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Mon 20 Apr 1992

Calls: MT Evaluation Workshop, Sino-Tibetan Conference

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Message 1: MT Evaluation Workshop

Date: Sun, 19 Apr 92 15:13:48 PDMT Evaluation Workshop
From: <>
Subject: MT Evaluation Workshop


 The International Association for Machine Translation (IAMT) and
the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA) are
pleased to announced the MT Evaluation Workshop/Showcase,a pair
of events to be held concurrently on 2-3 November 1992 at the
San Diego Princess Resort, San Diego, California.

 The Evaluation Workshop will look at the latest advances in the
assessment of machine translation. Panels and special presentations
will explore criteria for the classification of MT systems, parameters
for measuring MT performance, approaches to predicting system
potential, and related studies undertaken to date in Europe, Japan,
and the Americas.

 The Showcase, being presented in tandem with the Evaluation
Workshop, will exhibit at least a dozen MT systems to participants
in the Evaluation Workshop and the general public.

 Suggestions for the program are invited. Consideration will be
given to reports of controlled studies of MT applications.
Recommendations should be sent to:

	Program Committee, MT Evaluation Workshop
	Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
	655 Fifteenth Street, N.W., Suite 310
	Washington, D.C. 20005
	fax: (202) 667-8808
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Message 2: Sino-Tibetan Conference

Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1992 18:35 PDTSino-Tibetan Conference
From: <>
Subject: Sino-Tibetan Conference

25th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics
			University of California, Berkeley
				October 14-18, 1992


	The University of California is pleased to announce that the 25th
International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics will be
held on the Berkeley campus on October 14-18, 1992. This will be the Silver
Jubilee of the Conferences, which have been held annually without
interruption since 1968.
	In addition to the three days of plenary sessions (Fri.-Sun., Oct. 16-18),
two days of pre-plenary workshops on special topics are planned (Wed., Oct.
14 and Thurs., Oct. 15). These topics will be determined by the response to the
Circulars. Possibilities include Mon-Khmer, Hmong-Mien, Tai-Kadai,
Historical Chinese Phonology, Yi(Lolo)-Burmese, Himalayish agreement
systems, Chinese Syntax, etc. Up to four pre-plenary workshops may be
	The plenary meetings will consist mostly of panels and groups of
papers oriented around particular topics, but there may also be some
"miscellaneous" interludes. If the number of papers accepted for presentation
is large, simultaneous sessions will be held (in adjoining rooms).

Abstracts: Abstracts will be due by July 15th, and the tentative program will be
worked out soon thereafter.

Meeting Site: The meetings will be held on the Berkeley campus in Alumni
House, the same locale as the 8th Conference in 1975.

Lodgings for Participants: A block of rooms has been reserved at the Shattuck
Hotel, conveniently located near Campus. Participants will make their own
reservations at the hotel, which will keep the rooms available until a month
before the Conference (around Sept.15). Special room rates for the Conference
(not including tax): $62/single; $72/double. (These rates include a substantial
breakfast buffet (more than a Continental, but less than an American
Cholesterol Special). The hotel also arranges shuttle service to and from the
airports (but only at certain hours). Full details and Reservation Forms will
be included in the next Circular. We shall also try to arrange student
crashpads for the impecunious.)

Special events: Special events planned for the Conference include:
(a) Oct. 15: Reception at the home of Jim and Susan Matisoff [Thursday evening]
(b) Oct. 16: No-host cocktail party (on Berkeley campus) [Friday evening]
(c) Oct. 17: Banquet and Business Meeting [Saturday evening]
(d) Oct. 18: Visit to the Sino- Tibetan Etymological Dictionary and Thesaurus
 project (STEDT) [Sunday afternoon]
(e) Book Exhibit [throughout the meetings]

Further Circulars: Further circulars will be mailed out in April, July, and

Registration Fee: A modest registration fee will be charged, though it may be
 waived or reduced in some cases.

Sponsoring Units: The Center for Southeast Asia Studies, the Institute of East
Asian Studies, the Institute of International Studies, and the Departments of
Linguistics and East Asian Languages.

Organizing Committee: Abstracts and other correspondence should be
addressed to the Organizing Committee, consisting of:

Prof. James A. Matisoff, Department of Linguistics, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
		Tels:	(510)-642-2757; 643-9910; 643-9911
		(E-mail: matisoffgarnet.BERKELEY.EDU)

Prof. Pang-hsin Ting, Department of East Asian Languages, UCB, Berkeley, CA
		Tels:	(510-)643-5388; 642-3480

Dr. Eric J. Crystal, Coordinator, Center for Southeast Asia Studies, UCB
 Berkeley, CA 94720
		Tel:	(510-)-642-3609
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