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Message 1: Conference: Semantics and Linguistic Theory

Date: Tue, 7 Jan 92 14:57:23 ESTConference: Semantics and Linguistic Theory
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Subject: Conference: Semantics and Linguistic Theory

The deadline for submission of abstracts for SALT II (Semantics and
Linguistic Theory) is 15 January 1992. Submission of abstracts via
electronic mail is encouraged, but by no means required. Plain ASCII
files without embedded formatting commands are perfectly appropriate.
E-mail submissions in other formats should be arranged by contacting
the organizing committee in advance of the submission deadline. For a
copy of the call for papers and other conference details, send mail to
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Kobe, Japan

July 25-30, 1993

Local Organizing Committee:

Chairman: Paul O. TAKAHARA, Kobe City University of Foreign

Members: Masayoshi SHIBATANI, Kobe University; Seisaku KAWAKAMI,
Osaka University; Sachiko IDE, Japan Women's University;
Yoshihiro NISHIMITSU, Kobe University; Masa-aki YAMANASHI, Kyoto
University; Kensei SUGAYAMA, Kobe City University of Foreign

IPrA Conference Committee:

Michel de FORNEL, CNET-CNRS; Bruce FRASER, Boston University;
David GOOD, Cambridge University; John GUMPERZ, University of
California at Berkeley; Marjorie HARNESS GOODWIN, University of
South Carolina; Ferenc KIEFER, Hungarian Academy of Sciences;
Chungmin LEE, Seoul University; Sandra THOMPSON, University of
California at Santa Barbara; Amparo TUSON, Autonomous University
of Barcelona; Jef VERSCHUEREN, University of Antwerp


 Whereas the 1st International Pragmatics Conference
(Viareggio, 1985) was centered around a metatheoretical question
concerning the status of pragmatics as a potentially coherent,
though interdisciplinary, perspective on language and
communication, the 2nd IPC (Antwerp, 1987) addressed the more
practical issue of intercultural and international communication.
The 3rd IPC (Barcelona, 1990) returned to a more theoretical
question: the interdependence of social and cognitive approaches
to language use. For the 4th International Pragmatics Conference,
a special topic has been chosen which combines the practical
concerns addressed in Antwerp with the theoretical question posed
in Barcelona. That special topic is:

 Cognition and Communication
 in an Intercultural Context

This special topic may be approached theoretically, with
reference to session topics 1.1 to 1.3, or in terms of specific
areas of application (2.1. to 2.5.):

 1. Theoretical issues

 1.1. The role of cognitive styles in communication
 1.2. Communicative strategies and cognitive processing
 1.3. The establishment and maintenance of cultural

 2. Areas of application

 2.1. Foreign language teaching
 2.2. Natural language processing
 2.3. Language policy
 2.4. International communication and politics
 2.5. English as an international language

 In addition to the special topic sessions, there will be a
number of events representing topics of general interest. In
principle, any issue approached from a pragmatic angle (where
pragmatics is seen in its broadest sense as the cognitive, social
and cultural study of language and communication) may be dealt
with. However, there will be a clear division of labor between
the different types of events.


Plenary lectures:

Five prominent scholars will be invited to give plenary lectures
on a diversity of topics of general interest. (The plenary
speakers will be announced in the first circular to be
distributed in March 1992, as well as in the March issue of

Lecture sessions:

Regular lecture sessions (20-minute presentations followed by 5
minutes for discussion and allowing 5 minutes for switching
between sessions) will be reserved for papers which are directly
related to the special topic of the conference or any of its
subtopics. The Conference Committee reserves the right to place
individually submitted abstracts, the quality of which would
normally make them acceptable for presentation, in poster
sessions (as opposed to the lecture sessions) on the basis of
their relative distance from the special topic.

Poster sessions:

Poster sessions, for which ample time will be reserved in order
to guarantee good opportunities for discussion, will be largely
devoted to papers of general interest. Individually submitted
papers which are less directly related to the special topic will
be placed here, though it is also possible to submit papers
directly for the poster sessions. (All abstracts, including those
for poster presentations, will be printed in the set of abstracts
provided at the beginning of the conference!)


Panels take the form of a series of closely related lectures
(with the same duration as for the lecture sessions) on a
specific topic -- which does not have to be directly related to
the special topic of the conference -- followed by a 30-minute
slot during which one or more discussants present a 15-minute
reaction to the papers and 15 minutes are reserved for general
discussion. The organizers of such panels are responsible for
submitting the complete set of abstracts before the regular
abstracts deadline and, in case of acceptance, for the further
preparation of the event (which will involve, for instance,
making sure that the discussants receive drafts of the complete
papers before the conference).


 Five copies of your abstract (or of the set of abstracts in
case you are proposing a panel) should be sent before November
1st 1992 to the following address:

 IPrA Secretariat
 P.O. Box 33
 B-2018 Antwerp 11

All abstracts should contain (in this order): Full name, full
address, title of your presentation, and a one-page summary of
your topic, approach, and major conclusions. If sent by telefax
(either to number +32 3 8202244 or number +32 3 2305574) or by
e-mail (, they should be followed by a hard
copy, the print quality of which is suitable for publication in
the set of abstracts.


 Registration information will be included in the first
circular to be distributed in March 1992, as well as in the March
issue of Pragmatics. Prospective participants will have to
register directly with the local Conference Secretariat at the
following address:

 4th International Pragmatics Conference
 Secretariat, c/o Kensei Sugayama
 Department of English
 Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
 9-1, Gakuen-higashi-machi
 Nishi-ku, Kobe 651-21

 tel. +81 78 794 8111 ext. 8179
 fax +81 78 792 9020

The preregistration fee for IPrA members will be approximately
 15,000.-- (i.e. US $ 117.-- at the current exchange rate [US
$ 1 = 128.-- on Dec. 20th 1991]). Copies of the first circular
may be requested either from the IPrA Secretariat or from the
Conference Secretariat.


 Negotiations have started to secure favorable rates for air
travel from Europe and North America. Hotel accommodation will
be available from approximately US $ 60.-- per night (single room
average). Kobe is conveniently located for excursions to Kyoto,
Nara, and Osaka.
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