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Sat 15 Feb 1992

Qs: Amerind, Galician, Mac Phono, On

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  1. Bob Singerman, Native American Linguistic Bibliography
  2. , Galician
  3. Brian Jepson, Mac Phono Phonts
  4. Hiromi Morikawa, Query: "On" instead of "about"

Message 1: Native American Linguistic Bibliography

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 92 15:15:29 ESNative American Linguistic Bibliography
From: Bob Singerman <>
Subject: Native American Linguistic Bibliography

For a published bibliography of completed graduate work at
American, Canadian, and British universities on NATIVE
South America), I would appreciate receiving bibliographic
citations from researchers, especially those of you who've
either completed thesis work and/or have directed the work
of graduate students. I've already written to dozens of
anthropology and linguistics departments for internal
departmental registers of completed theses. University
libraries have also been approached. This information has
been invaluable, especially with respect to identifying the
elusive master's thesis for which there is notoriously poor
bibliographic control.

Although my files are relatively complete for doctoral
dissertations, I feel that many master's theses dealing with
Native American languages remain to be identified and have
thus far eluded me. There may also be work on Native
American languages (e. g. psycholinguistics, bilingualism)
being directed through departments/programs other than
Anthropology and Linguistics. Fewer students seem to
complete M. A.'s now as they steer a straight course toward
the Ph.D. I am approaching LINGUIST LIST to capture
additional theses and dissertations before completing my
manuscript and submitting it to Scarecrow Press for
publication in its "Native American Bibliography Series."

If you know of relevant titles, kindly provide me with as
much data (student's full name, complete title, name of
university or college, and year submitted) as you have
available. The B. A. honors thesis and M. A. Research Paper
(in lieu of a thesis) is also of interest, as are Canadian theses
in French as well as English.

You may also direct correspondence to:

Robert Singerman
Linguistics Bibliographer
406 Smathers Library
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611

(904) 392-0308
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Message 2: Galician

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 92 14:17 EST
From: <DUMASBUTKVX.bitnet>
Subject: Galician

I have a student from Spain at the Univesity of Tennessee for one
year. His native language is Spanish. His parents were/are fluent
in Galician. He speaks Galician with some degree of fluency. Can
someone help me with bibliography in Galician? Does anyone have
tapes, copies of which might be obtained for analysis by this student?
All help will be greatly appreciated. Bethany Dumas (bitnet%"dumasbutkvx")
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Message 3: Mac Phono Phonts

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 92 11:46:47 ESMac Phono Phonts
From: Brian Jepson <IBY223URIACC.bitnet>
Subject: Mac Phono Phonts

Hi there. Does anyone know of any (preferably PD) sources for phonological
fonts for the Macintosh? I'm not really particular about them being *ostscript
or not, any bitmapped font that prints oK is fine for my purposes.

 Thank you in advance,

 Brian Jepson
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Message 4: Query: "On" instead of "about"

Date: Fri, 14 Feb 92 10:36:50 PSQuery: "On" instead of "about"
From: Hiromi Morikawa <>
Subject: Query: "On" instead of "about"

I am posting the following for a friend:

It seems that the word "on" has, in many cases, replaced the word
"about". Often I hear "a report on", President Bush "referring to"
someone "on that", or "a question on that".

What is the origin of this transformation in American and/or British

Thank you!
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