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Thu 04 Jun 1992

Confs: Speech Synthesis, Computational Linguistics

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  1. Richard Sproat, Conference Announcement
  2. ruslan mitkov, Computational Linguistics, Bulgaria

Message 1: Conference Announcement

Date: Mon, 1 Jun 92 19:38:07 EDTConference Announcement
From: Richard Sproat <>
Subject: Conference Announcement


 September, 1994
 Arden House
 Harriman, New York, USA

 Preliminary Announcement

Given the success of the ESCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis
held September 25-28 1990, Autrans, France, we plan to hold
the Second International Workshop on Speech Synthesis in
September, 1994, at Arden House, Harriman, New York.
The focus of this workshop will be the application of novel
or theoretically interesting techniques for text-to-speech
systems. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

 o Applications of novel signal processing techniques to

 o Techniques for generating inventories for concatenative

 o Techniques for computing trajectories for
 formant/articulatory systems.

 o Models of timing, amplitude, and pitch.

 o Models of intonation, pitch accent and tone.

 o Computation of prosodic features from text.

 o Multi-lingual synthesis.

 o Evaluation techniques for synthesizers.

 o Text generation (message-to-speech).

 o Novel applications of speech synthesis.

Planning for the workshop is in its early stages, so we
welcome input on form or content, addressed to any one of us:

 Julia Hirschberg (
 Richard Sproat (
 Jan van Santen (

 AT&T Bell Laboratories
 Murray Hill NJ 07974
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Message 2: Computational Linguistics, Bulgaria

Date: Thu, 28 May 92 20:32:19 wsComputational Linguistics, Bulgaria
From: ruslan mitkov <ruslancs.usm.MY>
Subject: Computational Linguistics, Bulgaria

Machine Translation Project Fax (60-4) 873335
School of Computer Science Telex MA 40254
University of Science Malaysia Tel (60-4) 877888 ext. 2156
11800 Penang, Malaysia Residence (60-4) 846158


Tzigov Chark (Batak Lake), Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria
24 September - 29 September '92


The seminar "Contemporary topics in computational linguistics"
will take place from 24th to 29th September 1992 in Tzigov Chark,
Batak Lake, Bulgaria. It is intended (but not limited to) university
students and will consist mainly of introductory courses.
Considering the nature of most of the courses,
undergraduate students are especially welcome.
Furthermore a student session is envisaged within the tutorial,
and students who would like to report on their research activities
or final year projects will be given this opportunity
(if volunteers are available, the student session
programme will be compiled on site, each talk lasting approximately
15 minutes). Those who would like to extend their stay in Bulgaria
can join the Bulgarian National seminar on mathematical and
computational linguistics that will take place from 27th September
to 4th October '92 at the same place. The seminar is organized by
Incoma-TD Co, Ltd, Shumen, Bulgaria.

The preliminary programme of the tutorial will include the
following courses
(two or three more lectures will probably be added):

P. Seuren (University of Nijmegen, Holland) -
Language and logic; Introduction to the study of language

M. Zock (LIMSI, Orsay, France) -
The problem of language and thought; A crash course in linguistics

D. Estival (ISSCO, Geneva, Switzerland) -
Unification formalisms in NLP; Reversible grammars

M. Kudlek (Hamburg University, Germany) -
Formal grammars and languages

J. Haller (University of Saarbrucken, Germany) -
Introduction to Machine Translation; Student training in MT

J.P. Descles (University of Paris Sorbonne, France) -
Categorial and applicative grammars

H. Horacek (University of Bielefeld, Germany) -
Pragmatic issues in natural language generation

H. Somers (UMIST, Manchester, United Kingdom) -
Corpus-based approaches to MT: challenging the orthodoxy

The special participation fee at the seminar is 100 USA
dollars for full-time students, 140 USA dollars for academic
employees and 200 USA dollars for other participants.
The fee includes attendance at the seminar, abstracts of the
lectures, refreshments and a reception party as well as meals
and accommodation in a 2-star hotel (two-bed rooms).
Participants will be requested to pay in cash on site
(any currency accepted).

Seminar venue and Accommodation:
The participants will be accommodated in Hotel "Orbita",
Tzigov Chark. The courses will be given in the lecture hall
of the hotel.

The registration forms should arrive not later than
09.09.1992 at the address given below.
On site registration is also possible.

Further information:
Participants who have sent their registration form,
will receive at the latest in June 1992 the second announcement for
the seminar and supplementary materials incl. information
on how to get to the conference place.
For further information you can also contact
until10.07.92 Ruslan Mitkov at or
after 10.07.92 Dominique Estival at estivaldivsun.unige. ch
or Mr.Nikolov Tel. (359-54)56948, Fax (359-54)56881.
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