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Sat 16 May 1992

Confs: Theoretical Ling, AISB

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  1. , Meeting of Theoretical Linguists
  2. Hyacinth Nwana, AISB Call for workshop/tutorial proposals

Message 1: Meeting of Theoretical Linguists

Date: Thu, 14 May 1992 12:17 ISTMeeting of Theoretical Linguists
From: <hcursHUJIVM1.bitnet>
Subject: Meeting of Theoretical Linguists



 will take place at:

 Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel

 on June 9th and 10th 1992.


June 9th, the Beck Auditorium

9:15 AM - Registration

9:45 AM - Opening Remarks

10:00-11:10 - Barbara Partee, University of Massachusetts
 (invited speaker)

 Focus-Frame Structure and Quantificational

11:10-11:50 - Roger Schwarzschild, Hebrew University
 Distinguishing Oriented-Adverbs from Secondary
 Predicates in the Analysis of "together"

Coffee Break

12:10-12:50 - Susan Rothstein, Bar-Ilan University
 Quantification over Events

12:50-13:30 - Karina Wilkinson, Ben-Gurion University
 One "Even": A Reply to Rooth


15:00-15:40 - Yael Greenberg, Bar-Ilan University
 Hebrew Nominal Sentences and the Stage/Individual
 Level Distinction

15:40-16:20 - Hagit Borer, University of Massachusetts
 Hebrew Copula Inversion: A Study in Syntactic

Coffee Break

16:50-17:30 - Malka Rappaport Hovav, Bar-Ilan University
 Unexpected Results

17:30-18:10 - Tanya Reinhart, Tel-Aviv University
 Lexical Properties of Ergativity

June 10th, the Beck Auditorium

10:00-10:40 - Outi Bat-El, Tel-Aviv University
 The Fate of Modern Hebrew Roots: A Prosodic

10:40-11:20 - Marc van Oostendorp, Werkverband Grammaticamodellen
 Faculteit der Lettern, KUB
 The Polish Syllabic Grid

Coffee Break

11:50-12:30 - Alexander Grosu, Tel-Aviv University
 On the Proper Analysis of Missing-P Free Relative

12:30-13:10 - Norbert Corver, Tilburg University
 Functional Heads and the Internal Syntax of
 Adjective Phrases


14:40-15:20 - David Gil, University of Haifa
 Syntactic Categories in Universal Grammar

15:20-16:00 - Ellen F. Prince, University of Pennsylvania
 Left Dislocation in English Discourse: A Case of
 Syntactic Homonymy

Coffee Break

16:30-17:10 - Hanneke van Hoof, CLS/Tilburg University
 Focus-projection and the Structure of
 Reconstructed Structure in Dutch

17:10-17:50 - Barbara Grosz, Hebrew University/Harvard University
 Julia Hirschberg, AT&T Bell Laboratories
 An Investigation of the Intonational Features of
 Local and Global Discourse Structure

For additional information, you may contact:

 Roger Schwarzschild or Anita Mittwoch
 English Department
 Hebrew University of Jerusalem
 Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905

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Message 2: AISB Call for workshop/tutorial proposals

Date: Fri, 15 May 92 16:19:28 BSAISB Call for workshop/tutorial proposals
From: Hyacinth Nwana <>
Subject: AISB Call for workshop/tutorial proposals

 Call for Tutorial & Workshop Proposals: AISB-93

 	 9th Biennial Conference on Artificial Intelligence

 		 University of Birmingham, England
 		 29th March -- 2nd April 1993

 		 Society for the Study of
 Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (SSAISB)

 The AISB-93 Programme Committee invites proposals for the Tutorial
 & Workshop Programme of the 9th Biennial Conference on Artificial
 Intelligence (AISB-93) to be held at the University of Birmingham,
 England, during 29th March - 2nd April 1993. The first day and a half
 of the Conference are allocated to workshops and tutorials.

 Proposals for full day or half day tutorials/workshops will be
 considered. They may be offered both on standard topics and on new
 and more advanced aspects of Artificial Intelligence or Simulation of

 The Technical Programme of AISB-93 (Programme Chairman: Aaron
 Sloman) will include a special theme on:

 * Prospect for AI as the general science of intelligence

 Tutorials/Workshops related to this theme would be particularly

 Proposals from an individual or pair of presenters will be considered.
 Anyone interested in presenting a tutorial should submit a proposal to
 the AISB-93 Tutorial/Workshop Organiser, Dr Hyacinth Nwana, at
 the address below.

 A tutorial proposal should contain the following information:

 1. Tutorial/Workshop Title

 2. A brief description of the tutorial/workshop, suitable for
 inclusion in the conference brochure.

 3. A detailed outline of the tutorial/workshop.
 This should include the necessary background and the potential
 target audience for the tutorial/workshop.

 4. A brief resume of the presenter(s).
 This should include: background in the tutorial/workshop area,
 references to published work in the topic area (ideally, a
 published tutorial-level article on the subject), and teaching
 experience, including previous conference tutorials or
 short-courses presented.

 5. Administrative information.
 This should include: name, mailing address, phone number, Fax, and
 email address if available. In the case of multiple presenters,
 information for each presenter should be provided, but one presenter
 should be identified as the principal contact.

 Proposals must be received by September 17th, 1992.
 Decisions about topics and speakers will be made by November 5th, 1992.
 Speakers should be prepared to submit completed course materials by
 February 4th, 1993.

 Proposals should be sent to:

 Dr. Hyacinth S. Nwana
 Department of Computer Science
 University of Keele
 Keele, Staffordshire
 ST5 5BG

 UUCP: ...!ukc!kl-cs!nwanahs

 Tel: (+44) (0) 782 583413
 Fax: (+44) (0) 782 713082

 All other correspondence and queries regarding the conference should
 be sent to the Local Organiser, Donald Peterson.

 Dr. Donald Peterson
 School of Computer Science
 The University of Birmingham
 B15 2TT

	(for communications relating to submission of papers)
	(for info. on accomodation, meals, programme, etc)
 Tel:	(+44) (0) 21 414 3711
 Fax:	(+44) (0) 21 414 4281
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