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Mon 13 Jan 1992

FYI: IPA for WP, German Spelling, Bibles on Disk

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  1. meSUZUKA.U-STRASBG.FR(, IPA fonts for WordPerfect
  2. Henry Kucera, German spelling checker
  3. , Bibles on disk

Message 1: IPA fonts for WordPerfect

Date: Mon, 13 Jan 92 08:53:27 GMIPA fonts for WordPerfect
Subject: IPA fonts for WordPerfect

as promised, I haven taken action concerning Tim Montler's IPA fonts for
 WordPerfect (on PC's) that he has generously made available to all; our
 grateful thanks to him, by the way.

There are three ways to get the fonts:

1. ftp to and go to pub/pc/fonts/IPA.fonts which contains the three files
 making up all that is needed to use the fonts.

2. ftp to (the 'archie' server for Europe) and look for the
 above-mentioned directory among the MS-DOS directories (precise location not
 yet decided upon). I have asked them to put a copy in the canadian 'archie'
 server,, for the US users. More about this as soon as I
 have the details.


3. For those of you who do not have ftp, please send me an e-mail and I shall
 try to send you the files, but this is FAR MORE COMPLICATED than ftp.
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Message 2: German spelling checker

Date: Tue, 07 Jan 92 17:45:14 ESGerman spelling checker
From: Henry Kucera <>
Subject: German spelling checker

 On 03 Jan, I replied to an inquiry re German spelling checkers. I have now
some additional information: It is indeed the case the Microsoft Word 5.0 and
Windows version 2.0 offer spelling checking in 14 languages, including German.
However, only one language comes with the upgrade, depending on the country
where it is sold (in my case US English). Nevertheless, the other languages are
 available at an initial offering price of $89.95 each plus shipping. The Nos.
 are 1-800-669-9673, Fax 206-286-2785. So far, I have only the English version,
 so I can't testify as to the others. However, they are supposed to be fully
integrated and most also include a thesaurus (except Finnish and Purtuguese).
 A specialized dictionary for English (legal, medical, business, etc.) and
other goodies are also available, but for various extra amounts.
 If anyone has additional information, it would be appreciated.
 Henry Kucera
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Message 3: Bibles on disk

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 92 10:13:54 ESTBibles on disk
From: <>
Subject: Bibles on disk

Regarding the query on Spanish and German e-Bibles, the American Bible
Society Reference Bible (on CD-ROM) includes the Reina-Valera version
of the Spanish Bible (1960 revision) and Luther's German Bible (1984 ed.).

Price: $195 Format: IBM Source: American Bible Society
 PO Box 5656
 Grand Central Station
 New York, NY 10164-0851
 Phone: 212-408-1499; (orders) 800-543-8000
 Item no. 104766

The FABS Reference Bible (also on CD-ROM) contains these plus something
called the "LBLA" version of the Spanish Bible.

Price: $349 Format: IBM Source: Foundation for Advanced Biblical Studies
 PO Box 427 DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433
 Phone: 904-892-6257

Both of these also contain much more, of course (Greek, Vulgate, etc.). I'm
sorry to say that I do not know of any Mac e-Bibles, but a good source to
ask might be:

Hermeneutika Bible Software
PO Box 98563
Seattle, WA 98198
Phone: 206-824-3927

Paul Schaffner usergfnkumichum.bitnet
Middle English Dictionary
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