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Mon 16 Mar 1992

Confs: Slavic, Epistemocritique

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  1. Slovak Committee of Slavists, The 11th Int. Congress of Slavists
  2. "Dana Paramskas :", PST

Message 1: The 11th Int. Congress of Slavists

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 92 20:25:15 CEThe 11th Int. Congress of Slavists
From: Slovak Committee of Slavists <jazyskssavba.cs>
Subject: The 11th Int. Congress of Slavists

 P O Z V A' N K A

Dear friends, colleagues, slavists:

The Slovak Committee of Slavists, which is responsible for the
organization of the 11th International Congress of Slavists
to be held this time in Bratislava,

 invites you

to the traditional meeting of slavists from all over the world.

We will do our best to provide optimal working conditions during
the course of the Congress here in Bratislava.


will take place in Bratislava on August 30 - September 8, 1993.

Arrival date: Monday, August 30, 1993
Departure date: Wednesday, September 8, 1993

We believe that you will find Bratislava a pleasant and friendly
place with a rich cultural history.

We sincerely encourage your participation in the 11th International
Congress of Slavists in Bratislava. Please forward your response
by the end of March, 1992. We will then send you additional and
more detailed information.

 In the name of the Slovak Committee of Slavists
 Sincerely Yours,

 Jan Dorula

Slovak Committee of Slavists phone/fax: +42 7 57527
Klemensova 19 Internet: jazyskssavba.CS
CS-81364 Bratislava, CSFR EUnet: jazyskssavba.UUCP
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Message 2: PST

Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1992 11:21:03 PST
From: "Dana Paramskas :" <>
Subject: PST

 From:	MX%"balzac-lCC.UMontreal.CA" 10-MAR-1992 07:00:41.08

 			PARIS, Services Culturels Canadiens
 			19-20-21 mars 1992

 	Le programme complet du colloque est maintenant disponible. On peut
 l'obtenir aupres de Claude Lamy ( ou aupres du
 Centre Culturel Canadien (fax: 47-05-43-55).
 Communications de: Fernand Hallyn, Jean-Pierre Dupuy, Benoit Tadie, Pierre
 Ouellet, Francois Rastier, Jean-Francois Chassay, Jean Bollack, Sydney Levy,
 Anthony Wall, Michel Serres, Donald Bruce, Jean-Claude Guedon, David Porush,
 Francoise Gaillard, Walter Moser, Paul Harris, Maris Assad, Louis Kaplan,
 Jean-Marc Levy-Leblond, William Paulson, Paisley Livingston, Sophie Marret,
 Ronald Shusterman, Jacques Neefs, Paul DUmouchel, Jean-Jacques Lecercle,
 Scott Stewart, Michael Manson, Pierre Laszlo, Michel Pierssens, Judith
 	Adresse: 5, rue de Constantine 7e, Mo Invalides
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