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Wed 04 Mar 1992

Confs: Stuttgart Ellipsis Workshop

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  1. Ellipsis Workshop, Announcement: Stuttgart Ellipsis Workshop

Message 1: Announcement: Stuttgart Ellipsis Workshop

Date: Tue, 3 Mar 92 15:59:12 +01Announcement: Stuttgart Ellipsis Workshop
From: Ellipsis Workshop <>
Subject: Announcement: Stuttgart Ellipsis Workshop

 University of Stuttgart
 March 19-22, 1992

The Sonderforschungsbereich 340 (a multiple research project on the
theoretical foundations for computational linguistics, located at the
Universities of Stuttgart and Tuebingen) is holding a three day workshop
on the topic of ellipsis. The workshop will take place at the University
of Stuttgart from Friday, March 20 till noon of the following Sunday, March
 Attendance will be limited to invited speakers and a small number of
participants. Anyone interested in attending or interested in
information may inquire at the following e-mail address:

	 			P R O G R A M

Friday, March 20:
09:00-10:00		Robert Fiengo (CUNY) and Robert May (UC Irvine):
			"The Eliminative Puzzles of Ellipsis"

10:00-11:00		Mary Dalrymple (Xerox PARC):
			"The Equational Analysis of Ellipsis Resolution"

11:00-11:45		(break)

11:45-12:45		Arild Hestvik (IMS, Stuttgart):
			"Subordination and Strict Identity Interpretation
			of Reflexives"

12:45-14:30		(lunch break)

14:30-15:30		Anne Lobeck (University of Western Washington):
			"Licensing and Identification of Ellipted
			Categories in English"

15:30-16:30		Shalom Lappin (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center):
			"The Syntactic Basis of VP Ellipsis Resolution"

16:30-17:00		(break)

17:00-18:30		Plenum discussion.

Saturday, March 21:
09:00-10:00		John Nerbonne (Universitaet des Saarlandes):

10:00-11:00		Franz Beil (IMS, Stuttgart):
			"Negation and Adverbial Modification in Elliptical

11:00-11:45		(break)

11:45-12:45		Barbara Zimmermann (Universitaet des Saarlandes):
			"Syntactic Constraints on INFL-Free

12:45-14:30		(lunch break)

14:30-15:30		Claire Gardent (University of Utrecht):
			"Gapping and VP ellipsis: a multi-level approach"

15:30-16:30		Mats Rooth (IMS, Stuttgart):
			"Redundancy in Ellipsis and Contrastive Focus"

16:30-17:00		(break)

17:00-18:00		Mark Steedman (University of Pennsylvania):
			"Background and Ellipsis in Combinatory Grammars"

Sunday, March 22:
09:00-10:00		Daniel Hardt (University of Pennsylvania):
			"VP Ellipsis and Discourse"

10:00-11:00		Hans Kamp (IMS, Stuttgart):
			"Ellipsis and Plural Pronoun Anaphora"

11:00-11:45		(break)

11:45-12:45		Plenum discussion.


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