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Confs: CUNY Human Sentence Processing Conference

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  1. Marsha Frankel, CUNY Human Sentence Processing Conference

Message 1: CUNY Human Sentence Processing Conference

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 92 16:37:49 ESCUNY Human Sentence Processing Conference
From: Marsha Frankel <LNGGCCUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>
Subject: CUNY Human Sentence Processing Conference


 March 19-21, 1992

Computational Linguistics Program,
 Carnegie Mellon University
Institute for Research in Cognitive Science,
 University of Pennsylvania
Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science Program,
 University of Arizona

The Conference will be held at the CUNY Graduate Center,
 33 West 42nd Street, New York, NY.


THURSDAY MORNING, March 19 9:30-12:00 noon
 Demonstration of Software for Use of Speech in
 Sentence Processing Studies
If you wish to attend this session, you must e-mail
LNGGCCUNYVM by March 1st.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON, 12:30-6:00 (Auditorium, Library
level) (Registration from 12:00 noon)
WELCOME: Frances Degen Horowitz, President of the
Graduate School and University Center of CUNY

Karen Emmorey and Ursula Bellugi (Salk Institute)
-- Processing a Dynamic Visual-spatial Language:
 Psycholinguistic Studies of American Sign Language
Sandiway Fong (NEC Research Institute, Princeton) and
Robert Berwick (MIT)
-- Parsing English and Japanese with Principles and
 Parameters Theory
Lyn Frazier (U. of Massachusetts)
-- Processing Dutch Sentence Structures

coffee break 2:30-3:00

Robert Kluender, Marta Kutas, Kimberly Kellogg and
Kathleen Ahrens (U. of California at San Diego)
-- Specificity Effects in Sentence Processing
Elizabeth Gilboy and Josep Sopena (Universitat Autonoma
de Barcelona)
-- Studying Late Closure (in Spanish) Using a Probe
 Recognition Task
Kenneth I. Forster and Kyoko Yoshimura (U. of Arizona)
-- Kanji to Kana Masked Form-priming: Evidence for
 Automatic Phonological Encoding

coffee break 4:30-5:00

Richard Larson (SUNY at Stony Brook)
Tutorial on Logical Form (LF)

THURSDAY EVENING (Room 1700; 17th floor)


FRIDAY MORNING March 20 9:00-12:30 (Auditorium) (coffee
from 8:30)
Special Session on Statistical Approaches to Natural
Language Processing
Chair & Introductory Remarks: Steven P. Abney (Bell
Communications Research)
Kenneth Church (AT&T Bell Laboratories)
-- Part of Speech Tagging
Robert Mercer (IBM-Watson Research)
-- With Friends like Statistics, Who Needs Linguistics?
Ezra Black (IBM-Watson Research)
-- Real Grammars for Real Tasks: Developing and
 Evaluating Large-Scale Grammars for Practical

coffee break 10:30-11:00

Yves Schabes (U. of Pennsylvania)
-- Statistical Techniques with Partially Parsed Corpora
Mitchell P. Marcus (U. of Pennsylvania)
-- Experiments in Acquiring Grammars from Large Corpora
Donald Hindle (AT&T Bell Laboratories)
-- Multiple Evidence for Attachment Disambiguation

FRIDAY AFTERNOON 2:30-6:00 (Auditorium)

Bradley L. Pritchett (Carnegie-Mellon U.) and John
Whitman (Cornell U.)
-- Cross-linguistic Evidence for a Unified Account of
 Perceptual Complexity at SS and LF
Aravind Joshi (U. of Pennsylvania)
-- Complexity of Scrambling
David Pesetsky (MIT)
-- Islands without Barriers

coffee break 4:00-4:30

Keith Rayner (U. of Massachusetts)
-- Contextual Influences on Processing Ambiguous
 Sentences: Evidence From Eye Movements
Don C. Mitchell (U. of Exeter), Fernando Cuetos (U. of
Oviedo, Spain) and Martin Corley (U. of Exeter)
-- Statistical versus Linguistic Determinants of
 Parsing Bias: Cross-linguistic Evidence
Anne Cutler (Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge, UK)
-- Exploiting Phonological Structure in Word Class

SATURDAY MORNING March 21 9:00-12:30 (Auditorium)
(coffee from 8:30)

