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Wed 15 Jan 1992

Jobs: Post-doc at USC, Post-doc at SUNY, Academia Sinica

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  1. Mark Seidenberg, post-doc position
  2. , Post-doc announcement
  3. "Randy J. LaPolla", job: Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Message 1: post-doc position

Date: Mon, 13 Jan 92 17:54:20 PSpost-doc position
From: Mark Seidenberg <>
Subject: post-doc position

We have an opening for a post doc in neurolinguistics here at USC.
The position is funded under an NIH training grant, and it is available NOW.

We are looking for someone interested in issues related to language
and aging, broadly construed. That could include: (a) psycholinguistic
studies of language processing in normal elderly or in cases of
neuropathology associated with aging (Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's
Disease, aphasia, dyslexia, etc.); (b) computational models of normal
and impaired language processing; (c) implications of language impairments
for linguistic theory.

The post-doc is for 1-2 years. The person would join a group including
Mark Seidenberg, Maryellen MacDonald, Elaine Andersen, Jean-Roger Vergnaud,
Joseph Aoun, Jack Hawkins, and Jim Gee.

This position would be ideal for someone with a serious background in
linguistics or psycholinguistics who would like to gain some additional
background in neurolinguistics.

Please contact me for additional information. E-mail is
Phone is 213-740-9174.

We also have pre-doctoral fellowships available for students in linguistics
and psycholinguistics. I would be happy to provide further information
for interested parties.

Mark Seidenberg

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Message 2: Post-doc announcement

Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1992 14:34 ESTPost-doc announcement
From: <LINVANUBVMS.bitnet>
Subject: Post-doc announcement

SUNY at Buffalo, Cognitive Sciences Program has several pre- and post-doctoral
fellowship opportunities available through an N.I.H. training grant on the "
Development of spoken language capacities". The training grant provides
support for individuals who have interests in the development of speech
perception and production. The training program is
interdisciplinary and involves the participation of faculty from the
departments of Psychology, Linguistics, Communicative Disorders & Sciences,
and Pediatrics & Neurology. Trainees are expected to participate in
interdisciplinary seminars and to conduct
original experimental research related to these topics in the laboratories
of participating faculty members. Inquiries and materials (3 letters of
recommendation, vita, and relevant publications) should be directed to
Dr. Peter W. Jusczyk, Department of Psychology, Park Hall - Box C, State
University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260 (e-mail
address: PSYPWJUBVMS.BITNET). No person, in whatever relationship with the
State University of New York at Buffalo, shall be subject to discrimination
on the basis of age, creed, color, handicap, national origin, race, religion,
sex, marital, or veteran status.
SUNY is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
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Message 3: job: Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Date: Wed, 15 Jan 92 10:17 U
From: "Randy J. LaPolla" <HSLAPOLLAtwnas886.bitnet>
Subject: job: Academia Sinica, Taiwan

The Linguistics Section of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia
Sinica invites applications for two entry-level tenure-track research
positions. The area of specialization is open, but preference will be given
to those in Altaic linguistics, Austronesian linguistics, Chinese dialect
studies, or the biological, psychological, or neural aspects of
phonetics/phonology. Applicants already holding a PhD will be considered
for the position of Assistant Research Fellow (equivalent to an Assistant
Professor); applicants holding only a Masters will be considered for the
position of Research Assistant. No teaching is required; these are purely
research positions. The lowest salaries for these positions are NT$53280
(about US$2112/month) and NT$37970 (about US$1505) per month
respectively, plus (substantial) bonuses.

Applicants should send a vitae, transcripts from graduate school, an
abstract of the MA thesis or dissertation (including the title, chapter by
chapter summary, methodology, materials, and main conclusions), and
three letters of recommendation to

 Professor Ho Dah-an, Head
 Linguistics Section
 Institute of History and Philology
 Academia Sinica
 Taipei 11529 Taiwan ROC

The deadline for receipt of these materials is March 31, 1992. Those
applying will be notifed of our decision around the beginning of March.
Those notified of preliminary acceptence would then be expected to send
the complete text of the thesis or dissertation by the end of April for

For more information, applicants should write to the address above or send
e-mail to hsphiltwnas886.bitnet or hslapollatwnas886.bitnet
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