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Sun 29 Mar 1992

Sum: tonogenesis

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  1. John S. Coleman, 3.293 Sum: tonogenesis

Message 1: 3.293 Sum: tonogenesis

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 92 10:39:36 ES3.293 Sum: tonogenesis
From: John S. Coleman <>
Subject: 3.293 Sum: tonogenesis

The only respect in which Government Phonology is a phonological
theory which, in Malcolm's words, ``takes account of tonogenesis'',
is in its adoption of two features which are borrowed from, and are
notationally equivalent to, Halle and Stevens (1971) laryngeal features
(M. Halle and K. Stevens (1971) `A Note on Laryngeal Features'. MIT-RLE
Quarterly Progress Reports #101. 198-213.) Needless to say, the impact
of this work has been much wider than Government Phonology, and
Halle and Stevens's laryngeal features are now standard in orthodox
generative phonology e.g. Clements (1985), Sagey (1986) etc.

--- John Coleman
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