LINGUIST List 3.20

Tue 07 Jan 1992

FYI: Demo MacProlog Available; Call for Papers

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  1. Ron "W." "P." Brasington, MacProlog demo availability
  2. Pier Marco Bertinetto, Call for papers "Rivista di Linguistica"

Message 1: MacProlog demo availability

Date: Mon, 6 Jan 92 10:36:02 GMTMacProlog demo availability
From: Ron "W." "P." Brasington <>
Subject: MacProlog demo availability

This is firstly a response to a query from a colleague in Holland whose mail
unfortunately went down the tubes. It may also be useful to others who
want to try out the interface to UPSID which I posted recently.

Demo versions of LPA MacProlog are available from (at least):

(1) (
 anonymous FTP
 along with other software

(2) (via JANET)
 login as pdsoft with password pdsoft

Ron Brasington
Department of Linguistic Science
University of Reading
RG6 2AA, UK.
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Message 2: Call for papers "Rivista di Linguistica"

Date: Tue, 07 Jan 92 16:04:30 SECall for papers "Rivista di Linguistica"
Subject: Call for papers "Rivista di Linguistica"


The journal "Rivista di Linguistica"
now at its third year of life, invites linguists from any subdomain of the disc
ipline to contribute papers on any subject of linguistic interest. Although the
 title of the journal is Italian, most papers are published in English, as you
may have realized if you have seen an issue of the journal. Besides English, pa
pers in any of the major European languages are accepted in principle.
Some issues of the journal are monothematic: so far, an issue on "Anaphoric Rel
ations in Sentence and Text", edited by M-E. Conte, has appeared; an issue on t
he "Morphology of Compounding", edited by S. Scalise, is due to appear within a
 few months. Proposals for editing monothematic issues are of course welcome, a
nd will be subjected to editorial approval.
Sample copies of the journal (and summaries of the first issues) may be obtaine
d from the publisher: Rosenberg & Sellier, via Andrea Doria 14, I-10123 Torino.

Pier Marco Bertinetto
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