Wivenhoe Park
		 United Kingdom

		 Tel: +44-206-872083
	Fax: +44-206-872085 or +44-206-872788

	 Local organising Committee:

 Doug Arnold (Department of Language and Linguistics)
 Anne De Roeck (Department of Computer Science)
Louisa Sadler (Department of Language and Linguistics)

	 Courses and Workshops in:


Johan van Benthem Lisette Appelo
Wil Dekkers Dale Gerdemann
Sol Feferman Erhard Hinrichs
Dov Gabbay Yves Kamp
Nadim Obeid Martin Kay
Allan Ramsay Jan Landsbergen
Aarne Ranta John Lee
Erik Sandewall Jan Odijk
Jan Smith Mats Rooth
Colin Stirling Remko Scha
Goran Sundholm Gerhard Widmer
Henk Zeevat
 Gennaro Chierchia
Anne Abeille Robin Cooper
Elisabet Engdahl Jaap van der Does
Dafydd Gibbon David Dowty
Mark Hepple Jeroen Groenendijk
Ruth Kempson Fritz Hamm
Andras Kornai Jack Hoeksema
Anthony Kroch Hans Kamp
Alexis Manaster-Ramer Katalin Kiss
William Marslen-Wilson Tanya Reinhart
Glyn Morrill Eric Reuland
Hans Uszkoreit Martin Stockhof

Ian Hodkinson Klaus Ambros-Spies
Rachel Lunnon Egon Boerger
Maria Manzano Bruno Buchberger
Uwe Moennich Alex Leitsch
Michel Parigot Christoph Meinel
Lorenzo Robbiano Joerg Siekmann
 Robert I. Soare
 Gerd Wechsung
 Paul Young
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