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Tue 11 Feb 1992

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Message 1: New issue of California Linguistic Notes

Date: Sun, 9 Feb 92 23:59:55 PSTNew issue of California Linguistic Notes
From: brian kariger <>
Subject: New issue of California Linguistic Notes

Volume 23, No. 1 of California Linguistic Notes (formerly California
Linguistic Newsletter) is now available.

* Articles include: "Usage of Comparative '-er' in American and
British English", Pam Ballinger; "Putting the 'socio' back into the
sociolinguistic enterprise", Joshua A. Fishman; "Almost A Creole:
Singapore Colloquial English", Anthea Fraser Gupta; "Bahasa Indonesia:
The Easiest Language on Earth?", Donald Glenn Carroll; "The Chakobsa
Language", Alan S. Kaye and John Quijada; "Delimiting "re-" Verbs",
Lori J. Altmann; "A consonant-final pronominal stem in Tubatulabal",
Alexis Manaster Ramer; "The Lubbar Fend", Carleton T. Hodge; "The
Phonaestheme as a Linguistic Entity", Pam Ballinger; "Whither [hw]?",
Stephen P. Cutts; "Tubatulabal takaah 'quail'", Alexis Manaster Ramer;
"Why Transcripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls Had to Be Released", Hershel
Shanks; "Qumran Chaos", M. O'Connor.

* Reprints include: "An Interview with Joseph Greenberg" by Paul
Newman; and articles by George Jochnowitz on "the you-guysing of
America" and "they" vs. "he or she".

California Linguistic Notes publishes essays, squibs, letters, and
reviews on any linguistic topic; also past/future events sections,
abstracts, recent publications, jobs, and more.

Subscription, $20.00 for USA subscribers; $30.00 overseas (airmail);
$10.00 per additional copy sent to the same address.

 *We seek material for publication and new subscribers.*

Free sample: Alan Kaye, Editor
 Department of Linguistics
 California State University, Fullerton
 Fullerton, CA 92634-9480 USA


Brian Kariger, Assoc. Ed.
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Message 2: announcing a new journal

Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1992 12:45 +01announcing a new journal
From: <>
Subject: announcing a new journal


The first issue of JOURNAL OF EAST ASIAN LINGUISTICS has just
been published by Kluwer Academic Publishers in Dordrecht, The

EDITORS: C.-T. James Huang
 S.-Y. Kuroda

AREA EDITORS: Kazuko Inoue
 Chungmin Lee
 Ting-Chi Tang

FREQUENCY: 3x a year

Initially, the Journal of East Asian Linguistics is devoted
primarily to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, but theoretical work
related to languages of the same area other than these three is
not excluded from its scope. The journal is especially interested
in the following:

1. Theoretically oriented work on any apsect of the syntax,
semantics, pragmatics, phonology, and morphology of an East Asian
language. 2. Comparative work among East Asian languages and/or
between an East Asian language and any language that contributes
to the parametric theory of universal grammar. 3. Formal
analysis of any aspect of the grammar at any historical stage of
a language or the historical development of any language
providing it has a bearing on East Asian languages. 4. Inter-
disciplinary contributions from psycholinguistics, neuro-
linguistics, and computational linguistics that have a particular
bearing on the study of East Asian languages. 5. Remarks on, or
replies to, any recent theoretical work related to East Asian
linguistics. 6. Shorter notes with original observations that
raise questions of analysis and explanation with significant
theoretical implications.

It is an important policy of the journal to welcome any
contribution regardless of the theoretical framework in which the
research is carried out. Any piece of work, as long as it
provides a formal analysis of observed date, or formulates
descriptive generalizations calling for an analysis, will be
seriously considered.


Editorial Statement

MOIRA YIP / Prosidic Morphology in Four Chinese Dialects

JOAN MALING and SOOWON KIM / Case Assignment in the Inalienable
Possession Construction in Korean

MAMORU SAITO / Long Distance Scrambling in Japanese

Guidelines for Authors


If you would like to receive a sample copy, please send your full
postal address to: and mark your message 'Request
for Sample Copy JEAL'.

If you have already requested a sample copy, then there is no
need to react to this message. Your sample copy request is being

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