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Sat 22 Feb 1992

Jobs: EFL in Germany, Theoretical ling, Ling at OSU

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  1. Martin Haase, Job
  2. Margaret Rennex, Research Associate Vacancy
  3. Brian D Joseph, Position Announcement at OSU

Message 1: Job

Date: Thu, 20 Feb 92 14:46:45 MEJob
From: Martin Haase <MHAASEDOSUNI1.bitnet>
Subject: Job

The University of Osnabrueck (Germany) has an opening for a

 Language Assistant ("Lektor") in English as a foreign language

The person employed will teach English as a Foreign Language to German
students who want to become teachers of English and to students studying
other subjects.

Employment will begin in October 1992.

Salary will be fixed according to the State Employee Salary Schedule BAT IIa,
ranging between DM 4700.00 and 5200.00 p.m. before taxes, depending on age,
marital status, number of children, etc.

Requirements: Native speaker of English with excellent command of German,
academic degree, preferably in Applied Linguistics (incl. TEFL).
Professional experience and an interest in EFL curriculum / materials
development are expected.

Applications, including the usual documentation, should be sent by "snail
mail" or facsimile to the:

Fachbereich Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft
Universitaet Osnabrueck
Postfach 4469
D-W-4500 Osnabrueck
FAX: (+ 49 541) 969-4256
Deadline: March 1, 1992
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Message 2: Research Associate Vacancy

Date: Thu, 20 Feb 92 16:43:55 GMResearch Associate Vacancy
From: Margaret Rennex <>
Subject: Research Associate Vacancy


 An ESRC funded Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Applications are invited for the post of Research Associate at the
Human Communication Research Centre (HCRC) and the Centre for
Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh. Salary on AR1 or AR2
scale: #12,129 - # 23,739 (pounds) depending on age and qualifications The post
is available from 1st July 1992 for an initial period of two years,
with the possibility of extension.

The successful candidate would be expected to interact with one or
more of the following research groups at HCRC and the Centre for
Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh: Semantic Processing;
Anaphora; Situation Theory and Grammar; Parsing; Grammar and
Processing; Language Technology Group. The candidate should have a
Ph.D., a strong background in theoretical linguistics in the areas of
syntax and semantics, preferably within more than one linguistic
theory, as well as experience with implementations of computational
grammars for multi-lingual applications. An interest in psychological
or computational aspects of language processing would be helpful, as
would documented ability to conduct research in a team.

Further particulars are available from the Personnel Office, address as below.
If you require additional information please contact Dr. Elisabet
Engdahl on 031-650-4446, email:

Application forms including curriculum vitae, the names of at least
three referees and a description of past and present research
interests should be sent to: THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH, PERSONNEL

The closing date for applications is 20 March 1992. REF: GU 910301

 Further particulars for RA post in the Human Communication
Research Centre and the Centre for Cognitive Science REF: GU 910301

The successful candidate would be expected to conduct an original
research program relating to the interests of one or more of the
following research groups: Semantic Processing; Anaphora; Situation
Theory and Grammar; Parsing, Grammar and Processing; Language
Technology Group. Here are some illustrations of recent concerns of
these groups:

 [Semantic Processing] This group is concerned with psychological
aspects of semantic processing and among other things has been looking
recently at the interaction between the treatment of quantification in
the literature on generalized quantifiers and experimental work on
quantification which has been conducted in Glasgow by Garrod, Moxey,
Sanford and others.

 [Anaphora] The remit of this group covers establishing
 the role of linguistic information in anaphora resolution, the role
of people's monitoring of the topic of a discourse in
processing and the representation of individuals and events in processing.

 [Situation Theory and Grammar] This group has been concerned
with the foundations of situation theory and with developing a version
of it that is easily used for linguistic analysis and implementation.

 [Parsing, Grammar and Processing] These groups are mainly devoted to
computational aspects of language processing. Recent issues include
principle-bnased parsing, theory-based translation and incremental processing.

 [Language Technology Group] This group started in September 1991 and
has as its aim to develop technological aspects of some of the
theoretical language research conducted in HCRC.

It is expected that the candidate should contribute to the development
of explicit models of the interface between syntax and semantics
in the areas of anaphora and word order and scope. In particular, the
research could address how general (syntactic) strategies
interact with or are constrained by specific (lexical, semantic or thematic)
information by studying one or more of the following issues:

 	how different anaphors put different requirements
	on their antecedents and how this can be exploited
	in an implementation

	how information structure affects word order
	(comparing e.g. English and German)

 	how word order options interact with quantifiers and their relative
	ability to take wide scope in a multi-linguistic perspective

The ideal candidate would have a research background in theoretical
and/or computational linguistics and proven ability to work on
multi-lingual applications. However, a prime qualification for the
post is outstanding research potential in some area related to the
above and ability to contribute to an interdisciplinary research

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Message 3: Position Announcement at OSU

Date: Fri, 21 Feb 92 9:33:02 ESTPosition Announcement at OSU
From: Brian D Joseph <>
Subject: Position Announcement at OSU


The Ohio State University Linguistics Department will appoint an Instructor
of Linguistics with responsibility for teaching and coordinating intro-
ductory linguistics courses. The appointment will begin in September
1992 and will be renewable annually up to a maximum of 3 years.

The primary responsibilities for the position include teaching, during each
quarter, one or more sections of an undergraduate introductory linguistics
course which is taught in about 20 independent sections per quarter,
serving as coordinator for all the sections, developing new course
materials, running a one-quarter teacher-training course, etc.

The minimum qualifications are (1) a Ph. D. in linguistics completed by
August 31, 1992, (2) broad and sound training in contemporary linguistics,
and (3) evidence of ability to teach the introductory course in an
effective and stimulating way. The primary criterion for selecting a
candidate will be anticipated success in teaching the introductory course,
with past teaching experience and interpersonal skills highly desirable.

Consideration will also be given to the applicant's ability to contribute
to the upper division and graduate programs in linguistics (any subfields,
but with special consideration given to candidates with expertise in
phonetics or historical linguistics). The person filling the position
might be asked to teach one or more advanced courses each year in place
of some introductory sections.

The Search Committee will begin screening applications on March 20, with
a cut-off date of MARCH 31, 1992. Applicants should send a letter of
application, a CV, up to three letters of recommendation (including one
that specifically addresses teaching performance), no more than 2 sample
publications or research papers (dissertation chapters are acceptable
if appropriate), and a sampling of information relevant to teaching
ability (evaluations, syllabi, etc.). Further materials will be
requested from applicants later as required. Address correspondence to:

	Brian D. Joseph, 201 Search Committee
	Department of Linguistics
	The Ohio State University
	222 Oxley Hall
	1712 Neil Avenue
	Columbus, OH 43210-1298.

The Ohio State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
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