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Tue 02 Jun 1992

Confs: ECCAI, Cog Sci, Comparative Germanic

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  1. ECAI92 Vienna Conference Service, ECCAI
  2. Donald Peterson, Philosophy and the Cognitive Sciences
  3. Katherine Elizabeth Krohn , Comparative Germanic Syntax: Chomsky

Message 1: ECCAI

Date: Tue, 26 May 1992 11:55:28 ECCAI
From: ECAI92 Vienna Conference Service <>
Subject: ECCAI

 Final Programme - ECAI92 - Final Programme - ECAI92 - Final Programme

 10th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 92)

 August 3-7, 1992, Vienna, Austria

 organized by the
 European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI)
 hosted by the
 Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (OGAI)

 Programme Chairperson
 Bernd Neumann, University of Hamburg, Germany

 Local Arrangements Chairperson
 Werner Horn, Austrian Research Institute for AI, Vienna

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 listservtamvm1 (if you are on the Bitnet)
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Message 2: Philosophy and the Cognitive Sciences

Date: Sat, 30 May 92 18:19:35 BSPhilosophy and the Cognitive Sciences
From: Donald Peterson <>
Subject: Philosophy and the Cognitive Sciences


 Royal Institute of Philosophy


 The University of Birmingham

 September 11-14 1992


The conference will address a variety of questions concerning the
foundations of cognitive science and the philosophical importance of
the models of mind which it produces.

Topics will include: connectionism and classical AI, rules and
representation, reasoning, concepts, rationality, multiple
personality, the mind as a control system, blindsight, etc.

Speakers will include: Stephen Stitch, Terry Horgan, Michael Tye,
Margaret Boden, Aaron Sloman, Brian McLaughlin, Andrew Woodfield,
Martin Davies, Antony Galton, Stephen Mills, Niels Ole Bernsen.

Papers given at the conference will be published in a volume produced
by the Cambridge University Press, as a supplement to the journal

Copies of this document together with titles as they become available
can be obtained by emailing the auto reply service:


To attend the conference, please fill in the form below and return it
by post (not email) together with payment by cheque in pounds sterling

Royal Institute of Philosophy Conference,
Department of Philosophy,
The University of Birmingham,
Birmingham, B15 2TT,

Delegates will be considered registered when cheques have been
cleared. The total for Registration, Bed and Breakfast and all meals
is 122.50 pounds.

For registered students and the unwaged, the Registration Fee will be
waived if evidence of status is sent. For a limited number of
postgraduate students, all other charges will be at half-price: if you
wish to apply for this reduction, please write to the organisers
indicating your research topic and reason for attending the

For bookings received after 7th August we cannot guarantee
accommodation, and for bookings received after 10th August an
additional charge of 10 pounds has to be made.

Organisers: Chris Hookway (Philosophy), Donald Peterson (Cognitive

30 May 1992.



 Royal Institute of Philosophy


 The University of Birmingham

 September 11-14 1992



Registration Fee 25.00 _______

Late Registration Fee 10.00 _______

Bed and Breakfast 64.00 _______

Dinner 11 September 7.50 _______

Lunch 12 September 5.50 _______

Dinner 12 September 7.50 _______

Lunch 13 September 5.50 _______

Dinner 13 September 7.50 _______

All Meals 33.50 _______

Total _______

Vegetarian meals (please tick) _______


Name ___________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________






Telephone No. ___________________________________________

Fax No. ___________________________________________

Email ___________________________________________


I wish to register for the Royal Institute of Philosophy Conference
Philosophy and the Cognitive Sciences, and enclose a cheque in pounds
sterling payable to C.J. Hookway (Royal Institute of Philosophy
Conference) for ________

Signed ___________________________________________

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Message 3: Comparative Germanic Syntax: Chomsky

Date: Mon, 1 Jun 92 18:34 CDT
From: Katherine Elizabeth Krohn <>
Subject: Comparative Germanic Syntax: Chomsky

Second announcement PLEASE POST

 8th Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax

 with a parasession on

 Comparative Germanic Phonology

 University of Tromso
 November 20-22, 1992

The 8th Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax, with a
parasession on phonology, will be held at the University of
Tromso, Norway, November 20-22. (This coincides with the
arrival of the murkytide.)
 Invited speakers:

 Noam Chomsky
 Guglielmo Cinque
 Elisabet Engdahl

 Those who wish to present a paper (30 min. + discussion)
are hereby invited to submit an abstract no longer than
2 pages before August 1, 1992.
 Preference will be given to presentations on parametric
(and other) variation concerning / involving the Germanic
languages. We expect to be able to meet travel expenses of
the speakers.
 Abstracts should be sent anonymously in tenfold,
accompanied by a camera-ready original with name and address
of the author(s), to

 Tarald Taraldsen and Ove Lorentz
 ISL, University of Tromso
 N-9037 Tromso, Norway
 E-mail: <>

Please send us a message if you want further information.
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