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Tue 11 Feb 1992

FYI: Goettingen Summer School, African Studies Conf, Call

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Message 1: Goettingen Summer School

Date: 7 Feb 92 9:55
From: <>
Subject: Goettingen Summer School

 4th Summer School of the DGfS
 (German Society for Linguistics)
 Goettingen (FRG), 31 August - 16 September 1992

Main topic: Language development - the connection between language change
 and language acquisition

Courses (in English or German):
1. Brigitte Nerlich (U Nottingham): Theorien der Sprachentwicklung: von
 Darwin bis Diachronie
2. Roger Lass (U Cape Town): Historical phonology
3. Wolfgang U. Wurzel (Berlin): Sprachveraenderung: Natuerlicher grammatischer
4. Elizabeth Traugott (Stanford U): Grammaticalization
5. Raimo Anttila (UCLA): The semiotoc foundation of linguistic change
6. Hartmut Schmidt (Berlin): Bruchzonen der deutschen Sprachgeschichte:
 Wortschatz und Wortgebrauch
7. TBA: (Generative approaches to language change)
8. Klaus Mattheier (U Heidelberg): Sozialer und sprachlicher Wandel in der
 deutschen Sprache
9. TBA: (Subgroups and linguistic change)
10. Suzanne Romaine (Oxford): Pidgins and Creoles: their origin, structure,
 and acquisition
11. TBA: (First language acquisition: the state of the art)
12. Dan Slobin (UC Berkeley): Language acquisition and language change
13. Elaine Anderson (USC): Language acquisition - language loss
14. Harald Clahsen (U Duesseldorf): Grammatikerwerb: Zur Entwicklung von
 Flexion und Syntax beim Erst- und Zweitspracherwerb
15. Melissa Bowerman (MPI Nijmegen): The role of cognitive factors in language
16. Wolfgang Klein (MPI Nijmegen): Zweitspracherwerb

Further events:
A lecture series (5 talks) on other topics not covered by the courses
 (language origin, sound change and written language, etc.)
A lecture series (5-6 talks) on the interdisciplinary topic "What is
 development?" (philosophy, history, linguistics, evolutionary biology,
 developmental psychology)

Fees: DM 480 (university employees)
 DM 240 (students)
 DM 960 (others)

For further information contact:
H. Janssen
Department of English
Humboldtallee 13 Phone: +49-551-397575/397578
D-W-3400 Goettingen, FRG Fax: +49-551-397685
N. Fries
Department of German
Humboldtallee 13
D-W-3400 Goettingen, FRG
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Message 2: African Studies Conference

Date: Fri, 07 Feb 92 11:31:04 ESAfrican Studies Conference
From: Carol Myers-Scotton <N720001UNIVSCVM.CSD.SCAROLINA.EDU>
Subject: African Studies Conference

Calling all Africanist linguists. If anyone is interested
in presenting a paper on a panel at the African Studies
Association conference next Nov 20-23 in Seattle, please contact me. I
will need to receive a one-page abstract (with title and author at
top) by March lst at the latest. Please contact me for further details.
Carol Myers-Scotton at N720001UNIVSCVM.
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Message 3: Journal Call for Papers

Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1992 10:10 EST Journal Call for Papers
From: <SJS97ALBNYVMS.bitnet>
Subject: Journal Call for Papers

RESEARCH ON LANGUAGE AND SOCIAL INTERACTION, a journal devoted to ethnographic,
sociolinguistic, discourse/conversation analytic, and related research, will
begin being published as a quarterly beginning in January 1993. The journal
will be published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Special subscription rates
will be made available to members of various professional associations. For
complete details on submitting manuscripts and/or subscriptions, send e-mail
-Stuart J. Sigman, Assoc. Editor
 Research on Lang. and Social Interactin
 State University of New York, Albany
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