Thomas Bever, Itziar Laka, and Montse Sanz (U. of
-- NP-trace, Priming, Unaccusatives and the UTAH
Brian MacWhinney (Carnegie Mellon U.) and Elizabeth
Bates (U. of California at San Diego)
-- Relative Clause Processing in English, German and
Stuart Shieber (Harvard U.) and Mark Johnson (Brown U.)
-- Variations on Incremental Interpretation

coffee break 10:30-11:00

Michael K. Tanenhaus and Cornell Juliano (U. of
-- What to Do About 'that': Use of Co-occurence
 Information in Parsing
Martin Kay (CSLI Stanford U.)
-- What Do Translators Know about Language?
Josef Bayer (Heinrich-Heine-U., D
-- The Processing of Scrambled and Topicalized
 Arguments in German

SATURDAY AFTERNOON 2:30-6:00 (Auditorium)

Howard Lasnik (U. of Connecticut)
-- Some Consequences of an LF Theory of Case
Amy Weinberg (U. of Maryland)
-- Parameterising the Parser: A Grammar-based Theory of
 Garden Paths
Marica De Vincenzi (Istituto di Psicologia del CNR,
-- Syntactic Strategies in Italian

coffee break 4:00-4:30

Julie E. Boland (Ohio State U.)
-- Verb Argument Structure and the Coordination of
 Syntactic and Semantic Processing
Atsu Inoue (Kantoogakuin U., Japan) and Janet Dean
Fodor (CUNY Graduate Center)
-- Information-paced Parsing of Japanese
Janet Nicol (U. of Arizona), Martin Pickering (U. of
Edinburgh) and Gregory Hickok (MIT)
-- Processing Ambiguous Sentences: Evidence From
 Lexical Priming


These hotels have been visited by a member of the
organizing committee. However, CUNY can take no
responsibility for the provision of satisfactory
service. For alternative accommodations, consult Meegan
Services (718 995 9292 or 800 441 1115). For tourist
information call the New York Convention and Visitors'
Bureau, 2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019, Tel:
(212) 397-8222. Make reservations as soon as possible!

* = Arrangements for special rates have been made.
Reservations necessary by March 1; mention CUNY

Rates quoted are per room, not per person, unless noted
IT PAYS TO SHARE. A double room, or a suite for four,
is a very much better bargain than single rooms.
The Alogonquin Hotel The Empire Hotel
59 W. 44th St. 44 W. 63rd St
NY, NY 10036 New York, NY
212 840 6800 212 265 7400
800 548 0345 800 545 7400
Dbl or sgl $135 (Some Moderate Rooms,
 across from Lincoln Ctr)

*The Iroquois Hotel *The Roosevelt Hotel
49 W. 44th St. Madison Ave & 45 St
New York, NY 10036 New York, NY 10017
212 840 3080 212 661 9600
800 332 7220 800 223 1870
Dbl or sgl $75, 2-rm suite Dbl or sgl $89.
can sleep 4 at $99.

St. Moritz Washington Sq.Hotel
50 Central Park South 103 Waverly Place
(at 6th Ave.) (Greenwich Village)
New York, NY 10019 New York, NY 10011
212 755 5800 212 777 9515
800 221 4774 800 222 0418
(great location; not cheap) (Moderate; 2 subway stops
 on D train)

*New York Internat'l Hostel Vanderbilt YMCA (coed
891 Amsterdam Ave (W 103 St) 224 E. 47th St.
New York, NY 10025 New York, NY 10017
212 932 2300 212 755 2410
Bunk-beds, dorm style. sgl $39, dbl $49
$18.75  person, $3.00 one-time
charge for sheets and pillow.
Blankets $2 to buy (or BYO).

West Side YMCA (coed) CHAINS
5 W. 63rd St. Helmsley 800 221 4982
New York, NY 10023 Holiday Inn 800 465 4329
212 787 4400 Hyatt 800 228 9000
Sgl $34, Dbl $46 Sheraton 800 325 3535


Please pre-register if possible. Pre-registration fees
must be included with this form; fees may be paid
with check or money order payable to CUNY SENTENCE
PROCESSING CONFERENCE. Pre-registration will be
accepted through March 15.

 Student Non-
Pre-registrations $10 $30

Walk-in Registration $20 $40

 ________There MAY be some limited student travel
 fellowships available. We will not know
 until late February. Check here to apply
 for travel funds IF AVAILABLE.
STATUS: _____Student* _____Non-student
(check one) _____Check here if you need crash space.

*Faculty name and signature to verify student

Send registration form and fee to:

Linguistics Dept, Graduate Center
The City University of New York
Sentence Processing Conference
33 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

If you have reason to doubt that your correct address
is on our mailing list, please give us the correct
address on this form.

*****Any queries to LNGGCCUNYVM (BITNET)*****
*****or Tel: 212 642-2154*****

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