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Wed 06 May 1992

FYI: Proofreaders, French, Human Subjects

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  1. Charles Faulhaber, Proofread Medieval E-Texts
  2. , Learn French in Quebec City
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Message 1: Proofread Medieval E-Texts

Date: Sat, 25 Apr 92 09:04:30 PDProofread Medieval E-Texts
From: Charles Faulhaber <>
Subject: Proofread Medieval E-Texts

 From Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0856. Monday, 27 Apr 1992.

I am seeking volunteers to proof-read transcriptions of the attached list of
medieval texts, prepared for the _Archivo Digital de Manuscritos y Textos
Espan\*~oles_ (_ADMYTE_), a CD-ROM disk to be published this summer by the
Sociedad Estatal Quinto Centenario. In addition to several hundred medieval
texts transcribed according to the norms of _A Manual of Manuscript
Transcription for the Dictionary of the Old Spanish Language_, 4th ed.
(Madison, 1986), the disk will also contain a special version of TACT, the text
analysis and retrieval program of the U. of Toronto, the _Bibliography of Old
Spanish Texts_, and UNITE, a program for computer-assisted textual criticism.

The available texts represent an interesting cross-section of medieval Spanish
literary culture--from histories in the Alfonsine tradition to medical and legal
works to translations from the classics and other medieval literatures.

I will provide:

 - a photocopy of the original MS or printed edition
 - a printout of the transcription
 - an electronic version of the transcription
 - a copy of the Madison _Manual_ mentioned above
 - a copy of the special version of TACT and its 200-page manual

Participants in the project will also receive full credit for their work in
_ADMYTE_--not to mention the satisfaction of having helped bring to fruition
one of the most important scholarly projects of the Quincentenary.

Lista de los textos castellanos que se han transcrito expresamente para ADMYTE.
Actualmente obran en mi poder y esta/*'n listos para corregir.


BNM = Madrid. Biblioteca Nacional
BU = Biblioteca Universitaria
Esc. = Escorial. Monasterio

Cuando se trata de varios textos dentro de un mismo MS o edicio\*'n, se han
 agrupado bajo la signatura del volumen que los contiene. Al final de cada
 texto se indica su taman\*~o o en "bytes" o en folios.

Alfonso Marti\*'nez de Toledo. Invencionario. BNM 9219. 126 ff.
 (transcr. P. Gericke)
Cro\*'nica de 1344 (parte I). Madrid: Zaba/*'lburu 11-109, ff. 1r-107
 (1.33 Mb) (listo para corregir) (transcr. J. da Cruz)
Domingo Marcos Dura/*'n. Lux bella. Impreso Sevilla, 1492. BNM I
 2165. 6 ff. (mu\*'sica) (transcr. D. Burton)
Domingo Marcos Dura/*'n. Glosa sobre Lux bella. Impreso Salamanca,
 1498-6-17. BNM I 2165. 38 ff. (mu\*'sica) (transcr. D. Burton)
Fueros de la Novenera. Salamanca BU 2652, ff. 140r-156v
 (transcr. F. Waltman)
BNM I 2157. Impreso Zaragoza, ca. 1490 (transcr. H. Torres):
 Thomas a Kempis. Imitatio Christi, ff. a2r-o2r
 Jean Gerson. De meditatione cordis, ff. o3r-o9v
Pablo de Santa Mari\*'a. Suma de las cro\*'nicas de Espan\*~a. Esc.
 h.II.22, ff. 52r-98v (transcr. J. Krieger)
Seudo-San Bernardo. Infancia del Salvador. Impreso Burgos: Juan de
 Burgos, ca. 1495. BNM I 1424 (279 Kb) (es realmente una
 traduccio\*'n de las Meditationes de Seudo-Agusti\*'n) (transcr. F.
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Message 2: Learn French in Quebec City

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 92 23:46:18 EDLearn French in Quebec City
From: <C3425UQAM.bitnet>
Subject: Learn French in Quebec City

Des amis de l'Universite' Laval, Ecole des Langues Vivantes m'ont demande' de
poster cette annonce.
 Intensive French Courses
 (Elementary, intermediate and advanced levels)


SESSION Admission deadlines
Autumn / september-december / 15 weeks / 16 credits / June 15th
Winter / january- april / 15 weeks / 16 credits / november 1st
Spring / may-june / 6 weeks / 7 credits / april 1st
Summer / july-august / 6 weeks / 7 credits / may 1st
*Small classes
*Communicative approach
*Integration into the French-speaking milieu
*Exceptional sports facilities
*Campus housing or accomodations with francophones
*Age 18 or older
Ecole des langues Vivantes
Pavillon Charles- De Koninck (2305)
Phone:(418) 656-2321, Fax:(418) 656-2019
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Message 3: More on human subjects

Date: 30 April 1992, 08:19:38 CSMore on human subjects
From: <>
Subject: More on human subjects

A number of months ago I raised the issue of dealing with human
subjects committees, since our department was being (as we perceived
it) hassled by our own committee. I received numerous responses,
which I have since forwarded to the LSA Social Issues (or something)
committee. The responses varied from shocked outrage that anyone
would look over our (collective) shoulders from shocked outrage that
I would consider doing any research without asking permission.
The primary hassle, which was reflected again in the more recent
posting on the subject, is that linguistic research normally involves
using a tape recorder. Federal guidelines REQUIRE (so I am told)
a special, and more complex class of review if the data is being
taped. In our case, this involves a full committee review, which
takes two to three weeks, rather than the `expedited' review, which
takes only a few days. We are still negotiating on whether class
projects need to be cleared class by class (which we hope) or
instead, student by student. Given that students normally take
at least half a semester to discover what they want to do, if it
will then require an additional two or three weeks to get permission
to do it, much linguistic classroom research may get halted.
I would be greatly interested in hearing from people on the list
who have been able to persuade their Human Subjects Committees to
issue any kind of `blanket' permission for certain kinds of
research. When we suggested this possibility we were told that
nobody's research was privileged, and that if {sociology, psychology
anthropology...} had to go through the process, so did we.
In any case, as a result of my attempting to be law abiding, I
almost lost an informant, whose data I had recorded illegally.
I asked him to recite the nursery rhymes, THEN requested
permission to do so. Shortly afterwards, he left town, never
to be seen again. Sigh...
Any suggestions on getting expedited reviews, blanket permissions,
other speeded up ways of being permitted to tape record linguistic
data without Supreme Court approval would be appreciated.
 Geoff Nathan <>
 Southern Illinois University at
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