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Thu 27 Feb 1992

FYI: HUMGRAD, ICAME Text Corpora on CD

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  1. Gavin Burnage, HUMGRAD list: change of address
  2. Knut Hofland, ICAME text corpora available on CD-ROM

Message 1: HUMGRAD list: change of address

Date: Wed, 26 Feb 92 10:34 GMT
From: Gavin Burnage <>
Subject: HUMGRAD list: change of address

HUMGRAD, the UK-based list recently set up for Humanities postgraduates,
will shortly be changing its address. This is due to a re-organization at
Mailbase in Newcastle (the role of Mailbase in the UK is more or less
equivalent to that of Listserv elsewhere).

>From March onwards, the new address of the Mailbase machine is
MAILBASEMAILBASE.AC.UK. The difference is that Newcastle is no longer
mentioned in the address.

In future to subscribe to HUMGRAD please send the message


Messages for broadcasting should be sent to HUMGRADMAILBASE.AC.UK.
The listowners, Gavin Burnage and Stuart Lee, can be contacted at
with the address HUMGRAD-REQUESTMAILBASE.AC.UK. Mailbase technical staff

Note too that while Mailbase is busy implementing these changes at the end
of February (they're plumbing in all their lists on a new computer), there
will be no Mailbase service. This means that you should wait until
March 1st before trying to subscribe to HUMGRAD or writing to it.

We're sorry this change should have to be made so soon after setting up
and advertising HUMGRAD, but we hope that users old and new will quickly
get used to it. The response to the list so far has been good: there are
well in excess of 100 subscribers already, and on average 10--15 messages
are posted each day on a reasonably broad range of topics. A few have
found the volume of traffic excessive, but most have stayed around
and seem to be enjoying it. So if you haven't done so already, please
could we ask you to tell postgraduates working in the humanities about the
existence of the list.

Stuart Lee & Gavin Burnage
(Listowners, HUMGRAD)

[With apologies for any irritation caused by cross-posting this note]
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Message 2: ICAME text corpora available on CD-ROM

Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1992 19:51:02 ICAME text corpora available on CD-ROM
From: Knut Hofland <>
Subject: ICAME text corpora available on CD-ROM

The ICAME Collection of English Language Corpora on CD-ROM is now available.

The CD-ROM is ISO 9660 formatted and have directories for MS-DOS,
Macintosh and Unix.

The CD-ROM contains the following text corpora in the original formats:

Brown Corpus, untagged version, 1 million running words
LOB Corpus, tagged and untagged versions, 1 million running words
London-Lund Corpus, 0.5 million words (spoken)
Helsinki Corpus, diacronic part, 1.5 million running words
Kolhapur Corpus, 1 million running words (Indian English)

All the corpara are also indexed with WordCruncher 4.4 for MS-DOS. The
retrieval part of WordCruncher, WCView, is included.

All the corpora, except Kolhapur, are also indexed with TACT for MS-DOS.

Brown, LOB and London-Lund corpora are indexed with "Free Text Browser"
for Macintosh.

The CD-ROM also has information about network resources like discussion
lists, FTP sites, Netnews lists, text projects and archives, on-line
services and contain some linguistic freeware/shareware programs.

The CD-ROM is available to bona fide researchers for non-commercial research,
the buyer has to state this on the order form.

The price of the disc is 3000 NOK (about 470$).

It is possible to see the disc at the ALLC-ACH conference in Oxford. Since
there are no general sessions for demonstrations, this will be more or less
informal, either on our own equipment or on available equipment at the
conference site. Contact Knut Hofland, either before or under the conference.

More information about the CD-ROM can be fetched from our file servers,
either by mail to the automatic mail responder FILESERVHD.UIB.NO with
the following line in the BODY:

send icame

or by anonymous FTP to NORA.HD.UIB.NO (, and retrieving the file in the directory pub/icame.

Knut Hofland
E-mail. / fafkhnobergen.bitnet /
Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities,
P.O. Box 53 Universitetet, N-5027 Bergen, Norway
Tel. +47 5 212954, Fax. +47 5 322656
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