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Wed 19 Feb 1992

Jobs: NLP at MCC, Phonology

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  1. Jim Blevins, Re: Job
  2. Bill Poser, temporary position

Message 1: Re: Job

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 92 12:04:16 GMRe: Job
From: Jim Blevins <>
Subject: Re: Job

The natural language processing group at MCC is looking for a linguist with a
 strong background in both semantics and syntax and an interest in
 computational issues. Our
system includes an understanding component and a generator. They share a
grammar and a set of semantic interpretation rules. The basic grammar formalism
 is a
combinatorial categorial grammar/HPSG hybrid, and it is applied by a
chart parser. The final step of the parsing process produces an LFG-style
which is used as input to the semantic interpretation system. We have built a
moderate-sized English grammar and a small Spanish one. The semantic system
a set of compositional mapping rules that describe meanings in terms of a
domain knowledge base, a set of declarative transformations that account for
 such things
as metonymy, and a set of additional rules that handle phenomena like
The entire system is intended to be used in conjunction with a strong domain
base and is structured around a functional interface to the KB that allows it to
 be exploited
in conjunction with almost any declarative knowledge representation system.

We are looking for someone who can:

 - Work on expanding the semantic coverage of the system

 - Maintain the English grammar and extend it as necessary to
 support particular application development

 - Work with native speakers of other languages to extend the current
 system to additional languages.

This work is both theoretically and pragmatically motivated. We are looking for
with a strong theoretical background but a lack of theoretical dogmatism.
significant programming experience is not required, comfort working with a large
 system in
a complex software environment is important. If you are interested, send a
 resume to Jim
Blevins (
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Message 2: temporary position

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 92 18:30:18 -0temporary position
From: Bill Poser <>
Subject: temporary position

Dear colleagues,

We would be grateful if you would circulate this announcement to
anyone you know who might be interested and whose qualifications
include excellent current work in phonological theory.

 T E M P O R A R Y P O S I T I O N I N P H O N O L O G Y

Stanford's Department of Linguistics has a one-year replacement
position for a phonologist, beginning in September, 1992. The person
filling the job must have a Ph.D. by the time of the beginning of the

The position involves teaching five one-quarter courses, primarily in
phonology, at the graduate and undergraduate levels, plus advising
students on their research.

Candidates should send a CV and names of three references by February 24 to:

Prof. Will Leben
Phonology Search Committee
Stanford Unversity
Stanford CA 94305-2150
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