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Thu 13 Feb 1992

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  1. Harry van der Hulst, For the Listserv
  2. Koenraad de Smedt, address change
  3. Henry Kucera, Grammar Checking
  4. Suzanne Romaine, for the listserv

Message 1: For the Listserv

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1992 13:44 METFor the Listserv
From: Harry van der Hulst <>
Subject: For the Listserv

 Why not submit (some of) your work to a high quality journal
 like T H E L I N G U I S T I C R E V I E W ?

Editors: Harry van der Hulst (Leiden), Jonathan Kaye (London), Robert May
(Irvine), Yukio Otsu (Tokyo), Laurie Tuller (Tours)

Editorial address: Harry van der Hulst (managing editor), Department of
General Linguistics, University of Leiden, PO Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, The

Since its resurrection in 1990 (Volume 7), THE LINGUISTIC REVIEW has published
a great number of good quality papers, but we can use more material and, for
the time being, guarantee reasonable quick publication of accepted submissions.
Articles, review articles and squibs are welcome.

Volume 8 (1991) contains a triple theme issue (2-4), which brings together
most of the papers which were presented at GLOW Leiden (1991). The theme of
the conference and of the triple special TLR issue is HEADS. Guest editors of
the issue: F. Beukema and M. den Dikken.

The following articles appear in this special issue:

 M. den Dikken & F. Beukema, 'Heads - an introduction'

 H. Borer, 'The causative-inchoative alternation: a case
 study in parallel morphology'

 R. Campbell, 'Tense and agreement in different tenses'

 H. Goad, 'Dependency and comp;e;mentarity in vowel

 M.T. Guasti, 'Incorporation, excorporation and lexical
 properties of causative heads'

 L. Haegeman & R. Zanuttini, 'Negative heads and the NEG

 P. Law, 'Verb movement, expletive replacement and head

 G. Piggott, 'Apocope and the licensing of empty headed

 M.L. Rivero, 'Long head movement and negation: Serbo-
 Croatian vs. Slovak and Czech'

 A. Rouveret, 'Functional categories and agreement'

 M. Speas, 'Functional heads and the inflectional

The first issue of volume 8 (1991) contains:

 J. Frampton, 'Relativized Minimality, A Review'

 E. Hoekstra, 'X-bar theory and licensing mechanisms'

 Z. Penner & A. Bader, 'Main clause phenomena in embedded
 clauses: the licensing of embedded V2 clauses in Bernese Swiss

 D. Schlindwein, 'Reduplication in lexical phonology:
 Javanese Plural Reduplication'

 In Volume 7 (1990) we published the following papers:

 K. Demuth, 'Locatives, impersonals and expletives in

 C. Gussenhoven & J. van de Weijer, 'On V-place spreading
 vs. feature spreading in English historical phonology'

 L. Haegeman, 'Subject pronouns and subject clitics in
 West Flemish'

 J. Harris & J. Kaye, 'A tale of two cities: London
 glottaling and New York tapping'

 T. Hoekstra & R. Mulder, 'Unergatives as copular verbs:
 locational and existential predication'

 N. Hornstein & A. Weinberg, 'The necessity of LF'

 H. Jacobs, 'On the markedness of bounded stress systems'

 R. Larson, 'Extraction and multiple selection in PP'

 R. May, 'A note on quantifier absorption'

 H. Nakajima, 'Secondary predication'

 H. Nakajima, 'Another response to Kiss'

 M. Nespor, 'Vowel deletion in Italian: the organization
 of the phonological component'

 J. Ouhalla, 'Sentential negation, relativized minimality
 and the aspectual status of auxiliaries'

For more information, contact any of the editors, or write to the editorial

Harry van der Hulst (managing editor)
Department of General Linguistics
University of Leiden
PO Box 9515
2300 RA Leiden
the Netherlands

For subscriptions, please contact the publisher:

Mouton de Gruyter
-Postfach 11 02 40, 1000 Berlin 11, Germany (Main office)
-200 Saw Mill River Road, Hawthorne, NY 10532, USA (for North America)
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Message 2: address change

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1992 16:34 METaddress change
From: Koenraad de Smedt <>
Subject: address change

Change of address

On February 1, 1992, Prof. Dr. Gerard Kempen, Dr. Koenraad de Smedt and
Ir. Theo Vosse left the University of Nijmegen to join the Psychology
Department of the University of Leiden (Experimental Psychology Unit,
Cognitive Psychology chair). Their new address is:

University of Leiden
Experimental Psychology Unit
P.O. Box 9555
2300 RB Leiden
The Netherlands

E-mail: kempen/desmedt/
Telephone: +31 (71) 27 3834 (Kempen)
 +31 (71) 27 3407 (De Smedt/Vosse)
 +31 (71) 27 3646 (Secretary)
Telefax: +31 (71) 27 3619

The Experimental Psychology Unit is located in the P. de la Court building,
Wassenaarseweg 52, at 5 minutes walking distance from the railway station.
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Message 3: Grammar Checking

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 92 20:00:31 ESGrammar Checking
From: Henry Kucera <>
Subject: Grammar Checking

 Microsoft Word 5.0 for the Mac and Word 2.0 for Windows now contains a new
spelling corrector and, perhaps of more interest to linguists, a grammar
 I am sorry to say that tha Mac Word 5.0 has some bugs in it (not all present
in the Windows version), e.g. it does not correct the very common typo of
keying in "form" instead of "from" (and vice versa). This works quite well in
the Windows version. Clearly, this is a grammar problem involving a parse, not
something that a word-based spelling checker can catch. There are other bugs as
well but this is understandable since this a first implementation.

 If you have any comments on spelling and/or grammar in Microsoft Word, please
 let me know (HenryBrownvm.Bitnet or Henry_KuceraBrown.Edu) and I will do my
best to have them corrected in an upgrade (no guarantees). Many thanks,
 Henry Kucera.
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Message 4: for the listserv

Date: Thu, 13 Feb 92 09:14 CET
From: Suzanne Romaine <>
Subject: for the listserv

A course on Pidgin and Creole Languages will be taught by
Suzanne Romaine (Oxford) at the University of Hawaii at Hilo
during the summer session (June 16-July 28). For further
information, contact CCECS, University of Hawaii at Hilo,
Hilo, Hawaii 96720, or Suzanne Romaine (
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