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Thu 27 Feb 1992

Sum: On-Line Spanish Resources

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Message 1: Sum: On-Line Spanish Resources

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 92 15:12:49 MSSum: On-Line Spanish Resources
From: <shelmreiNMSU.Edu>
Subject: Sum: On-Line Spanish Resources

About six weeks ago I posted a request on behalf of the Computing
Research Laboratory for on-line Spanish resources: dictionaries and
texts (mono- and bi-lingual), spell checkers and parsers, term banks.
Things keep slowly turning up, but it seems like this might be a good
time to summarize the results to the list.


1) The Harper-Collins Bilingual Spanish Dictionaries. These must be
purchased directly through Collins.
Here is what they have available:

Dictionary References Format Price ea*

Gem > 40,000 Mag tape $1,000
Pocket > 40,000 Mag Tape $1,000
 dbase III $1,000
Pocket Reference > 40,000 Mag tape $1,000
Paperback > 70,000 Mag tape $1,250
 dbase III $1,250
Concise >l00,000 Mag tape $1,500
Large >200,000 Mag tape $2,000

The Collins dictionaries will also be available through the CLR
(Consortium for Lexical Research). For more information about the
CLR, send a request to

2) There is a Spanish/English dictionary in the "Languages of the
World" CD-ROM of many linked bi- & multi-lingual dictionaries.


1) There is an electronic version published by VOX, but we have had no
luck in getting a contact there.

2) Supposedly there is an on-line electronic dictionary that is being
prepared in Mexico.


(see note at end of summary)


1) Spanish text is available in the financial domain from Instituto
Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrery (ITESM). The cost is
$4 per text if the text is available electronically, and $8 + $1 per
sheet if the info is not available electronically and has to be sent
by FAX.

2) There are several Spanish newswires which can provide Spanish text,
usually for a subscription fee. There is EFE, Spanish AP, and two
from Reuters.

3) The American Bible Society Reference Bible (on CD-ROM) includes the
Reina-Valera version of the Spanish Bible (1960 revision), Price: $195
Format: IBM Source: American Bible Society
 PO Box 5656
 Grand Central Station
 New York, NY 10164-0851
 Phone: 212-408-1499; (orders) 800-543-8000
 Item no. 104766

4) The FABS Reference Bible (also on CD-ROM) contains these plus
something called the "LBLA" version of the Spanish Bible. Price: $349
Format: IBM Source: Foundation for Advanced Biblical Studies
 PO Box 427 DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433
 Phone: 904-892-6257

5) It was suggested that we contact Carmen Restoy at the Sociedad
Estatal Quinto Centenario, who are setting up a large Spanish corpus
as part of the 500th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America
activities. Her full address:
	Industrias de la Lengua
	Aravaca, 22 Bis
	28040 Madrid
	Fax: 535-01-29


1) As part of a doctoral dissertation (Un modelo computacional basado
en la unificaci'on para el an'alisis y generaci'on de la morfolog'ia
del espan~ol, Autonomous University of Madrid, 1991), Antonio
Moreno-Sandoval has written a demo program (GRAMPAL), which analyzes
Spanish morphology and generates correct Spanish morphological forms.
He may be reached as follows:
 Antonio Moreno-Sandoval
 Computer Science Department
 New York University
 715 Broadway, 7th Floor
 New York, NY 10003.

2) MORFOGEN has a morphological analyzer for Spanish.


1) Microsoft Word 5.0 and Windows version 2.0 offer spelling checking
in Spanish. It is available at an initial offering price of $89.95
plus shipping. The Nos. are 1-800-669-9673, Fax 206-286-2785. It is
supposed to be fully integrated and to include a thesaurus.

The CRL continues to be interested in the acquisition of on-line
Spanish resources. If you are or become aware of any such resources,
please contact me at

Conversely, if you are interested in more detail about some of the
resources mentioned above, also please contact me at Not all detail were included in the above message
since some negotiations are at delicate stages. For example, we may be
able to obtain a 200,000 word bilingual corpus that we MAY be able to

Thanks to Louise Guthrie, Maria Christina Gvidorizzi, Richard Sproat,
Antonio Moreno, Mark Mandel, Richard Piepenbrock, Paul Schaffner, and
Henry Kucera.

		Stephen Helmreich
		Computing Research Laboratory
		PO Box 30001/3CRL
		New Mexico State University
		Las Cruces, NM 88003 USA
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